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Getting ready for another long drive

we are heading back to Adelaide in a few weeks.

I know many people say that I am crazy….something about 3 small boys and a 9ish hour drive.  I do enjoy driving…sometimes it would be nice to be able to switch drivers but as Owen is  only 8 I guess that isn’t going to happen for a while.

The trip will be different this time as I have Owen sitting in the front which gives everyone more elbow space. It does however mean that the picnic basket of snacks will have to go in the back seat, hopefully Brett and Corey will behave. Other option might be to pack separate lunch boxes for each kid which could be a workable idea.  They are all a bit older too which makes it easier (its been 9 months since our last trip).  I think I have decided to go get some stable tables for them so they can do some drawing (pencils only) and have something to drive their cars on etc.

They want to stop at the big koala this time so we will be mixing up the stops a little too. And I’ve learnt that it is better to eat in the car and stop to play than try to get them to eat when all they want to do is play!

I am prattling…probably because I should be in bed!

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