kitchen update

October 30, 2009 at 7:13 pm 2 comments

I should be able to cross off #2 by the end of the year at long long last!

Brad, my project manager (doesn’t that sound cool), came to measure up my kitchen this morning at 5 past 8. I had warned him that my house was likely to be complete bedlam at that hour of the morning but he said it was ok (having cancelled on me due to car problems on Monday).  Well the boys were ready for school before 8 and Owen’s new DS (birthday present from the best Mum in the world) kept them quiet – yes really – for ages.

So conclusion so far….sourcing a different option for a splashback as the ikea fastbo stuff is no good behind cooktops so really that is crap! He waws happy to look into the ceramalite stuff that I planned to use when I planned this originally and I will get a quote on a tiled splashback too.

He suggested changing one draw (under sink which i plan to put a bin in) to a cupboard as it sometimes causes hassles with water pipes etc so that is cool hell its only a bin!  Other than that we are good to go except I need to rip out old kitchen and put up some plaster where there is none for some reason.  He actually said not to do the floors before the new one goes in as they might get scratched in the process and that the plinth can be just clipped on so it can be removed to seal the floors under the cupboards later which makes the changeover from old to new kitchen much easier.

I will have a proper quote for install (less sparky and plumber and splashback) on Monday with an edited shopping list to go to IKEA with.

Am going to go buy my kitchen ON my birthday YAY Happy Birthday me have a new kitchen!

This week I need to make room in my scrap room for kitchen and appliances as they will need to be stored in there for about a month. Install will go ahead early to mid December.


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  • 1. Jen H  |  November 4, 2009 at 11:07 am

    Oh POOH I didnt realise it was your birthday!! Darn that meeting I need to go to on Friday!!
    Its getting very close and exciting now!!

    Jen H

    • 2. Jude  |  November 4, 2009 at 5:21 pm

      There will be other trips to Ikea Jen, the reason for getting the kitchen so far in advance of the install is two fold….one I’ve been told that they sometimes run out of bits so you need to go back in and I want to make sure I have everything in time. The other reason is so that I can take part in the current special deal which means that for every $1000 I spend on new kitchen I get $100 in Ikea vouchers….so after this I will have $300 in IKEA vouchers to go back and spend!



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