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confusing timezones…

We went back to ‘standard’ time a few weeks ago but my blog didn’t and of course because I blogged at 11.30pm yesterday it looks like I blogged today….oops!

today was another write off….my brain so fuzzy with the constant dripping of my nose that it only occured to me an hour ago that it may be hay fever and not a cold…took a hayfever tablet then and am happy to report that while not great I have managed to not have a tissue near my nose for almost 15min….wow tomorrow I might get something done!

I can’t beleive the school holidays are almost over…they went so fast! At the same time I will welcome the routine that comes with school with open arms.

There will be a few changes – Owen’s teacher is on leave for the whole term but the relief teacher was able to get a day or two of planning with the regular teacher before the end of term and I was in the room when she relieved in prep room for a couple of hours and seemed good so lets hope Owen copes with that change better than he coped with his teacher being away last time!

Brett’s teacher will be away for two weeks – am sure Brett won’t be phased at all by that!

Corey’s daycarer will change in a couple of weeks to one within walking distance, and the days will change too. This has several less reliance on the car. We can now officially WALK everywhere that we NEED to go. That is school, swimming, daycare, supermarket, fruit shop, bakery, railway station & scrapbook store (hey yes I NEED to go there – its where I work after all)!  Now that we have that covered I’m sure the car will be fine (not that it has given me any grief but I have downgraded the insurance to 3rd party fire and theft).  Number two benefit is that I will be working on Tuesdays instead of Fridays.  This is good because I have NO commitments on Tuesdays. It makes preperations for any weekend activities easier. It means I should be able to get online to report my earnings on time each fortnight. It also means that next year when Corey goes to kinder he can have two half days at kinder that co-incide with 1/2 days at daycare as she will pick him up or drop him off (pick him up after a morning session and drop him off for an afternoon one). This way I can still work one day a week and have one day a week for my errands (currently swimming and school help and of course shopping). All good really. She seems pretty good too which is the best bit.

oh and the other major change….on TUESDAY I get a new iphone!  While I really really appreciate Sue coming to the rescue by loaning me her old phone I am so looking forward to the proper reminder/calendar functions etc that come with the iphone!

so here’s to a more productive day tomorrow…..and to hayfever drugs….!

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School holiday program

oh I have memories of school holiday program when I was in my later years of primary school and I so did not enjoy it. Because of this I was a little reluctant to send my boys but the program did sound like fun and when I told them about it they were so excited. In fact they had been begging me not to pick them up early for swimming lessons because they were having too much fun!

They went to see monsters Vs Aliens today – am glad they enjoyed it (and equally glad that I didn’t have to go)! I worked and got lots done…and my lovely boss rearranged my workspace for me a little which made everything a LOT more comfortable too which was ace!

And now it looks like I might get to go scrapping with a mate next weekend AND get my computer fixed into the bargain pretty cool hey? So what is wrong with my computer you may ask? Well some dufus left her DVD tray open and tripped over it ripping it out then tried to put it back in! It isn’t happy – won’t go in or out!

Anyway thats my exciting news for the day…yup I worked and kids went to holiday program…what an exciting life I lead!

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