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One week of holidays down, one to go…

kids are at Daddys for the weekend so the house is peaceful. They have been so loud today. I don’t much like the winter holidays. The weather is too unpredictable to plan anything much. And too cold for extended trips to playgrounds and the like. Add to that that Brett has decided that he only likes holidays when we go camping. I love that he wants to go camping…not going to do it in winter though! Too many hassles getting the tent dry etc quite apart from the other difficulties it presents!

I got a lovely picture that Owen drew at school last week – will have to scan it. He wrote on it ‘to mummy I love you to pluto and back’ (they have been learning about space at school). He made one for Daddy too and gave it to him tonight when Daddy came to pick them up.

I have some Stampin’ Up! stuff to prepare for a demo on Sunday so I might head out to my scrap room tonight for the first time in weeks and enjoy a spot of stamping. I bought a cheap bookshelf this week to so tomorrow I want to get it assembled and into my room and get started on sorting things out.

Am excited that my big sis is coming for a scrapping weekend with me at the end of the month but I have a few things to do around the house before she gets here (like find a bed for her under the big pile of crap). Most of those things will be easier to do once I have solved some of my storage issues and part of that is the new bookcase – thinking I should have gotten two – and may yet run down to the warehouse for a second one (only 2′ wide – the one I wanted was 3′).

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