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baby steps…

Little by little I have been making inroads into the clutter that is currently my lounge/kitchen.  I am, however pleased to announce that I am making – and sustaining – definite progress!

Bretty Boy went to bed at 6pm tonight – no not naughty – he was tired and wanted to go to bed…hasn’t been at all well today – hope he picks up tomorrow as I would hate for him to spend another birthday sick.

I am also learning to ‘deal’ with a bf that wants to do stuff…and well learning to let him….I guess I have been independent so long I am fiercely so. The man announced the other day that HE would make Brett’s birthday cake…now of course that resulted in my deriding packet cakes and him saying that a good looking cake that tastes terrible is not good (to which of course I replied ‘are you saying my cakes taste like crap’)…you can see where this is going can’t you…it lead to ‘what so I’m not ever allowed to be involved with the kids…’ arghhh  so I rang maccas. They are cool with us supplying own cake. Compromise reached. He will make a cake for the birthday on Wednesday, I will make the party cake. Everyone (hopefully) happy.

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