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Exciting news for Top50 and me

I do have exciting news for Scrapbooking Top50 and for me…it has come time to part ways and I have found a fabulous new owner who is full of enthusiasm and new ideas.  I will introduce the new owner soon, at the moment there is a lot of dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s going on.  There are some very exciting things planned for the future of the site.

So please girls if you have some time to spare next weekend (3rd October) come along to my last top50 cybercrop. We started them (at my suggestion) back in February 2005 and I have missed only a few along the way – that’s a lot of cybercrops….

Running Top50 has been an amazing experience for me but it is time to move on. A lot of my reason for staying on was the fear of having to go back to workcover insurance if I needed to work but I realised a while ago that I have a lot of other options open to me know. The site has given me friends,  new skills, new contacts but most of all confidence. There are many things I can do if/when I feel the need to return to the paid workforce.  For now by the time I handover and get the kitchen installed etc it will no doubt be Christmas already when I will look forward to a much needed rest!

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A shock to the system

It’s been a while now since the whole marriage break up and we have been managing nicely with the kids but the sh*t hit the fan on Saturday.  The ex’s gf? (mother of his other child) was nice as pie one minute and the next SCREAMING at me that if I NEEDED to put Owen on ‘calm’ (herbal remedy I think aimed at helping kids who are teething) and that if I didn’t then he wasn’t allowed to come back! excuse me? but what the F???? He is fine at home and at school and Joey’s – she didn’t even tell me what happened (even when asked) went on yelling and screaming at me that he was violent and wasn’t to be around her child. I suggested we make a time to discuss as I wasn’t going to carry on like this in front of the kids…her response was to yell out (in earshot of the kids) that I don’t give a damn about my kids and that she was going to report me to DOCS. OMG really woman – firstly DOCS would pat me on the back and say you are doing a good job if they bothered to investigate at all and I would have the full support of the school too.  Secondly if they did decide I was unfit then hey kids would end up with their Dad and isn’t that what she was wanting to avoid. Just proves she wasn’t thinking really doesn’t it!

Still my concern is leaving the kids in her care.  As such have spoken to the kids dad and formed new arrangments. He will have them on Sundays on off week instead of Saturdays so that he can do some saturday work. HE will be with the kids at all times when he has them – no more working and leaving them with her. HE will pick the kids up and drop them off in future.

The real shock (apart from my previously held belief that while a little odd nut basically sane) was the support of my ex. He told her to stop yelling. He told her that if she didn’t want her son to see Owen then she and the boy had best move out.  He apologised to me for her behaviour. He agreed with my demand that he be with them all the time.  He admits that Owen wets the bed at night and he supports the bed wetting alarm for Owen and even offered to contribute to the cost and when I said it would be hard having to get up to him but worth it he actually offered that it would be harder for me as I have him through the week and him only on weekends. He told me I was doing a great job.

Still a little stunned. Still concerned although happy to hear that she is going to be away this weekend so they will have Daddy to themselves for this weekend at least.

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the new kitchen…

ok so Pam asked what next? such a simple question but having written the list I hadn’t done terribly much about achieving what is on it.  Now some (like an o/s holiday) are going take quite a bit of saving up and and hence time to organise.  Others less so…

But the kitchen is currently annoying me and I am moving forward on some plans. I got 2 more quotes yesterday – one from ikea and one from zesta. Now zesta couldn’t give me exactly what I wanted (Ikea can) and they wanted a good $4K more!  Ikea (with me assembling and them installing) came in just UNDER the other quote that I had (which had drawers instead of cupboards).  I had – after much umming and erring decided to ditch the dishwasher as mine is playing up and I can’t really afford a new one but on discussion with Stephen changed my mind again which brought the cost down a bit further again of course – bonus!

I have MOST of the money to do it now – just waiting on some and trying to save the rest but it is definetly time to start getting sorted. I plan to get some quotes over the school holidays from electricians and handymen so that I can get it all moving.

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I love the Book Depository

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