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Have a little faith..

ok I bet that title has surprised you!

life does not revolve entirely around my new kitchen (doorway is now a wall…still have a window to close up)…

My mum sent me a $50 book voucher for my birthday.  I had plans for today but they were changed  as the friend I was going out to see really wasn’t well so instead I found time for a little shopping.  What to spend my voucher on…I spent a good hour in the book store reading blurbs….I know the old adage of not judging a book by its cover and yet in a book store full of books what is it that first draws you to pick it up.

I picked up many books…this one called ‘Have a little faith’ (by Mitch Albom) I picked up several times and eventually brought home and read the entire book today.    I don’t know what drew me to choose this book but something did and to read a book in a day I obviously enjoyed it.  Not what I usually read was my first thought – but then what do I usually read? It varies these days.  This one was a true story.  It is a beautiful, thought provoking story.

I have more books to read…all different…Angus and Robertson is my favourite bookstore and my local store (I am sure it is the same at others) have a pile of books behind the counter that you can buy for $7 each if you spend $20 first…there is no limit to the number of $7 books you buy.  I have found many gems in that section, although it often means I walk away with 2-3 books (or in this case 4) instead of 1-2.

so what else did I buy….Dirt Music by Tim Winton

and off the $7 shelves….Time of my Life by Allison Winn Scotch

and                                          Days like These by Virginia Duigan

perhaps just as a change from blogging my kitchen I will fill you in on these ones as I read them.

I used to not read because I struggled to put the book down and give the kids the attention they deserved.  These days I realise that it is important for the kids to SEE me see me LOVING reading…even to see me struggle to put the book down as it shows how much I enjoy it. So let their be books I say!



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