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my baby’s growing up fast

This time three years ago I had just been given another lot of gel in the hope of getting a baby out of me….wow it goes fast (I know I know cliche) but still….I have a walking/running/talking little man asleep in his bed and I’m hoping that he is going to be pretty excited in the morning when he sees his new bike all wrapped up….of course that would mean I would have to actually take it inside and wrap it!  I should also be making birthday cake but have yet to get going on that either – and the little man has requested a kombi cake too – nothing in the book was good enough (can you just SEE Aunty Sue smiling girls?)!

I took the kids with me camping viking 1000ad (ish) style on the weekend – yup a re-enactment do. They didn’t have any gear as they were going to be with their Dad until I was informed that he was going to leave them with his new gf who on friday night – problem is they haven’t met yet and I just didn’t think it was fair on the kids.  They had a ball though. In fact, much to my surprise Brett and then Corey both sat still tonight (while O was at Joeys) and let me wrap their foot in plastic wrap and then cover it in masking tape and then cut it off…why? so I can size their viking boots properly of course!

Corey has been testing boundries a lot of late – running away and being beyond cheeky into downright naughty….it is hard to stay angry at a boy who then turns around and says ‘I love you Mummy’ and hands out kisses and cuddles. He was very sweet on the weekend – happy to romp in the forest with the boys but often coming back for a cuddle to reassure himself that I’m still there. He even got brave enough to ask people ‘where is my mummy’ a few times – luckily most of them worked out who he was looking for (and I pretty much knew where he was anyway).  Today however – running out of a shop into the carpark – you just can’t take your eyes of him for a second!  I think I will just let him help me make the cake tomorrow morning and ice it in the afternoon. Apart from kinder/school pick up’s and drop off’s I don’t have any other plans for the day apart from staying home and clearing the table and spending time with Corey – gotta teach the boy to ride a bike sometime too!

well I best go wrap up a bike – tempted to blow up a few balloons and pop them into his room before I go to bed too so he can wake to them in the morning.

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