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yes Jen really! I have been reading about Jen’s adventures in geocaching and this weekend I thought I’d look it up and see a bit more about it. For those that have never heard of it – its basically a challenge to find a ‘cache’ (typically a plastic container of some sort) hidden somewhere using your gps.

The first one we tried our gps said we were there as we went around the corner and wasn’t offering any further guidance and me having forgotten what I had read about the location left empty handed. The kids however were keen to go back so we went back this morning and Brett found it in a tree. I signed the log book enclosed and the boys took out a car and swapped it for another car (there are little ‘things’ in some of them that you can take as long as you leave something in exchange). I was amazed that this little plastic box has been sitting in a tree for FIVE YEARS and that in that time over 200 people have found it and logged it – the little notebook was FULL!

So…fresh from a successful hunt (and armed with an iphone help which assisted us with the first find) we went in search of another one….disaster….bees nest – didn’t get too close…then when looking around tree where iphone was telling us it was I kept hearing a buzzing sound….a bee was stuck in my hair (which I hadn’t brushed in the morning – bad girl – and was quite tangled). It probably took me about 5min (seemed longer) to get the bee out of my hair, it flew out and back in again a couple of times. In the process I got stung but I don’t think it went in properly – so not too bad. Went home in bad spirits and put ice on head then went to check something on my iphone….except it wasn’t in my pocket or my handbag! Luckily the location was close so we drove back and Corey found my phone in the long grass unharmed phew!  The boys had another good look around (staying away from bees nest) but no luck!

I logged on the geocache website that I hadn’t found it and had encountered bees, then tonight got an email from the person who set it up apologising (not his fault) and saying he had now moved it and updated the co-ordinates so we will try again another day.

The iphone app was just a free trial one that lets you do 3 but the kids had loads of fun so think we will get the full app and maybe that can be our mothers day activity. Pack a picnic and go geocaching.

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Camping Rocks!

We had a ball in Swan Hill!  5 nights was the most we have spent in our camp as yet, but also our best holiday yet. The weather was beautiful – mid to high twenties every day and it only rained once – the day before we left! Luckily it fined up in the morning and we were able to take a dry tent home.  We spent most of the time lounging at the BIG4 Swan Hill Caravan park and can’t say enough good things about them really.  They let us pack up a little late with no problems so we could bring the tent home dry. The family bathrooms were a true sanity saver with separate bath, shower and loo. The jumping pillow and swimming pool kept the kids busy for hours and the activities were all great too.  And friendly campers!  Wow!! We had help to set up the tent, the loan (which later turned into a gift as they left before us and left it for us to keep) of an extension lead when mine wasn’t long enough, more help to pull the tent down again when we were leaving, not to mention people letting the boys join in their footy game etc while I was cooking dinner!

Owen had to wash his own dishes as part of his cub scout ‘camp out’ badge  but he did ALL the dishes the whole week without complaint!

We got to spend a day with the fabulous Deb O at the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement which the kids loved especially the tractors!  Easter Bunny came in the tent which was very exciting and Aunty Sue’s ‘come find me’ talking Easter Eggs kept them entertained for hours on end!

And the go kart races….poor Brett couldn’t get over the hill and when I went to help Corey beat me and pushed him over!  Later in the week I hired two (one with 1 seat and one with 2 seats) for an hour and they had a ball – and after a couple of attempts Brett got over the hill just fine on his own!

and now just a few pics for you….

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I love the Book Depository

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