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Time for a change…

After much umming and errring (over the space of 24 hours) I bit the bullet, drove down to the hairdresser and had about 14 inches lopped off! I let her thin it out and cut my fringe but no layering/styling etc which would have me tied to the hairdressers for years to grow out!  I just have had enough of the blonde streak from my attempt to have a purple streak and seeing as I had it died over and it didn’t hold I figured cutting it was the only option…

Now this is not the best photo of me ever taken as I did it myself but here thems the breaks – here is me very light headed lol….couldn’t get over the whole 5seconds it took to brush my hair this morning!


today I brushed it after it was dry and the curl was replaced with a fuuffy kinda look – might try not to do that tomorrow and take another pic even….don’t count on it though!

Oh and I have a new Sovereign Hill discount coupon to upload for you all too!

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a little funny before bed….

Was given a couple of big bags of boy clothes the other day.  Mostly for Owen but Brett scored a few things too and they were very excited about it – not sure why….anyway I pulled out a pair or shorts and top that looked brand new…they had that ‘bad boy’ logo on it – the one with the eyes – pretty cool – kids are going ‘coool’ then ask what it says….so I read ‘bad boy’…suddenly they both announce they don’t want them because people might think that they are bad boys!

don’t you love ’em!

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thankful for the river…still

For years since we bought this house we never went further down the crescent – only back out to the shops and the rest of the world etc….the last 12 months we have spent more and more time down by the river. The people are starting to recognise me and the boys walking down the path.  The kids are starting to regard the river and its surrounds as an extension of their back yard.  Yes it has some issues with litter and algea at times but really it is beautiful. The gum trees and the bird life are just so aussie.

Today we went down to kick the ball – there is a large piece of fairly flat grass just at the bend near the playground and so after a 5-10min walk we are there. We took the soccer ball and had a good kick around – a mix of just play and a bit of skills practice. Who would have thought it would be me teaching the kids how to kick a soccer ball! Owen was really getting the hang of dribbling too which was great to see.

oh and an update I forgot to post. Had some concerns about Owen’s eyesight when I was playing scrabble on facebook and he asked what the dot under the letter was (a number 2). Given Bretts issues and now Owens I booked them all in for an eyetest. Verdict – they all have an astigmatism. Owen’s is not as bad as Bretts but would definitely benefit from glasses especially for close work. He said at the moment his eyes are trying to compensate but it is causing significant strain which would only worsen his attention span for close work like reading etc.  Brett had to have a retest to see how he was going with the glasses – verdict was with them his vision is almost 20-20 and it was a LOT worse without them so they are happy with them. Corey they didn’t recommend glasses at this stage but there is a good chance that he will need them later – they want to check him in January with the other two.

and the best news on the glasses front – they recommended they both take them off to play soccer/footy etc so no more telling poor Brett that he isn’t allowed to head the ball!

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I had to fill in some paperwork yesterday for Owen to get an aide at school holiday program. I wasn’t sure that he really needed one (although I don’t doubt he needs it at school where he needs to focus) but they were pretty insistant on having the forms done. I looked at the huge chunk of paper and groaned….

then I started to fill it out. Does your child need a wheelchair? Can your child eat unaided? Can your child speak?…..Now Owen might be difficult to handle at times. He may be full on and flat out. But what a joy to be able to tick no to so many of the questions…how wonderful to be reminded that while he may be difficult there are plenty out there in a lot worse boats.

He is going to holiday program. I spoke to the co-ordinator who is getting him an aide for the this time and will assess his needs for next time based on this time. She was not just focused on keeping him safe she was stressing the importance of him having FUN! What a joy that the kids are looking forward to going for 3 days in the holidays (2 boys – 3 days costing me less than $30 woohoo). I too hope they will have fun!

And I plan to make the most of MY time too! (well will be working on the Friday)!

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the kitchen saga nears movement….

yes I know its been a long drawn out process BUT….

this week I had a draftsman come visit.  He quoted be with two options….one was relatively inexpensive (aka not much over budget) the other was scary…..the first involved me having the plans for the house so he only had to draw the alterations…the other involved him drawing plans for the house as it is AND the changes…..lots of $$$ in the difference!

Luckily I had already been on the phone and for the princely some of $5 have a copy of the original plans for the house coming from the department of Housing who initially owned this house when it was built in 1969! (yup older than we thought too).

And now for the good news…..(especially for those who have had enough of listening and just want to see it done)….I should have the plans for the house by the end of next week. Once I get them to the draftsman he will have the drawings done in about a week and council will only take a week to 10 days to approve them…..which means we could be ready to knock down the wall in a MONTH!

*mumbling something about having to get all the crap out of the way pretty soon and wondering where I am going to put stuff in the meantime*

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Almost a false start….

We have it all booked to head off tomorrow….and so I went to go pick the boys up from school with plans to watch Owen playing Soccer for an hour before we came home and then to get the car packed.

