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almost Five

Wow….I know it is so cliché but oh how time sure flies….

5years ago the midwives were considering sending me home if nothing happened over night. I was sick with a really bad flu and really didn’t want to be in labour….he arrived at 6.07am…Granma’s birthday present (born on her birthday)!  A tiny 5lb 12 oz little boy…..who has grown into a 20kg bundle of giggles with his volume switch stuck on extra loud and his smile almost permanently attached and the giver of the most fierce bear hugs you ever got….no night is complete without a kiss and a cuddle and a bop on the nose!

Brett told me tonight that he was going to be ‘Bretty Boy’ tomorrow (a name he accumulated care of his most favouritist Aunty in the world).  He is sooooo excited about his birthday.  He has been fine today – went to kinder even as he was fine yesterday afternoon/evening and insisted on kinder this morning.

(on the other hand Owen was sent home from school – ventolin did nothing to ease the coughing so a trip to the dr’s he has a chest infection…am told to give it a few days to see if it clears up in case it is viral then to give him antibiotics if it hasn’t cleared up…having thought about that since I got home will get them tomorrow and start them as I don’t think the dr realised  how long it has been going on as I’ve been passing it off as asthma…and tonight he fell asleep – so he is home tomorrow – drs orders were to stay warm and not play any sport – mum’s orders – stay inside and do homework)….

and back to Bretty Boy!

He made a rocket at kinder today…was very excited and simply can’t wait for his birthday tomorrow (and the presents) and the party on Sunday oh and the lolly bags to hand out at kinder tomorrow!

I bought him some strawberries and told him he could have some for breakfast and I have promised lasagne and garlic bread for dinner.

after I made such a hash of his little orange bag to put his leapster in my mate at school has done an awesome job of remaking it and I just need to pop in some batteries and that will be one happy little boy I hope.

I have ‘annie and clarabel’ to wrap up from Owen and another train from Corey to round off a pretty cool morning. And a quiet afternoon at home as no school and no after school sport for Owen.

Brett is getting more interested in holding a pencil and drawing and writing now but still keeps going back to his left hand…he does do better with his right but I don’t want to push him – he needs to make a choice as to which hand he wants to use.  He is still cheeky and silly often – I suspect we have a class clown…but he still has a while to settle down before school. 5 is still blowing me away a bit…only one under 5 as of tomorrow…they are all growing up…

Some days I think I will blink and then will be talking about my 3 men instead of my 3 boys.

so turn out the lights and light the candles….happy birthday to you….happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear Bretty Boy, happy birthday too yoooouououuuuuuuuuuuu!

love you little man!

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