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June 23, 2009 at 2:01 pm 1 comment

Ok so this will be brief as I somehow did something to my shoulder this morning. Its very sore around the shoulder blade when I move it or lift stuff (lifting with EITHER HAND I might add) but it has improved since this morning – probably just a muscle strain and will be right by tomorrow. It did get me a day off work as I didn’t think I would be too much use their today.

Ok so I know I’ve been absent from my blog for some time.  A few things have been going on.

School – I am going to speak to the lady at Werribee Primary tomorrow about the Autism/Aspergers group they run at that school. If Owen can get into that program and there is a chance it will help him with his social skills then I think that it will clinch the deal and I will send them to Werribee from the start of next year.  I think Brett will settle about the same whichever way he goes and it may be good to get him away from the Bullying that he is currently witness to anyway.  Moving next year will also give Corey time to become familiar with the school before he starts the year after…and as a bonus the uniform is Grey and Burgandy (much easier to scrap)!

I am looking forward with some trepidation to getting the boys school reports on Thursday. I actually am anticipating that Owens will show huge improvements (but I wonder if they are huge enough to bridge the gap that existed between where he was and where he ‘should’ be).  Brett I know is having some issues with cutting and his writing isn’t good. I actually am beginning to suspect he may need some help from an OT with fine motor skills. It is hard not sometimes to know where he should be – usually an older child is a kinda measuring stick for ‘normal’ but Owen clearly isn’t. I wonder if Brett is perhaps a little less mature than his classmates. He seems a little fragile emotionally of late and I can’t get much out of him as to why, it’s not like him.  Anyway will see what happens when we get his report and talk to his teacher and go from there.

Corey toilet training – only two accidents yesterday but I don’t think we have had #2s where they should be as yet so still a way to go but progress is definetely being made on that front. Now just to find his birth certificate so that I can get him enrolled for Kinder next year.

I am looking at another term of swim lessons I think then re-evaluate if I am going to continue. I am improving but had never learnt breast stroke and well I can sort of do it but it ain’t pretty!  Need to improve my fitness generally I think as well.

Did a SU! Demo on the weekend in Hamilton which was great fun despite a few little issues like printing my instructions and leaving them at home! Still it was a fun weekend and put a few extra $’s in the bank account.

kitchen – well have been snowed under with other stuff so have done nothing on that front yet.

School holidays – are coming next  week – yay! Plan is to try to finally sort out the playroom and to do some cooking together in between other things. Kids are going to family daycare/holiday program tues/wed both weeks and big boys going to holiday program on the 2nd monday too. So looking out for an excursion for me and corey – something a little bit special just for him…no idea as yet though?!

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  • 1. Jen H - Australia  |  June 24, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    WOW!!! it’s all happening isn’t it!! Hope the shoulder is continuing to improve! Great news on the school front! As I said, good on you for being so proactive about it all! Hope the reports go well…. hope Brett is just witnessing bullying and not being subject to it !! -especially wearing glasses – I remember what that was like back in PS. All the best with the toilet training and the school hols …. everything I can think of for u to do with Corey you would want to take the other 2 to as well!!
    Jen 🙂


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