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thankful for the river…still

For years since we bought this house we never went further down the crescent – only back out to the shops and the rest of the world etc….the last 12 months we have spent more and more time down by the river. The people are starting to recognise me and the boys walking down the path.  The kids are starting to regard the river and its surrounds as an extension of their back yard.  Yes it has some issues with litter and algea at times but really it is beautiful. The gum trees and the bird life are just so aussie.

Today we went down to kick the ball – there is a large piece of fairly flat grass just at the bend near the playground and so after a 5-10min walk we are there. We took the soccer ball and had a good kick around – a mix of just play and a bit of skills practice. Who would have thought it would be me teaching the kids how to kick a soccer ball! Owen was really getting the hang of dribbling too which was great to see.

oh and an update I forgot to post. Had some concerns about Owen’s eyesight when I was playing scrabble on facebook and he asked what the dot under the letter was (a number 2). Given Bretts issues and now Owens I booked them all in for an eyetest. Verdict – they all have an astigmatism. Owen’s is not as bad as Bretts but would definitely benefit from glasses especially for close work. He said at the moment his eyes are trying to compensate but it is causing significant strain which would only worsen his attention span for close work like reading etc.  Brett had to have a retest to see how he was going with the glasses – verdict was with them his vision is almost 20-20 and it was a LOT worse without them so they are happy with them. Corey they didn’t recommend glasses at this stage but there is a good chance that he will need them later – they want to check him in January with the other two.

and the best news on the glasses front – they recommended they both take them off to play soccer/footy etc so no more telling poor Brett that he isn’t allowed to head the ball!

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