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I lost something…

but I’m not in the least bit sad about it….stepped on the scales again this morning to find I have lost another 3kg to make 8 in total since school started.  When school started I really made a decision that we should be walking to school every day as it was just stupid to be driving 3 blocks….at the same time we have been walking along the river which is longer so all the walking and the weekly swimming seems to be good for me.  I never went into this with a plan to lose weight and perhaps that is why it is working…my eating habits haven’t changed very much, if at all but I am definetly more active – and as a result I’ve also noticed that I have more energy especially in the mornings when i used to groan that it was morning and now I’m just getting out of bed and getting my day started instead.

On the agenda for today – get the toys off the boys bedroom floor (mostly done last week) and the dirty clothes off the floor (am sure they are ones that have been pulled clean out of the draws and dumped on the floor grrr).

I then need to move the bunk beds and measure the windows for new blinds – am a bit over the war to keep curtains hanging in there and aware that the curtains would be near beds too so I think blinds might work better.

The new bed is coming tonight (after bed time) so I can put it in the boys room tomorrow while they are at daycare/holiday program then we will get sorted Corey’s room sorted out and turned into a playroom.

Also need to get a bookshelf for MY room as I have decided that one shelf isn’t enough for my books so will let the boys have the whole little one and get me a big one and keep it in my room so that I can have my books out of boxes again.

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