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Mondays to do list

Well I am so happy with all the things I got done the other day when I listed my tasks in the morning that I thought I would try it again!

Just a boring mundane list of things but somehow writing them here makes me more accountable to do them or perhaps just doing in the morning sets me going for the day.  I do note that I am getting out of bed more easily in the mornings these days (possibly because I have been getting to bed earlier – although I’m sure I didn’t sleep much/at all last night).

So here goes….

shopping list – ilford photo paper (cartridge world),

corner muncher -monster corner rounder for chipboard mini albums I plan to make at retreat – (Scrappe Angels),

flywire, spline & spline roller to repair front wire door (Bunnings),

Pears (fruit shop/supermarket)

Sleeping bag stuff sack – am thinking that buying just a stuff sack might solve my dilemna of my doona taking up so much room when I pack to go camping and be cheaper than buying myself a sleeping bag right now (kmart).

Am not so thrilled that I will have to drive all over town today and suspect if I do all that I won’t get much else done!

Actually fixing the wire door I will probably leave til evening when the kids are in bed or at least when the big ones are at Joeys as it might be cooler then.  I want to get photos printed from our Grampians holiday and our day at the Tulip festival and start packing my scrap tote for retreat.  I also need to get the portable air con set up again with the thing in the window etc as I suspect we may be needing it.

Am pretty pleased to discover that my front wire door actually closes properly again as it didn’t through winter and in fact I was in the process of demonstrating that it didn’t work when I realised it now does…I was looking into door curtains to keep the flies at bay instead – still need one for the back door (although i may try to hold the door in the frame and see if it is worth attempting to put it back on its hinges too).


ok I got the shopping done except for the stuff sack as I am simply not going to pay $15 for it – will use a pillow case it will be a bit bigger but I’ll deal with it.

Got a door curtain for the back door for $6 AND installed it! Got the air con set back up and working ahhhh.

Got my other stuff BUT when I went to fix the front door realised I bought the wrong spline…who knew it came in different sizes? I got stuff that was too narrow so won’t work at all.  Will have to shop again and do it another day – just not going back today…besides it is school pick up time already.

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