The aide in his room saw me before I saw him and told me he had looked pale and complained of being cold but appeared to be running a bit of a fever. She said they had wrapped him in a blanket and kept him inside at lunch time (it was pretty cold out) but didn’t call as he appeared ok but she suggested I keep an eye on him. Well he said he didn’t want to play soccer…alarm bells….we get home and he just wanted to snuggle up to me for ages…more alarm bells….then I realised that he had forgotten to ask for afternoon tea…..big ALARM BELLS… normally I would have let it go a day to see how it would develop but with our weekend planned I thought best to get on top of it. So I told the boys to bring their leapsters and we went off to the dr expecting an hour or more wait….we were there not even half an hour…got Brett seen too as he had made an odd comment about a sore throat (and I’m learning to listen more carefully as usually by the time I hear anything it is full blown tonsilitis)!  Dr said both had just beginings of throat infection/tonsilitis and given that we were going away for the weekend best to start them on antibiotics immediately.  He did say best to skip swimming after school tomorrow but should be ok to swim from saturday when the drugs have kicked in a bit. He also said that as it isn’t really hot the meds will be ok in an esky.

So upshot of that is good I guess in that they can still go to school, I can still go to work and we can still go on our little trip. Sadly it meant I had to pack the car on my own and the list of things to do still appears a little long (but of course I’m here blogging instead of tending to it lol!

Off to bed shortly. Boys will be ok.

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very very tired….

I think that perhaps it is the swimming as I vaguely remember it was last Wednesday that I was this tired too. Not sure – I know I’ve hardly had any coke today so perhaps its just needing a caffeine boost!

Talked to Owen’s teacher this morning as he got an award at assembly but I don’t know what for…it was for persisting with his writing.  She also mentioned that while his processing speed was still quite slow there was NO PROBLEM with his attention span…that’s right none! wow he is going along in leaps and bounds!

Brett got an award too and not sure what his was for either but should find out tomorrow.

I have them enrolled (well have applied and been told getting in shouldn’t be a problem) for school holiday program on Wednesdays and Friday in the school holidays so that I can work/swim as usual – will even get the Wednesday afternoon to myself. They are excited about the program – lets hope that remains after they have been once!

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A real post! 2008 a photographic journey!

I have been told off for not updating very much over the past year and for not putting up many photos either ….so here it is. One photo a month for 2008.

dscf4766in January we did a tour of 5 playgrounds in 5 days to alleviate the bordem of school holidays.  This old fashioned whirly gig was  a definite favourite!

In February it would seem I didn’t take a single photo so here is one from the end of January instead it was all about school starting for Owen! dscf9583

And then it was March and I started seeing Stephen and I finally got those divorce papers posted!divorce

And before I knew it Easter was gone and it was April!dscf0810Mum and Dad came down for a visit and we enjoyed a walk to the playground and along the river.

and then it was May!dscf5149A trip to Geelong on and we saw this ship – or pirate boat as the boys called it. We made a promise to go on it ‘one day’ – it hasn’t happened yet but Owen is going sailing on ‘The Enterprize” with Joey Scouts in a couple of weeks! The rest of us will get there one day!

and then it was June and we were lucky to be given tickets to Disney on Ice in the city. The boys and I caught a train into the city and we had a lovely day out!dscf5270

In July I went to Brisbane with Stephen to the Abbey but July’s photo is me and Corey when we completed one of the things from my 50 things list – a trip to the minature railway in Altona.

dscf5817 And then it was August and Brett turned 5! He had his first big party (at McDonalds) and they were all so great! brett5And see I even Scrapped! (chipboard Kombi with thanks to Rach at Happy Creations!

And then it was September and we were off to the SNOW!  It is with some sadness that I look at these as we have been twice to Marysville and had planned to make it an annual trip. With the fires there isn’t a Marysville anymore so we don’t think we will go this year – unless we can fit in a day trip.dscf2228

October was a HUGE month. Corey turned 3, Owen turned 7. I sold Top50 and my lil bro Steve married Katie….p1000318

In November Owen went to a Joey scout camp and Corey and Brett and I accompanied Stephen to the Melbourne Medieval Faire and Tourney (MMFAT). Here is my littlest viking.p1010340

And when December rolled around poor Brett was soo sick with tonsolitis and yet so determined to be part of the kinder concert.p1010605

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keep it seperated….

I have decided to split my ‘life’ blog from my SU! blog…..

so please bear with me while I get it pretty etc and try to copy the old posts across etc…the new Stampin’ Up! Blog will be here –

please bookmark it!

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Stampin’ Up! Retired List is out – and its BIG

The list is big this year. Apparently they are going to try to align our catalogue more closely to that of the US which should mean exciting things to come on 1st April!
For now though, take a look at the list and get your orders in quickly as some things will sell out quickly and will be gone forever.
Also note that inkpads will be going up $2 to $11.95 and refills up $1 to $5.95 so if you were planning a major ink purchase now is the time to do it.
AND some of the things in the list have been discounted so there is an extra bonus!
SU! 2008-9 Retired List

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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