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Time flies when you’re having fun

Life is insanely hectic…

I have 3 kids going to scout group camp on the weekend (Corey will be invested as a Joey on Saturday at camp) and I’ve agreed to go and help in the kitchen…yes clearly I’m insane (especially as it was meant to be my kid free weekend).

So before camp I have to organise 3 costumes with the theme ‘wildlife’ for the dress up evening.  Owen wants to be a penguin – not too hard will sew a white front onto his old harry potter robes, pull the bottom in a bit and add flippers.  Corey wants to be  a bat – have sewn black fabric onto a black (ok navy really) windcheater along the side seam and up the arms, in the morning I’ll trim them into batlike shaped wings (or so they will look when he holds his arms out).  And Brett – not to be difficult or anything wants to be a turtle – but insists that the shell has to be big enough for him to fit in!  Well I cut up an old laundry basket (the big tall kind) and covered it in some old white curtain lining I found in the sewing box and added a tail….cut out some arm holes. Tomorrow I need to add some shoulder straps to hold it on and paint it (while I’m waiting for chrisco to be delivered)…… at least I’ve managed it (or will by the time I’m done) without spending any money!

Meanwhile I have exams starting on the 28th November which is alarming.  I am behind by at least 2 weeks with both my stats unit and my psych unit and simply not confident that I can pull off good grades this time around….please do what you do – say a prayer – send out a vibe or something….something that keeps me motivated and clear headed so I can concentrate on the study I need to do to get through the next couple of weeks!

and then there is that man in my life….yes he is still there…my boys met his boy (who is a month older than Owen) and they all want to see each other almost as much as I want to see him and vice versa!  It feels good…it feels comfortable and yes there is that elusive fireworks…that feeling that they are never far from your thoughts…the smile when the phone beeps cause it is most likely an sms from him.  I keep thinking that I should be alarmed about the speed of things and yet I’m not because it feels good, it feels right….and yet at times I find the fact that I’m not alarmed alarming in itself if that makes sense….who knows if these things are supposed to make sense at all right? so, because I have little choice, I am just going with the flow and letting whatever will be ….be, and hoping for the best.  He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he can cope with me being a stirrer and he can stir back just as well…so there’s hope….

like I said…life is crazy right now….fun….but crazy!

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