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I got to see TAM woohoo!

So Tam finally made it down to Melbourne and the plan was for me to meet her in town yesterday afternoon and we would do ‘something’. Very specific plan I know!  So then we changed it – Tam came out on the train to Werribee and I took her down to A Scrappe Angels Heaven – the poor girl was a bit overwhelmed!  Apparently when I said it was a BIG store the description was lacking and BLOODY HUGE was a bit closer to the truth…

Then we went shopping (similar reaction to the local shopping plaza actually)…I picked up a bargain pair of cropped pants for $5 and Tam got some stuff she needed then dinner at Nandos. Tam and I have over the years been a bit amazed at how alike we think but we both stood back looking at the menu and then proceeded to order exactly the same thing (except for the coke zero/diet coke)!

Then we came back to my place and instead of being out on the town we spent the evening cleaning my scraproom and trying (unsuccessfully) to get my wireless router to talk to my modem. But you know what – we didn’t need to be out on the town to have fun…and I discovered my scraproom is pretty darn BIG when you move the furniture around a little and clear the floor!

No pictures as Tam got some on her Camera but it wouldn’t talk to my computer so I have to wait.

So best I get myself organised as I am meant to be cleaning my room right now.

Stephen is coming over later to tackle the backyard and then he is taking me and the kids to the zoo on the train!

March 9, 2008 at 1:17 pm 2 comments

oh Happy Day!

ok so I managed to get out of bed and organised for school and we walked again. Kids are starting to assume we are walking (as opposed to driving) which is great.

I had managed to rearrange Brett’s swimming lesson to Thursday mornings so I could stay for assemblies and parents meetings – sadly that meant leaving Owen 5-10min before the bell at school on Thursdays but meant I could stay Mondays…..and today was a good day to stay as Owen got an award for ‘listening really well to our stories’. Now I know that sounds pretty ‘lame’ perhaps but Owen is NOT a good listener so it is a pretty big deal hear!

We got home and the little boys played nice for a while then at lunch time we had some pies…went to put the sauce away after and found that Brett already had! really …without being asked! It’s a miracle – I know small things but it is using his initiative and being helpful!

Next Corey has been on a serious ‘no cuddle’ binge…I mean really seriously a lack of cuddles from that cheeky little monster….well Brett smothered me in cuddles after lunch til Corey couldn’t resist anymore and joined in!

So then I put Corey to bed and he napped with minimal argument (we are moving his nap time from 2pm to 12.30ish to allow a nap before school pick up – we need to leave by 10 to 3). Then Brett and I played the ‘rush hour’ game. Its a kids version and it is for 6-8 yr olds and he got through so many of them he only has the last 10 (of 40) to go…and they get harder as they go along….his thinking and reasoning is good – had to stop because after an hour or so (wow a whole hour) his attention span was slipping and he was getting silly.

fast forward to cooking dinner – kids were out of my hair and not fighting – mostly kinda ate without too much moaning….didn’t fight the no dessert ruling as they didn’t eat all their dinner – the vegie war!

Then get a phonecall from swimming – they are opening up an 11am class on Thursdays – unreal I can be at swimming and still drop the boy and be there when the bell goes!

so how good is my day going….

Owen rings Granma to tell her about his award – and he actually talks and she mostly understands, Brett has a quick chat and then Corey too…then I get on……Mum is glad to hear form me she has just got news

YOGI’s pathology report came back ALL CLEAR – ie no sign of Cancer YAY and he is coming home on Wednesday! Sue is over the moon!

so happy day oh happy day……

February 12, 2008 at 12:03 am 2 comments

Ever so mundane….

so I spent my morning grumbling that the kids wouldn’t get dressed, then went to the shops where they were pretty good for a bit then went crazy (possibly given that it was past lunch time and I hadn’t realised). So home and then Corey goes to bed and the other two decide to drive me up the wall with general naughtiness while I’m sewing the bloody red smock (which is now done – not perfect but it’ll do).

In the end had to rush them to bed without the time to do things properly. But the school clothes are laid out and kinder clothes for Brett. The school bag is packed with all the things he is supposed to take with him (well lunch box still to go in).  The kinder t-shirts and hats (for the other kids) are sorted, bagged and labelled and in the car.

