50 things to do by the time I’m 50

Some will have seen this posted b4 but I decided to add it as a page so that it is easier to find.

ok so this is blatantly ripped off from Pam but you know I think she will forgive me for being inspired by her list to make my own (she may also be jealous that I have more time to achieve the things on my list lol)!

So here it is my list. This also came about as I half listened to something on TV – the woman was saying that you have assets and liabilities and that your aim in life was to have more assets than liabilities. I object to that so strongly. Yes money is nice and certainly necessary for many things on my list – but not all of them by a long shot! Our aim in life shouldn’t be to make the most money surely there are better things to aim for.

so here it is – nothing too ‘out there’ I don’t think….

50 things to do before I’m 50!

  1. Parachute
  2. Finish my new kitchen OR move house
  3. Get rid of the wall of mirror tiles in the bathroom OR move house
  4. See Tasmania
  5. Take the boys camping
  6. See a live musical (eg phantom etc)
  7. Get my back yard under control
  8. De-clutter my scrapbook room and get rid of the stuff I’m never going to use.
  9. Paint my bedroom and get it all cleared out and looking nice including adequate storage for my stuff!
  10. Take a photo each day (as least one) for 3 months.
  11. Have a professional relaxation massage – the idea actually sounds nice but really scares the crap out of me – it’s a personal space/someone seeing all of my flab thing.
  12. Update my blog daily for at least a month
  13. Go for a ride in a hot air balloon
  14. Teach the boys to play uno
  15. Have a whole entire week with the TV turned OFF – not just me not watching but the kids etc too.
  16. Take the kids the long way to Adelaide and stop at Beachport for a walk along the jetty.
  17. See Darwin
  18. See Perth
  19. Do the Otway Fly Tree Top Walk
  20. Plant a herb garden.
  21. Get up to Townsville to visit Tam
  22. Remember all the family birthdays and have cards and presents arrive ON TIME for an entire year.
  23. Walk to school and kinder every day for a fortnight and be on time. I simply shouldn’t be driving these short trips!
  24. Go to the supermarket only once for an entire fortnight – no cheating and ducking to the corner store/milk bar/bakery/butcher etc either – one trip all the food if I forgot something then do without.
  25. Take the boys to the beach
  26. Learn to swim properly.
  27. Learn sign language
  28. Cook a proper healthy dinner every night for a week – no quick sausages in bread or take away allowed.
  29. go a full week without coke zero
  30. Scrapbook at LEAST once a fortnight for at least 6 months.
  31. Pay off my credit cards entirely
  32. Ride my bike at least once a month for 6 months instead of letting it accumulate spider webs in the shed.
  33. Take the boys to the miniature railway in Altona.
  34. Get new lounge room furniture including room for lots of books and dvds to be easily found.
  35. Keep the lounge room clean and tidy for a whole MONTH.
  36. Have the back verandah repaired or MOVE.
  37. Read the ‘house of seven gables’ – I got it in year 9 as a school award and have not yet been able to get through it.
  38. Go to the gold coast and ‘do’ the theme parks
  39. Lose enough weight that I can do #1.
  40. Allow the boys to ‘help’ me cook without loosing my patience at least once a week for a whole month.
  41. Hand make Christmas cards and get them out to everyone on time.
  42. Take the boys to carols by candlelight
  43. Have dinner at Melba brasserie without the kids!
  44. Go for an overseas holiday – Scotland looks good.
  45. Pack some clothes and just drive – figure out where we are going as we go – go where the road takes us…just for the weekend (or longer).
  46. Do the Hollybanks Treetop Adventure in Tassmania
  47. Decorate the whole room for Christmas not just the tree – we used to have streamers and tinsel but it hasn’t happened for a long time.
  48. Turn the TV off and play board games for a whole weekend with no guilt snack food and easy or take away meals – preferably in PJs!
  49. Take the kids to the childrens’ garden at the botanic gardens in Melbourne.
  50. Take the kids on the dolphin cruise Sue found in Adelaide.

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  • 1. Jude  |  March 6, 2013 at 9:14 am

    32 to go and I have 11 years, so 3 per year will get me there. Still doable, although the overseas holiday may be a pipedream


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