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I really don’t like pulling a tent down in the rain

and yet…we would do it all again!

The plan for the weekend was to jump on the jumping pillow, swim in the pool, play in the playground and go to Sovereign Hill to have our photo done…we did all that so mission accomplished. Tent is very wet and I am hoping for a dry day soon to get it up and aired out.

I loved having our potrait done at Sovereign Hill’s Red Hill Photography Rooms.  The price has always been a little out of reach at $70 for a family potrait (sitting and an 8×10 photo of 2 adults and up to 4 kids) so we have never had it done but as mentioned previously we won the free portrait so we went despite the rain.  The costumes actually go on over clothes and are all vecro’d at the back so go on really fast and easy (even on my fat bod). The kids were actually pretty good about it – even if they look a little grumpy in the photos – but then all the old photos didn’t have smiles in them so it actually looks cool.  I’m having issues with uploading photos from my iphone to my blog (but not to facebook) so no photo today sorry  (I took a photo of our photo on the iphone so quality isn’t great but not bad either).  We did the candle dipping (again) and bowling (no queues as it was soo wet the mine had actually flooded and was closed)!

We were home by 1 and I told the kids to get a bowl of cereal for lunch and hit the sack…I didn’t sleep last night at all on account of the heavy rain and worrying about packing up in it and wasn’t helped by a damp Corey (accident) coming in to sleep with me at 3am. Now my camping mat is about the size of a real single bed (not a camp single bed) but even so me and him didn’t make for a comfy night.  I crashed for a good couple of hours and felt much better after that.  Had an easy dinner and bundled the kids through the bath and off to bed. Am going to bed myself very soon despite the fact that it is indeed ridiculously early.

oh and for the record…all I want for Christmas is an endless swim spa! We hired it for a half hour yesterday afternoon at the caravan – oh wow just simply heavenly! You can swim and swim and really feel like you are getting a work out but go nowhere – and so warm and lovely and the kids loved the spa bit too (as did I). Dreaming I know…..

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