So the plan for tomorrow is to get up dressed, breakfasted and out of the house by 8am to get Corey to daycare then pop into kinder to drop off the shirts/hats. We will leave the car at kinder and walk across to school then walk back to kinder by 11am for kinder ‘interview’ then back to school (kinder thing finishes at 12.30 and school at 12.50) then back to get the car from kinder and back home til it’s time to pick up Corey.

Owen has been so silly today and then teary and worried about school – I don’t know if that is just normal anxiety or perhaps he is worse than some but the excitement has definitely  been replaced with anxiety with just the odd glimpse of excitement -hope it all works out for him.

Still waiting on builder to assess damage to wall from water leaks. Now have two claims for the same damn wall and will have to pay two lots of excess because it was two leaks – it is going to get complicated really.

Owen’s autism assessment has been half done – he had his cognitive assessment last Friday and I go in this Friday to do the whole developmental interview bit – not expecting any answers til I get the report 6-8 weeks later but who knows there may be an indication verbally just not expecting it.

so I spent most of my day cranky and irritable over what really is trivial things…bigger things were happening behind other doors for other people that were so much more horrible than my less than perfect day.

but life goes on…and we do the best with what we have and just keep on going on…what other option do we have really.

January 29, 2008 at 9:47 pm 1 comment

I have been thinking about my Gran…

My beautiful wee Gran has been gone from us for two years now. Perhaps it is the time of year, the fact that two years ago the weekend before Christmas I was at a funeral, or perhaps something else…but I have been listening to a bit of Josh Groban ever since I found that song ‘thankful’ and I keep finding myself thinking that she would have loved his voice. Don’t be sad for me. I am not remembering her in sadness. I am remembering her in joy.

I am thankful to have had her in my life for so long.

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still thankful….

still loving Josh Groban. Still loving his song Thankful…and amid the cries of ‘he did this’ or ‘he did that’ still finding that this song can help to bring me peace.

Last night I got a call from Mix FM….I won two tickets to the movies! The comp is here – if you looked you will see that it isn’t just regular movies it is the movies in STYLE! Yup mini makeover, goodie bag and directors lounge (hoyts answer to gold class) tickets to see the new movie Atonement that comes out on boxing day. Well I had to wait til the details came through to ask people but am stocked I have found a friend to come with me for the 10am show! Scrapbooking has brought me so many friends and sometimes they become friends in a kinda ‘professional’ setting and putting your hand out to ask someone to step over that invisible kinda blurry line can seem a little daunting….and yet why so…I love that scrapping has brought so many friends into my life and today I celebrate that again.

And tonight…I took the kids to see the Xmas lights. There are some amazing displays out there. One I had read about that had buttons to push etc etc…so I took the kids to see….it was the only place I let them out of the car and it was on a main road so I was a little cautious but wow the joy in their eyes. I am amazed at how generous people can be with their own home but also grateful for the joy they help to spread.

also confirmed that I get the kids back on Xmas day at around 2-3pm so it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

I hope that this Christmas everyone finds some joy in their heart.

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glad the day is over…

spent the morning in frustrating phone calls.

Went to kinder to pick up the boy from his last day frustrated and cranky. Had a couple of parents thank me for the cds. Then had one who I knew from last year as her son is doing a 2nd year like Owen but who I had never really spoken a lot too, come up and give me a big hug and say thanks so much that he just loved it. Put the stupid phone calls into better perspective for me. Mostly because it was soooo unexpected! The farewells were so different this year. We have truely been blessed with an awesome group of people this year and all the parents got on so well that it was a long time in breaking up.

oh and the kinder pressies – the xmas trees for the teachers – they seemed happy with them – one said that she wondered how I could top last years but that I had. She said she still got out the xmas things her children had made – I get the impression she appreciates the hand made which is nice.

Took my extra home and was handed a box of chocies to say thanks for taking her to kinder/home this week – really not necessary but lovely.

exhaust is fixed – the reason for the mornings frustrating phone calls has been resolved and life generally not so much of a worry – hate getting bogged down in the small stuff!

