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Not crossing off #26 just yet.

I woke up around 7 this morning – I know so not fair when I could sleep in because no boys but thems the breaks it happens a lot lately!  Anyway I thought that I should get myself down to the pool just this one day (had planned to go everyday over the Easter Break but changed my mind as I was feeling a bit run down).  Anyway I got in and suddenly the 50m pool looked VERY long. I suspect the one that I usually swim in is really only 20m or thereabouts.  And the deep end is at 1.8m is way over my head (cause i’m only 1.6)! So I started with a lap of backstroke from the shallow end to the deep end and I made that ok…legs were feeling it at the end but hey no surprise that I’m unfit.  Took me a while to prepare myself to swim freestyle back toward the shallow end but eventually sucked up some courage and I made it…half way….oops.  I repeated the whole backstroke a lap, freestyle a (nearly) lap 3 times and made it a little further each time.

I was pondering out loud to a freind how to measure #26 on my 50 things list – that being to learn to swim properly and the outcome of our discussion was that I had to be able to do a full 50m lap without stopping of both freestyle and backstroke….as my best lap in freestyle would have made about 30-35m I guess I have more lessons and practice in store.

Still felt good to try even if I looked like an idiot when I didn’t make it – I don’t think too many people noticed.  Also found out they do do 20 swim multi passes so I may organise that next time to make myself get down there and practice some more.

Meanwhile I must get ready as the boys will be home soon. Having a simple but healthy dinner that they like tonight – don’t want to be the fun police after they have had 4 days at Dads.

Much as I love them it has been nice to get some time out too – it’s been 2 years since I’ve had more than 2 days without the boys (was used to a 4 night scrap retreat every november but haven’t been for a couple of years).

Am looking forward to having them home again now though.

April 13, 2009 at 6:08 pm 1 comment

the kitchen saga nears movement….

yes I know its been a long drawn out process BUT….

this week I had a draftsman come visit.  He quoted be with two options….one was relatively inexpensive (aka not much over budget) the other was scary…..the first involved me having the plans for the house so he only had to draw the alterations…the other involved him drawing plans for the house as it is AND the changes…..lots of $$$ in the difference!

Luckily I had already been on the phone and for the princely some of $5 have a copy of the original plans for the house coming from the department of Housing who initially owned this house when it was built in 1969! (yup older than we thought too).

And now for the good news…..(especially for those who have had enough of listening and just want to see it done)….I should have the plans for the house by the end of next week. Once I get them to the draftsman he will have the drawings done in about a week and council will only take a week to 10 days to approve them…..which means we could be ready to knock down the wall in a MONTH!

*mumbling something about having to get all the crap out of the way pretty soon and wondering where I am going to put stuff in the meantime*

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50 things by 50 update

# 2 finish my new kitchen – STILL working on it – anyone know a draftsman near Werribee?
#23 almost half way there – looking good to be completed by the end of next week!
#26 could say it is done but giving time to allow for more improve – can swim but could do better – not sure I’d last a whole 50m lap as yet due to fitness level mostly!
#25 take the boys to the beach – DONE – while in Adelaide – forgot it was on the list. Photos to come!
those are the three I’m working on at present….

also thinking about several others.

February 6, 2009 at 12:08 am 2 comments

Keepin’ the dream alive….

put your hand up if you are sick of hearing about my new kitchen and the plans!

I know it has been going on forever – over a year now in fact!  Still I WILL get there. Have spoken to a couple of draftsmen this week and am hopeful of getting someone one in the not too distant future to get going on the plans for the wall to come down.  Meanwhile today I put two sets of purple curtains on layby. The new lounge/kitchen (or should I call it open plan living space?) is going to be painted light purple – nothing too ‘in your face’ but not so pale it isn’t recognisable as purple either and I had thought that purple curtains would be nightmarish to find.  But I found them in spotlight and out for half price too. Now finding curtains is a big deal as my front window is 3m long and it is usually damn hard to find ANYTHING to go on them let alone something NICE.  So keepin’ the dream alive – will be going to make regular payments off new curtains. Only two sets as the small window in the kitchen is being bricked up and the above the sink one isn’t going to get curtains but might get some lace/voile.

one another note….I still haven’t been able to find my sewing machine cord since S and his mum cleaned up the house while I was away – have spent quite a bit of time sorting stuff and looking with no luck.  I have Brett’s smock and library bag cut out ready to sew but can’t sew anything… (given that I have never liked my sewing machine and it doesn’t like me much) I threw a tanty and bought a new one today! Spotlight had a big sale so I now have a new machine for just under $200. …..

