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8th folder, 8th photo

just for Jen….the 8th photo in my 8th folder….

for 2008

dscf94781This was part of our playground crawl – 5 playgrounds in 5 days in the January holidays – the kids loved it as we went to some that we don’t go to often or hadn’t been to at all….oddly this one is the closest to home and most visited (we now hang out there for an hour nearly every Monday night while Owen is at Joey scouts)!

and for this year….2009…

p1020436Owen walking home on a Wednesday after school when the preps weren’t at school so Brett and Corey were at family daycare. Owen and I went ‘discovering’ down by the river…which just means we got off the path and a bit closer to the water really!

there Jen better late than never isn’t it?

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Owen’s glasses

Did I mention that Owen needs glasses too….and Corey will likely get them when he is a little older. Owen isn’t as blind as Brett and really needs them mostly for reading/writing type activities…

Here is both of them the first day Owen wore his to school. This photo is just so ‘them’ got their cheekiness on ‘film’ so to speak!


April 10, 2009 at 12:38 am 1 comment

Camping Photos…

Yes that’s right actual photos! I am often reminded that I don’t put up enough pics so am trying to improve on that one.

p10209271setting up – ok not a lot of setting up photos as I was kinda busy….setting up!

p1020935afternoon tea!

p1020941The beach at Dromana on Saturday afternoon after we got all set up (across the road from the caravan park).

p1020974check out all the boardwalk/stairs – we got all the way to the end and back without being blown away (just). This was Sunday morning (before it rained).

p1030084after it rained most the time we were there this was lovely to be greeted with at breakfast time on Tuesday as we got ready to pack up and come home.

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And it rained and it rained and it rained

oh and how the wind blew!

and yet somehow through three days of rain and wind the boys and I still had a great little holiday.  Sadly the cleaning fairies didn’t come in my absence so there is home and work to be done. Am actually looking forward to the long long weekend without kids in the hopes of getting some things done.

will post some photos later. Tent is wet. Got it out to dry it out and it started raining and now of course the sun has come out again – oh fun and games! Please all I ask is like an hour or two of sunshine to get the tent dried out and packed away again….is that too much to ask?

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