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checked off the to-do list!

I know I know 2 posts in one day….but then I thought it would be cool to pop in and say that the kitchen is now all (flat packed) and stacked in the scraproom AND I can still access 90% of my stuff.

The stuff got delivered (I outsourced and got one girl to pick them up and deliver).

I went to bunnings for the bits with the guy who was doing the work. Door frame was stuborn – apparently my house is very well built and doesn’t come down easily. He is coming back tomorrow to put the plaster up over the doorway and will do the window probably next week.

The kitchen cupboard got pulled out (with a little help from my friends dh who was here to do the door/window) and was collected (thanks to freecycle) this afternoon.

And I’ve been listening to music from my ipod all day – all in all I’d say a very constructive day!

I am however now thoroughly exhausted.



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little bit tired…but lots to do.

I was up past 1am and am now paying for it. I had a great day/night yesterday. Things are exciting with the kitchen but busy. I got 3 Halloween LOs done last night – one more to do.  Had chocolate cake and cheesecake …..just didn’t have room for the carrot cake too!  Got another pressie too – a full set of purple towels with ‘Jude’ embroided on them lovely and soft too! I was thoroughly spoilt by friends and family yesterday.

Today its down to work.  I am just uploading the last of my 5 cd set ready to put on my iphone and ipod..think I’m going to need some music pumping today!

So todays to do list

upload cds to ipod/iphone

clear more room in scraproom for kitchen cupboards (by noon)

clear out unused kitchen cupboard of last stuff in it plus heaps of stuff on top by 3pm and preferably get it off the wall

get plaster, timber and mortar for the guy who is to brick up the window and block up the doorway

deliver my last SU order around the corner and up the road

ok that’s the absolute essentials for today…I can do that…afterall I have 2.5hrs before noon….ahhh ok quick delivery now while music is going then scraproom then kitchen…not sure when/how I’m gunna manage bunnings though!

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