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Cancer is such an ugly word

and I don’t know why I’m writing this because it just makes it real but hey thats just me, part of my way of processing I guess.  My mum just broke the news that my Godfather – my ‘Spare Dad’ has been told he has just 2 years left.  I don’t see Bob or talk to him or email him anywhere near as much as I should but anytime we can pick up where we left of. Bob has been my Dad’s best mate since they were 10years old – 50years of friendship is a long time.  The man is no saint but he has always been so full of life and energy and love.  He’s been breaking the news by telling people ‘I’ve got something I’m just dying to tell you’…still cracking jokes no matter what…that’s my Bob.

Someone tried to explain what a godfather was to me a long time ago, ever since I’ve always thought of Bob as my spare Dad, 2years just isn’t enough…

This is no occasion for ‘get well soon’ card…where is the ‘that really sucks’ stamp when you need it.

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bloody sinus’s

have been fighting this one off for weeks but it caught up and brought me to the dr today. Have antibiotics and an assurance it is just infected sinus’s (again) which explains why I’m struggling to breath etc etc while kids are all fit as a fiddle!

so much for my post a day hey…will have to start again I suppose!

April 23, 2009 at 10:10 pm 1 comment

Back in my craft room!

I did have a slightly more productive day today! Thankfully as now at least the boys school uniform is neatly folded in their drawers. With the three of them in one room I decided to rearrange the draws a bit as Owen and Brett were sharing the smaller tallboy and Corey had the big one to himself – half filled with clothes that don’t fit anybody which is just dumb!  So decided the big boys would have one draw each for all their school uniform. Except in so doing discovered that Brett was missing 4 tops and 3 pairs of shorts oh and a jumper and a jacket…which left him 4 pairs of pants and 1 shirt! eek frantic search to find the rest of his uniform….seems that he must have put it in the wash after I had emptied the baskets thinking I had now washed all the school uniforms…but then they filled up and I didn’t get to the bottom again!  Will be catching up again soon.

Meanwhile I have gotten my backside out to my scraproom/craft room whatever I feel like calling it today! And I’m thinking it is time I did some more playing with stuff…goodness knows I have stuff to do!  You may have noticed that I have managed to put a new card/LO/crafty item on my other blog daily now for over a week! I’m impressed but running out of things to share so time to make some more quick sticks! It’s great that it gets me motivated to get going…once I get started I’m right but sometimes I need a rocket to get moving!  I have swaps and gifts to make too so away from the computer and over to the scrap desk I go!

April 19, 2009 at 9:04 pm 2 comments

confusing timezones…

We went back to ‘standard’ time a few weeks ago but my blog didn’t and of course because I blogged at 11.30pm yesterday it looks like I blogged today….oops!

today was another write off….my brain so fuzzy with the constant dripping of my nose that it only occured to me an hour ago that it may be hay fever and not a cold…took a hayfever tablet then and am happy to report that while not great I have managed to not have a tissue near my nose for almost 15min….wow tomorrow I might get something done!

I can’t beleive the school holidays are almost over…they went so fast! At the same time I will welcome the routine that comes with school with open arms.

There will be a few changes – Owen’s teacher is on leave for the whole term but the relief teacher was able to get a day or two of planning with the regular teacher before the end of term and I was in the room when she relieved in prep room for a couple of hours and seemed good so lets hope Owen copes with that change better than he coped with his teacher being away last time!

Brett’s teacher will be away for two weeks – am sure Brett won’t be phased at all by that!

Corey’s daycarer will change in a couple of weeks to one within walking distance, and the days will change too. This has several less reliance on the car. We can now officially WALK everywhere that we NEED to go. That is school, swimming, daycare, supermarket, fruit shop, bakery, railway station & scrapbook store (hey yes I NEED to go there – its where I work after all)!  Now that we have that covered I’m sure the car will be fine (not that it has given me any grief but I have downgraded the insurance to 3rd party fire and theft).  Number two benefit is that I will be working on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.  This is good because I have NO commitments on Tuesdays. It makes preperations for any weekend activities easier. It means I should be able to get online to report my earnings on time each fortnight. It also means that next year when Corey goes to kinder he can have two half days at kinder that co-incide with 1/2 days at daycare as she will pick him up or drop him off (pick him up after a morning session and drop him off for an afternoon one). This way I can still work one day a week and have one day a week for my errands (currently swimming and school help and of course shopping). All good really. She seems pretty good too which is the best bit.

oh and the other major change….on TUESDAY I get a new iphone!  While I really really appreciate Sue coming to the rescue by loaning me her old phone I am so looking forward to the proper reminder/calendar functions etc that come with the iphone!

so here’s to a more productive day tomorrow…..and to hayfever drugs….!

April 18, 2009 at 8:30 pm 1 comment

School holiday program

oh I have memories of school holiday program when I was in my later years of primary school and I so did not enjoy it. Because of this I was a little reluctant to send my boys but the program did sound like fun and when I told them about it they were so excited. In fact they had been begging me not to pick them up early for swimming lessons because they were having too much fun!

They went to see monsters Vs Aliens today – am glad they enjoyed it (and equally glad that I didn’t have to go)! I worked and got lots done…and my lovely boss rearranged my workspace for me a little which made everything a LOT more comfortable too which was ace!

And now it looks like I might get to go scrapping with a mate next weekend AND get my computer fixed into the bargain pretty cool hey? So what is wrong with my computer you may ask? Well some dufus left her DVD tray open and tripped over it ripping it out then tried to put it back in! It isn’t happy – won’t go in or out!

