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Not crossing off #26 just yet.

I woke up around 7 this morning – I know so not fair when I could sleep in because no boys but thems the breaks it happens a lot lately!  Anyway I thought that I should get myself down to the pool just this one day (had planned to go everyday over the Easter Break but changed my mind as I was feeling a bit run down).  Anyway I got in and suddenly the 50m pool looked VERY long. I suspect the one that I usually swim in is really only 20m or thereabouts.  And the deep end is at 1.8m is way over my head (cause i’m only 1.6)! So I started with a lap of backstroke from the shallow end to the deep end and I made that ok…legs were feeling it at the end but hey no surprise that I’m unfit.  Took me a while to prepare myself to swim freestyle back toward the shallow end but eventually sucked up some courage and I made it…half way….oops.  I repeated the whole backstroke a lap, freestyle a (nearly) lap 3 times and made it a little further each time.

I was pondering out loud to a freind how to measure #26 on my 50 things list – that being to learn to swim properly and the outcome of our discussion was that I had to be able to do a full 50m lap without stopping of both freestyle and backstroke….as my best lap in freestyle would have made about 30-35m I guess I have more lessons and practice in store.

Still felt good to try even if I looked like an idiot when I didn’t make it – I don’t think too many people noticed.  Also found out they do do 20 swim multi passes so I may organise that next time to make myself get down there and practice some more.

Meanwhile I must get ready as the boys will be home soon. Having a simple but healthy dinner that they like tonight – don’t want to be the fun police after they have had 4 days at Dads.

Much as I love them it has been nice to get some time out too – it’s been 2 years since I’ve had more than 2 days without the boys (was used to a 4 night scrap retreat every november but haven’t been for a couple of years).

Am looking forward to having them home again now though.

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