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am still here…

It seems that the daily blogging for a month didn’t hold beyond the month like I hoped it would! Ah well will still attempt to blog more regularly.

The kids are at Dads and I’m out in my scraproom.  This room that has been such a beautiful haven for me for sooo long has become a bit of a hovel of late and I have barely been out here at all. I came out to try to get it tidied up a bit.  I have made some small progress, have a long way to go but at least I have almost half a desk free now and am starting to feel the urge to scrap….usually the urge to journal comes first and the whole blogging thing seems to help me to get writing….just proves that Jude never ever stops talking for long I guess!

The big boys started at their new school last week and while it hasn’t been all wine and roses it has been a pretty good start to the new year. Brett seems to need a little more time to settle in but then he has two part time teachers too so that is probably understandable.  Corey started kinder too and (as expected) has taken to it like a duck to water…he is perfectly at home there but then he has been in and out of that kinder all his life!  Owen and Brett went to after school care on Thursday and loved it – I had to wait for Brett to finish decorating his biscuit before we could go home. I have them booked in just for that one day a week, I could pick them up after work but this way I just don’t need to stress about rushing from place to place, instead I can come home and relax a bit and/or organise dinner do the shopping etc etc.

Am currently working on getting finances in better shape after the kitchen but we have our next ‘big dream’ all worked out.  We will be getting a camper trailer and then heading off to Perth for a holiday. The plan for the moment is take them out of school for an extra week or so around the September holidays next year or the year after (depending on finances). Sept is a bit cooler than the summer break and means we will go in spring – the wild flowers are supposed to be an awesome thing to see. Plan is to spend a week there and to stop several times on the way taking easy drives where possible so we don’t overdo the driving (just me driving after all).

What else? Getting involved again with the NVG group in Geelong (Dubh Linn), going to their big Feast next weekend with the boys and will see what happens from there. Always was enjoying the involvement but the big problem was that I couldn’t do the Thursday nights but it seems we may have worked a way around that so will see how it pans out.

And a thought for today…as I clean out my scraproom and start to think of  well stuff….

I want my kids to recognise that money is necessary for life and yet not the only, nor even the most important, thing in life. I want my kids to measure their success by the happiness they bring to themselves and others. I want them to appreciate the very best things in life ARE free. I want them to embrace life and face their fears.  Because life is not all about economics, it is about so much more than that.

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