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Wow what a week! over 40 every day – not pretty!

I had my first swimming lesson on Wednesday morning.  After some nerves I discovered that with a bit of coaching I was able to swim the length of the pool (about 25m) without stopping in backstroke and freestyle! Much better than I thought.  I did discover that I am VERY unfit but hey swimming will help as will walking to school now that school is going back on Monday.

Have finished covering Owen’s school books and labelling his pencils and things.

Have ironed logos (bought some more) onto the boys school uniform.

Have still got to finish Brett’s smock and iron his name onto his library bag.

Picked up my new glasses – they do make a difference.

Started work on a wooden spoon for the medieval feast I’ll be attending in a couple of weeks – not sure if I will have it finished in time it’s hard work – my arm muscles are telling me still.

Spent 2hrs or so at the dr’s today as my ear has been giving me grief for a week. I really didn’t want to take the kids with me to the dr so kept putting it off – turns out I have an inner ear infection and now I have GIANT antibiotic tablets.

Worked today but knocked off early because my ear was sore and went to dr.

so there you go my week in a nutshell – breif because it’s hot!

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