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Big Trouble in little china….

I had my parent teacher interview today expecting it to be fairly simple and mostly good……not so….

my boy who’s school report said that he was a pleasure to teach has GONE.

His teacher got back after 2 weeks holiday plus 3 weeks long service to find instead an Owen who is wilfully disobedient. One who has not been able to focus on his work, has actually PUNCHED another kid in the playground and been generally disruptive.  He is meant to tell me if he has his name written in the ‘inappropriate behaviour book’ but this is the first I have heard of it! He is also meant to be watching out for things about the Olympics on TV and in newspapers – now had I known that I would have bought the odd paper or put the TV on for the news but no Owen didn’t tell me.

WE were looking at starting night time toilet training this week but I have decided to put it off a week and see if he settles back down at school first.  He promised that he will and he has done some homework tonight which is a good start.  I hope this is just a short blip in and things will go back to smooth sailing from here.

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50 things down to 49

cross off number 33 Take the boys to the miniature railway in Altona.

Done – a couple of weeks ago actually!

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Tagged by Cathy….

been a while since I have been ‘tagged’ so here goes…

Ten years ago:

August 1998  – Working as a Workcover claims officer, trying to save to buy a house.

Five Things on Today’s To-Do List:

  1. Top50 advertising stuff more up to date
  2. Parent/teacher interview
  3. Pick up Brett from kinder
  4. Cook dinner
  5. Do a load of washing (at least one and get it dry)

Snacks I Enjoy:
ok this has got to be weird but just lately – cheese flavoured corn crackers – yes I know they are a bit too healthy to be enjoyed so much!

Things I Would Do If I Was a Millionaire:
Apart from the bills/new house new car….I would like to set up an income stream to give me a modest/comfortable income forever so I can do a little travelling in the school holidays etc…would also love to buy a piano and have lessons.

Places (or areas) I Have Lived:
Glenelg SA, Penola SA, Mt Gambier SA, North Rocks NSW, Millicent SA, Warrnambool Vic, Werribee/hoppers Vic

4 People I am Tagging: (who hopefully haven’t already been tagged)


Virginia aka Vicky



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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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