Anyway thats my exciting news for the day…yup I worked and kids went to holiday program…what an exciting life I lead!

April 18, 2009 at 12:48 am 1 comment

inkurable stampers

I’ve heard about this blog before but never had time to check it out. It has some pretty amazing stuff on it – makes mine look positively plain and boring actually lol! but well worth a look…and if you scroll through you will notice that you have one day left to get your name listed to be lucky enough to get a free Orange Jelly owl stamp and then get to play with it for a chance to win more Orange Jelly stamps…pretty cool!  Check it out here.

And an update….I didn’t even step into the playroom (messy ex storeroom) today! I did clear some plastic boxes away from the lounge (they were in front of the heater which I had to turn on last night)! I did have a lovely afternoon playing with my stamps and stuff and decided to take advantage of the boys playing nicely to just enjoy it…can get back to that room on the weekend or even when school goes back! oh and two nights in a row the one room thing (with the staggered bed times) is working just FINE!

April 16, 2009 at 9:16 pm 2 comments

3 boys, 1 bedroom, no fuss!

yes it is a miracle. 3 boys went to bed in the same room (at different times – 7, 7.30 and 8pm) and not a peep heard from any of them! I’m betting it is a different story when they wake in the morning.

The room which was Corey’s is going to be the playroom (and spare room should we need it for visitors) and as such the daybed (that pulls out to a double) is staying in there.  But tomorrows job is to take out all the stuff that I have shoved in there over the past 3yrs or so that shouldn’t be in there….shoes that have been outgrown, sewing stuff, the xmas tree etc etc and turn it into a playroom!

April 16, 2009 at 12:38 am 1 comment

I lost something…

but I’m not in the least bit sad about it….stepped on the scales again this morning to find I have lost another 3kg to make 8 in total since school started.  When school started I really made a decision that we should be walking to school every day as it was just stupid to be driving 3 blocks….at the same time we have been walking along the river which is longer so all the walking and the weekly swimming seems to be good for me.  I never went into this with a plan to lose weight and perhaps that is why it is working…my eating habits haven’t changed very much, if at all but I am definetly more active – and as a result I’ve also noticed that I have more energy especially in the mornings when i used to groan that it was morning and now I’m just getting out of bed and getting my day started instead.

On the agenda for today – get the toys off the boys bedroom floor (mostly done last week) and the dirty clothes off the floor (am sure they are ones that have been pulled clean out of the draws and dumped on the floor grrr).

I then need to move the bunk beds and measure the windows for new blinds – am a bit over the war to keep curtains hanging in there and aware that the curtains would be near beds too so I think blinds might work better.

The new bed is coming tonight (after bed time) so I can put it in the boys room tomorrow while they are at daycare/holiday program then we will get sorted Corey’s room sorted out and turned into a playroom.

Also need to get a bookshelf for MY room as I have decided that one shelf isn’t enough for my books so will let the boys have the whole little one and get me a big one and keep it in my room so that I can have my books out of boxes again.

April 14, 2009 at 10:12 am 2 comments

Not crossing off #26 just yet.

I woke up around 7 this morning – I know so not fair when I could sleep in because no boys but thems the breaks it happens a lot lately!  Anyway I thought that I should get myself down to the pool just this one day (had planned to go everyday over the Easter Break but changed my mind as I was feeling a bit run down).  Anyway I got in and suddenly the 50m pool looked VERY long. I suspect the one that I usually swim in is really only 20m or thereabouts.  And the deep end is at 1.8m is way over my head (cause i’m only 1.6)! So I started with a lap of backstroke from the shallow end to the deep end and I made that ok…legs were feeling it at the end but hey no surprise that I’m unfit.  Took me a while to prepare myself to swim freestyle back toward the shallow end but eventually sucked up some courage and I made it…half way….oops.  I repeated the whole backstroke a lap, freestyle a (nearly) lap 3 times and made it a little further each time.

I was pondering out loud to a freind how to measure #26 on my 50 things list – that being to learn to swim properly and the outcome of our discussion was that I had to be able to do a full 50m lap without stopping of both freestyle and backstroke….as my best lap in freestyle would have made about 30-35m I guess I have more lessons and practice in store.

Still felt good to try even if I looked like an idiot when I didn’t make it – I don’t think too many people noticed.  Also found out they do do 20 swim multi passes so I may organise that next time to make myself get down there and practice some more.

Meanwhile I must get ready as the boys will be home soon. Having a simple but healthy dinner that they like tonight – don’t want to be the fun police after they have had 4 days at Dads.

Much as I love them it has been nice to get some time out too – it’s been 2 years since I’ve had more than 2 days without the boys (was used to a 4 night scrap retreat every november but haven’t been for a couple of years).

Am looking forward to having them home again now though.

April 13, 2009 at 6:08 pm 1 comment


Well I just finished listing a heap of discontinued Stampin’ Up! stamps on ebay so if you are thinking you might want any go have a look.

Do you realise that I have now blogged 3 days in a ROW….maybe now would be a good time to start working on number 12 of my 50 things list – to update my blog daily for at least a month!

So what did I do this morning while the kids were all easter egg hunting? not a lot really, apart from the ebay thing and a bit of fiddling with facebook all I achieved was updating my other blog (the one with all the Stampin’ Up! stuff on it) and some washing (it’s endless).

It is a lovely day though and I’m thinking it might be time for lunch and that I might even go see what is open and treat myself to something nice.

I hope that you are all having a lovely Easter.

April 12, 2009 at 3:11 pm 2 comments

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