Almost a false start….

March 5, 2009 at 11:10 pm 2 comments

We have it all booked to head off tomorrow….and so I went to go pick the boys up from school with plans to watch Owen playing Soccer for an hour before we came home and then to get the car packed.

The aide in his room saw me before I saw him and told me he had looked pale and complained of being cold but appeared to be running a bit of a fever. She said they had wrapped him in a blanket and kept him inside at lunch time (it was pretty cold out) but didn’t call as he appeared ok but she suggested I keep an eye on him. Well he said he didn’t want to play soccer…alarm bells….we get home and he just wanted to snuggle up to me for ages…more alarm bells….then I realised that he had forgotten to ask for afternoon tea…..big ALARM BELLS… normally I would have let it go a day to see how it would develop but with our weekend planned I thought best to get on top of it. So I told the boys to bring their leapsters and we went off to the dr expecting an hour or more wait….we were there not even half an hour…got Brett seen too as he had made an odd comment about a sore throat (and I’m learning to listen more carefully as usually by the time I hear anything it is full blown tonsilitis)!  Dr said both had just beginings of throat infection/tonsilitis and given that we were going away for the weekend best to start them on antibiotics immediately.  He did say best to skip swimming after school tomorrow but should be ok to swim from saturday when the drugs have kicked in a bit. He also said that as it isn’t really hot the meds will be ok in an esky.

So upshot of that is good I guess in that they can still go to school, I can still go to work and we can still go on our little trip. Sadly it meant I had to pack the car on my own and the list of things to do still appears a little long (but of course I’m here blogging instead of tending to it lol!

Off to bed shortly. Boys will be ok.

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very very tired…. the kitchen saga nears movement….

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