I have been a little naughty – in the past week have spent $200 on Brett’s glasses, $250 on mine (ok both necessary), $250 on a new tom tom and now the sewing machine…..oh and that screaching sound????? that was just me putting the breaks on all non kitchen/wall removal spending for a while now!

January 22, 2009 at 1:23 pm 1 comment

More changes on the home front

Stephen and I are no longer seeing each other. I decided to end it when I realised that my  feelings have changed. The constant disagreements didn’t help including differences in some fundamental values.  Anyway that I think is enough details to share with the world on that one. I do hope that we can continue to be friends. Yesterday he felt that wasn’t an option, today it seems he has had a change of heart so we will see what comes of it – I don’t want to give out false hope either as it is definetly over.  Been single before and I know I will be just fine.

I am thinking of a trip out to Sovereign Hill maybe even tomorrow especially now the cool change has come in.

Am mostly still enjoying the holidays and have so far managed to not dispatch with any of the kids despite 3 trips to the plaza in three days!  Today we were pretty much confined to the house as Brett’s drops meant bright light would hurt and it was stinking hot.

50 things update:

the treetops adventure has been put on hold again for now.

#2 the ever dreaded kitchen update. The wall that needs to come back turns out to be load bearing afterall so I need to get a draftsman in to get plans drawn up before I move ahead on that one.

might tackle #49 during the holidays and take the kids to the childrens garden at the botanic gardens.

January 14, 2009 at 7:37 pm 2 comments

50 things update

well am going to be working on number 26. Learn to swim properly.

Yes I am booked in for swimming lessons as of late January next year on Wednesday mornings. The centre the kids go to do adult classes as well so I am taking the plunge while I can (Corey at Daycare and the other two at school).

December 12, 2008 at 4:47 pm 2 comments

50 things update….

have been a bit frustrated on the kitchen front (number 2 on the list) by the lack of response from sparkys.

However today we have made progress. I actually got a sparky out here and got a quote which was a bit higher than I had estimated BUT at this stage I just want it done so am going with that and he is hopeful that he can fit me in next week – hopefully on Monday.  I also spoke to the guys who install ikea kitchens who told me he only needed about 2-3 business days notice to get a measure up done and then the same again (assuming ikea have what I need in stock) to arrange the install.  SO the upshot of this that it is still POSSIBLE to get it done by Christmas!

Also working on number 46 – the hollybanks treetop adventure. We have booked a return flight to launceston in February with a view to doing this. Just need to save up and book it.

November 24, 2008 at 8:07 pm 1 comment

two more things crossed off the 50 things list

I crossed off another two things!

I took the kids camping!  I only just realised late last night that it was on my list of 50 things!

I also took the kids on the dolphin cruise in Adelaide while we were there for my brothers wedding, they were wrapt that we actually got to see some dolphins too very exciting.

I have had an electrician in for the start of the kitchen works but am waiting on the quote. I also have organised for the phone line to be moved on Wednesday as it won’t really be ideal to have it in my pantry which is where it will be if it isn’t moved!

however as to #15 that could become even more difficult as I have decided to have foxtel put on.

October 27, 2008 at 9:35 pm 2 comments

the new kitchen…

ok so Pam asked what next? such a simple question but having written the list I hadn’t done terribly much about achieving what is on it.  Now some (like an o/s holiday) are going take quite a bit of saving up and and hence time to organise.  Others less so…

But the kitchen is currently annoying me and I am moving forward on some plans. I got 2 more quotes yesterday – one from ikea and one from zesta. Now zesta couldn’t give me exactly what I wanted (Ikea can) and they wanted a good $4K more!  Ikea (with me assembling and them installing) came in just UNDER the other quote that I had (which had drawers instead of cupboards).  I had – after much umming and erring decided to ditch the dishwasher as mine is playing up and I can’t really afford a new one but on discussion with Stephen changed my mind again which brought the cost down a bit further again of course – bonus!

I have MOST of the money to do it now – just waiting on some and trying to save the rest but it is definetly time to start getting sorted. I plan to get some quotes over the school holidays from electricians and handymen so that I can get it all moving.

September 13, 2008 at 2:31 pm 2 comments

cross off number 29

as of yesterday I went a WHOLE week without coke zero.

had a can today – really enjoyed it. Still have none in the fridge….still tomorrow is payday so who knows I have yet to decide if I should buy some or give it up.

August 25, 2008 at 10:52 pm 1 comment

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