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stuff goes wrong….

a lot lately it would seem!

first it was the site crashing and the digital topsites losing it’s memberlist

Then it was having to change plans and have the kids back overnight on Saturday as ex has a funeral to attend.

Then Tam manages to score the misfortune of 4 ear infections (no she isn’t a deformed monster with 4 ears just 2 inner and 2 middle ear infections) so is unable to fly down to see me and attend Paperific.

Then the little things – like mild injuries to a finger and a foot and jamming a 4yr olds finger in a freezer door at coles. Like realising that having paid money of my cc for Corey’s new bed I then paid for it out of the other card causing problems when home loans and stuff needed to come out (all fixed now thanks Karen lol)…

sometimes I feel someone doesn’t like me very much.

On the bright side – with a lot of help from TAM – I’ve just about managed to finish getting an idea I had a few months ago from ‘vague idea’ to ‘concrete notion’ and then to file and almost ready to print! I will be heading to Paperific to the trade event on Friday night after all although I may only be there for an hour in which case I will have to focus on talking less and getting around to everyone. All a bit hush hush for the moment but big plans – workable plans – looking good. I’m pleased with the shove I have had to get this ball moving.

Oh and anyone want to buy a cookbook to help support Owen’s kinder – we made them with recipes from all the mum’s etc and they also feature artwork drawn by the children….$5 each.

October 12, 2007 at 12:59 am 1 comment

Happy Birthday Soovee

I’m exhausted today so just a quick post to say Happy Birthday to my favourite big sister – she really is pretty cool.

So anyway I made her a little birthday present so you can all go check it out at

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Making progress and a Birthday Wish

Well today (it is officially the 25th July now) is SUE’s birthday so why not pop over to her blog and wish her a happy birthday!

and the less important stuff

Today I actually got out my new/secondhand (thanks freecycle) electric whipper snipper. I managed to get the whole nature strip done before I need a rest. Hands were stuck in a grip position and back was well not really hurting so much as warning me not to push it as I am very very very stupidly unfit. Now I hear you say bah just a nature strip is that all? but ahh the last time it was cut was around September! Now just he front and back yards to go. I did ask for a quote to get it done but they obviously don’t want the job at all even though I told them that once in hand I wanted to book a regular mow!

Top50 is getting faster again. I know it is still a little slow at night especially but we have been making progress on the REASON for it and thus are at least now working towards correcting it.

Will be crazy busy for another couple of weeks with top50 stuff and then before I know it our snow trip will be upon us….

hmmm didn’t win lotto either!

ok I’m going to bed now before I start making even less sense.

July 25, 2007 at 1:07 am 1 comment

I love my family

I really do. Honest (and not just because big sis might read it)!

I kinda lost them a bit for a while – no their fault at all – mine. They tried to reach to me but….anyway since the whole separation thing I realised how distant we had sorta become – as I said my fault. I had put up walls. Anyway the rambling point I’m dancing around is that I love having my family back! I rang my Mum the other night and we just chatted for a bit and it was nice…it was great actually. And did I mention that my big sis ROCKS!

I came home from kinder today – Owen ran ahead up the driveway and waves a parcel in the air singing Mummy look what we got – a parcel!

Now I wasn’t expecting a parcel at all – and ok so I often do expect parcels but I usually know more or less what I’m expecting so am not ‘surprised’ too often! This one floored me! Sue (and Mum) sent me a mothers day parcel with a beautiful handmade card with even more beautiful words inside it. AND not just a pressie for me (in fact TWO for me – and I was good and didn’t open them – told the boys we had to wait for Mothers Day)…but also one each for the kids (and some egg cups for me – have you noticed how hard it is to get egg cups lately?)

see I told you … family ROCK!

hope everyone has a lovely Mum’s day on Sunday – depending on the weather I’m thinking we might take a train ride into the city and walk through the Fitzroy gardens – see if we can’t pile up a heap of leaves to jump in and have a picnic.

May 10, 2007 at 11:14 pm 2 comments

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