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inkurable stampers

I’ve heard about this blog before but never had time to check it out. It has some pretty amazing stuff on it – makes mine look positively plain and boring actually lol! but well worth a look…and if you scroll through you will notice that you have one day left to get your name listed to be lucky enough to get a free Orange Jelly owl stamp and then get to play with it for a chance to win more Orange Jelly stamps…pretty cool!  Check it out here.

And an update….I didn’t even step into the playroom (messy ex storeroom) today! I did clear some plastic boxes away from the lounge (they were in front of the heater which I had to turn on last night)! I did have a lovely afternoon playing with my stamps and stuff and decided to take advantage of the boys playing nicely to just enjoy it…can get back to that room on the weekend or even when school goes back! oh and two nights in a row the one room thing (with the staggered bed times) is working just FINE!

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3 boys, 1 bedroom, no fuss!

yes it is a miracle. 3 boys went to bed in the same room (at different times – 7, 7.30 and 8pm) and not a peep heard from any of them! I’m betting it is a different story when they wake in the morning.

The room which was Corey’s is going to be the playroom (and spare room should we need it for visitors) and as such the daybed (that pulls out to a double) is staying in there.  But tomorrows job is to take out all the stuff that I have shoved in there over the past 3yrs or so that shouldn’t be in there….shoes that have been outgrown, sewing stuff, the xmas tree etc etc and turn it into a playroom!

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I love the Book Depository

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