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Here comes the rain again!

Next time we come camping I might leave our camp clothesline at home… I suspect having if brings rain!
Despite the rain which has been on and off we have played a round of minigolf, jumped on the jumping pillow, played in the playground, had a game of table hockey and even been for a swim!
I so want an indoor endless swim spa it was awesome! I even managed a game of charades this evening with a bunch of other single parents camped next to us!
The best bit this time has been the way the kids have made friends with all the other kids – it is boy central here!

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We really do love camping

And we love big4 parks cause they make it easy. It has been wet (first time we have put up a tent in the rain) but still quite warm. Kids have made lots of friends, got to stay up late and even have a bath. Rain hasn’t been sighted since about 6.30pm hopefully it will stay away. Owen likes skippy fillet. Brett did a bit too but was worried about the dead kangeroos. Mind you from they way he hoed into hhe sausage I don’t think he will go vegie lol

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Acamping we will go….

why? why? why? do I never learn!

Yesterday the boys didn’t want to get anything done after school towards camping…I told them it would all then have to be done today….alas I forgot that while that might suit THEIR schedule it certainly didn’t suit mine. I was hot and tired with sore feet from standing all day in my sandals and I didn’t feel like…and again they didn’t feel like…and so it turned into a nag fest grrr I hate that!

Still they have mostly packed…I need to do some washing to finish off and they have pulled out most of the stuff we need which helps.  I have all day to do a bit of shopping and then get the car packed. We decided to ditch swimming lessons this week in favour of heading to Ballaraat straight from school. Sadly with all the HOT DRY weather we have been having the forecast for the weekend is low 20s and WET – possibly even thunder storms! and on Monday? back to hot and dry!  Here is hoping the weather man is wrong….I don’t mind the low 20s bit but rain and thunder storms certainly puts a dampener on camping lol!  still I guess on the up side if it is dry again on Monday at least we will be able to air/dry the tent!

Am keeping it simple food wise.  We have made and frozen sandwiches and will take them with us with the view to Saturdays lunch – hoping they will be defrosted but still nice and fresh then. We plan to spend the day just lounging in the park and enjoying the facilities. Sunday we are off to Sovereign Hill again. This time I remembered to PRINT my voucher and am about to put it in my handbag with the voucher for our photo at Red Hill Photography Studio.

Also on the good news front I have secured my $6 per square metre tiles and will pick them up Wednesday…and further good news I have found my missing camera battery charger phew!

So wish us a DRY weekend (well we don’t mind getting wet in the POOL).


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Busy busy day!

Corey went to family daycare today so I could get stuff down around home…only I remembered Owen had a check up with his surgeon Prof Paddy Dewan – all is ok just  a regular 6 monthly review.

But by the time we did that half the day was gone and I was obsessed with tiles – spending too much time thinking about them so I went shopping. Found some that really are perfect and ordered them – will be in in 5-10 days.  Meanwhile I think I am going to go down from the 200mm square tiles to 150mm square as the mosaic border tiles will allow  for any size tile and I think I have found an awesome deal on the tiles saving me HEAPS – should be sorted by tomorrow at $6per square metre (instead of $20).

Camping on the weekend – of course hot as all hell right up to the weekend then we are expecting rain! hope we don’t get too much rain on the weekend!

am off to bed now b4 I fall over.

oh come now Just found this are realised it didn’t post….i’m still counting this as being posted yesterday – my list my rules so ner!

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a little late but…

…if I haven’t been to bed then it still counts as today does it not?

I was chanel flicking and found that the movie Ghandi was on…I never studied history and though I was vaguely aware of Ghandi I am finding the movie fascinating.

We made significant progress in getting the front yard tidied up today and I replaced the broken fly wire on my front door. It feels good to get these things done but there is a lot yet to do.  I have organised for Corey to have an extra day at his family daycare (school hours only) just so I have a bit extra time to get things organised.

We are off to Ballarat with the tent on the weekend so starting to get organised for that as well. And the big boys will have an extra orientation session at their new school next week – just waiting on an actual day. I hope that they settle well at the new school.


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Purple tiles!

I ran down to bunnings with Corey while the other boys were at Joeys tonight to get spline to fix the front door – in the right size this time!  While I was there it occured to me that I should look at tiles.  I found a purple one! a decorate border which will look nice amongst the white…of course at $6.50 a tile the 5cm thick purple strip will cost more than the rest of the white tiles put together! eek….thinking about it – I do like them but will have to run over to the tile shop and see what else is out there and perhaps if nothing else try to get the white ones cheaper lol! if I go with this tile it is 200mm long so it means my tiles need to match that in width so they look nice.  ah well see how we go…

meanwhile a photo from retreat….


I still can't get over the orange undergrowth - just beautiful

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Retreat was great

I really enjoyed the retreat this time.  I was a bit disappointed that I brought the wrong Orings with me so couldn’t bind my mini albums but I will get them done in the next day or two.  I got the last of my halloween shots of the kids scrapped too.   So I was fairly productive.  It was very relaxing. Took a walk on Saturday evenings and saw just how close the fires got to the place where the retreat is held.  It really was close. The forest around the venue was black and green and orange. The trees were scarred but the greeny is regoing and there was the most amazing orange groundcover.

Chrisco is coming tomorrow – freezer defrosted. With the kitchen going in next month (in 4 weeks) I don’t plan to unpack it except for the freezer stuff.  Once the kitchen goes in it really will feel like Christmas.


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Retreat is ace

Retreat is great. I’ve nearly finished my second mini album. Found a spot up the hill where I get a litte reception yeah! Will upload photos of stuff shen I get home.

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Well I am hopeless at retreat packing. Never know what to take and what to leave behind. Always have grand plans for matching papers to photos before I go and never get there. Somehow I always end up leaving stresses out and cranky. This time was no different this afternoon. However I am putting my foot down. No more cranky it is meant to be fun! Have scrap stuff packed just have to throw some clothes in a bag then I will be off o ce the kids go to Dads.

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New Sovereign Hill discounts for November

The November Offer is for 25% off Blood on the Southern Cross shows. Don’t forget the all year round offer of 10% off Sovereign Hill too so pick the offer that works for you.

I haven’t been to the blood on the southern cross show because the boys are a bit young I think to be up so late etc etc Would love to hear about it from those that have been.

I am excited about going next weekend with the boys to have our family potrait done at the Red Hill Photography shop at Sovereign Hill. We have rung ahead and booked it in which is awesome.

I am also very much looking forward to my scrap retreat this weekend YAY….and hopefully I will be able to keep up my daily blogging via my much loved iphone!

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