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Testing blogging from iphone

Gotta love my iPhone! Should be easier to make that daily post if I can blog from my phone!

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Halloween & Christmas

Yes I know the two don’t really go together but that is what is on my mind today so here it is.

I really am not a big Halloween person but Cindy (my mate and boss) is. She thinks any excuse for adults to act like childrens seems like fun, possibly she is right.

I couldn’t go to the big Halloween crop tonight because I have the boys but I popped into the sale with the boys in costume (batman, spiderman and a pirate) and had their photos was all a bit of fun and the photos are great.

We had a lazy day after that just hanging about and watching Mary Poppins. I went into my scrap room and tried to start packing up some stuff for me to scrap with over the coming months when my room is out of action. Instead I got sidetracked as I found some goodies I had forgotten about. My Xyron 250, some cool Clear swirly stamps and lots of bits and bobs…I am going to have to clear it out a lot this week so hopefully I will have more luck on my next attempt.

And Christmas I said…yes indeed I did.  I am flying to Adelaide to spend Xmas with Mum and Dad while the boys are with their Dad but Sue & Yo and the kids are coming down to Melbourne so I have arranged to have Christmas here with them on the 29th. Its a small thing to many but I’m happy and so are the kids.

So now onto my 50 by 50 list….

I’m working on #2 as you know (and am no doubts sick of hearing about)…as a result of that am now also working on #8 declutter the scraproom. I thought I’d throw in another attempt at #12 update my blog daily for a month  – perhaps I will have more time as I won’t be doing stampin’ Up anymore (more on that tomorrow when I am officially not a demo anymore).  So with all the christmas going’s on I think I’m gunna try to do #41 handmake cards and get them out on time, #42 take the kids to carols by candlelight & #47 decorate the whole room for Christmas not just the tree…so who knows I might just manage to cross off as many as 6 by Christmas! Wish me luck!


oh and kids Dad is getting married tomorrow. Kids are going to ride in the Limo with Bev (the Bride) to the wedding, I’m picking them up around 9 from the reception.  Congrats to Steve and Bev, I think they are going to be very happy together which can only be good for the boys.

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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