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this time four years ago….

I was in hospital waiting for the arrival of the newest member of our family.  Little tiny Corey James joined me at ten past 2 in the morning.  I took him to Paperific the next day. Lots of people said that I was crazy but then I was well after an easy delivery and he was never going to be so well behaved again!

Little did I know that he would grow up to be a terror…a sweet, smiling, laughing little monster full of cuddles, full of love.

I got a letter yesterday about his kinder orientation day and it falls on a day I am working.  I could get someone to fill in but at the moment I need every bit of dosh I can get to make sure the kitchen plans go ahead. I rang the kinder to talk it through…dunno why…I just didn’t want him to miss out on anything. Kinder have known him since he was a baby bump and have seen him a couple of times this year too. They just said that ‘knowing him as we do, he won’t know he has missed anything and he’ll be fine’….guess I knew that…funny how we need to hear it from someone else though isn’t it.

His family daycarer threw a little party for him at daycare today…they had party pies and fairy bread and he even came home with a new toy car and some play doh. Tomorrow he’ll get some lego and some more cars and a day at home with Mummy. Hope he is happy ….know he will be…he is oh so easily pleased.

Love my boys!

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50 by 50 – working on #2

yes actually making movement towards completing my new kitchen!

Someone is coming to do a final measure and quote on Monday afternoon!  My appliances have been purchased and should be here soon (will chase them up soon).

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