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Is job satisfaction a myth?

I had a very interesting chat with my GP this morning. He commented that there appeared to be a real gender devide in the search for happiness. He said that most men go to work to earn the $ they need to do what they want to do but don’t really care about job satisfaction. He said it was women who tended to look for meaning in their work and as a result it was women who went back to study as adults (in general – obviously).  He argued for just getting a job to have the $ to do what you want….is that defeatist? Does it say that money buys happiness afterall?  I doubt that many people would continue working if they had enough money to never have to work but surely there are people out there who enjoy their job or at least get some level of emotional satisfaction from it?

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I am still alive….

although it would appeaar that Osama bin Ladin isn’t any more…it is big news all around the world and yet I thought this quote summed up my feelings about it.

“I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr

and so now we move back to my own little world of reality.  I am doing better. I still have good and bad days but on the whole I am functioning so much better and very glad that I started on the meds almost a year ago now!

I am still studying – a bachelor of behavioural studies through Swinburne (via Open Universities Australia) – and I am really enjoying most of it.  I was quite surprised to find myself enjoying the statistics unit which I had been dreading so much!  I haven’t been scrapbooking much (well at all really) so I do want to get back into it again – must take more photos.

Kids are all well….I know this post hasn’t said much but you know what…I might just try to make them more often again!  Cross your fingers maybe I’ll be back again soon!

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Best, Worst & Funniest…

A couple of years ago I mentioned at school that getting any news out of the kids about what happened at school was sometimes like pulling teeth. I was given three little laminated cards with smiley faces and a brief instruction sheet for a little dinner time game called best, worst and funniest. The instructions and the cards (which had smiley face, sad face & laughing face) have long since disappeared and yet Best, Worst & Funniest remains a regular part of our day and is usually instigated by the boys.  The basic idea is that you go around the table and say

“The best thing that happend to me today was……” then the worst and to ensure you finish on a good night then the funniest. The things the kids have told me as a result of this silly little game is amazing. And not always directly what is said but often the conversation that it leads to.

Today the best thing that happened to Owen, Brett and Corey was their dinner (spinach and riccotta filled pasta with a carbonara sauce), for me it was that Owen cooked the dinner (I helped but he did most of it).

and when it came to the worst thing (we did the weekend as Owen was at a cub sleepover last night and we were out for dinner so didn’t play)….gotta love Owen’s worst thing……”nothing….I had a perfect weekend”……gotta love that!

and the other exciting news …….*insert drumroll here* BRETT can tie his own shoelaces!!!!!! well done Brett!

and of course also looking forward to lunch tomorrow with my cousin who has just moved from Perth to Victoria (about an hour from here) and whom I haven’t seen in 15 years!

and with that I will say goodnight.


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my poor neglected blog

sorry blog I kinda left you all alone for a while.

So where are we now. Spending way too much time on facebook and even just reading the news online and not enough on housework, trying to get some more motivation.

My study – I got a distinction for my first psych assignment and the second one has just been handed in. I have done all the online tests for the unit so just have the exam to go on the 3rd September – of course I am a little bit behind in my reading. The chapter I am supposed to be reading atm is on motivation and it talks a lot about depression and eating, not exercising and generally about being overweight and not acting to do stuff about it….I’m struggling – perhaps because it is just a little bit close to home – motivation is my biggest issue at the moment.

Owen – got a B for reading, his teacher is really impressed with his reading at the moment (reading at a 3rd grade level whilst in grade 2). The rest of his report was pretty good, just the ‘normal’ paying attention issues and social issues for him. He had an eye test and it turns out his eyes are under a lot of strain as his eyesight really isn’t very good (worse than first thought – they put drops in to double check). So he is getting new glasses shortly, stronger ones and I’ve decided to fork out the extra $100 for a pair of transistion lenses for him as I feel he would benefit from the sun protection – particuarly on long drives (to Adelaide etc).

Brett – got a D for writing – it is all down to his lack of muscle tone in his arms and we are doing all we can to improve it and help him to work on it. His cutting skills are much improved and his swim teacher has commented on his improved muscle strength so hopefully that will all come along.

Corey – is driving me nuts lately! Tantrums all day and carrying on at bedtime, he is testing his boundries big time.  But at the same time I’d say my favourite part of the day is when he gets up and climbs into bed with me for a good morning cuddle in the morning and tells me he loves me.  Cute, adorable little monster he is!

Zero (the cat) is legal now – he has been microchipped and registered. Next on the agenda is to have him desexed – hope he forgives me for that one (coming soon). I think I will try to book him in so that it is done on a friday when the kids go to Dads so he gets a lot of peace for a few days.

so thats me – gotta go help out with kinder fundraising stuff shortly. It would seem that I am in charge of fundraising as well as acting secretary atm as our secretary is going to resign and everyone appears to be too busy to do anything…..someone has to.

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Moving on

I’ve lost count of the years that I’ve been fighting a yoyoing battle with depression. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve told myself and my friends that I don’t need to go see anyone cause it’s getting better. Well it isn’t, in fact the past few months it has gotten worse. So this morning I finally sucked up the courage and saw someone and asked for help. Have got some meds. Am working on it, it isn’t gunna beat me.

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am still here…

It seems that the daily blogging for a month didn’t hold beyond the month like I hoped it would! Ah well will still attempt to blog more regularly.

The kids are at Dads and I’m out in my scraproom.  This room that has been such a beautiful haven for me for sooo long has become a bit of a hovel of late and I have barely been out here at all. I came out to try to get it tidied up a bit.  I have made some small progress, have a long way to go but at least I have almost half a desk free now and am starting to feel the urge to scrap….usually the urge to journal comes first and the whole blogging thing seems to help me to get writing….just proves that Jude never ever stops talking for long I guess!

The big boys started at their new school last week and while it hasn’t been all wine and roses it has been a pretty good start to the new year. Brett seems to need a little more time to settle in but then he has two part time teachers too so that is probably understandable.  Corey started kinder too and (as expected) has taken to it like a duck to water…he is perfectly at home there but then he has been in and out of that kinder all his life!  Owen and Brett went to after school care on Thursday and loved it – I had to wait for Brett to finish decorating his biscuit before we could go home. I have them booked in just for that one day a week, I could pick them up after work but this way I just don’t need to stress about rushing from place to place, instead I can come home and relax a bit and/or organise dinner do the shopping etc etc.

Am currently working on getting finances in better shape after the kitchen but we have our next ‘big dream’ all worked out.  We will be getting a camper trailer and then heading off to Perth for a holiday. The plan for the moment is take them out of school for an extra week or so around the September holidays next year or the year after (depending on finances). Sept is a bit cooler than the summer break and means we will go in spring – the wild flowers are supposed to be an awesome thing to see. Plan is to spend a week there and to stop several times on the way taking easy drives where possible so we don’t overdo the driving (just me driving after all).

What else? Getting involved again with the NVG group in Geelong (Dubh Linn), going to their big Feast next weekend with the boys and will see what happens from there. Always was enjoying the involvement but the big problem was that I couldn’t do the Thursday nights but it seems we may have worked a way around that so will see how it pans out.

And a thought for today…as I clean out my scraproom and start to think of  well stuff….

I want my kids to recognise that money is necessary for life and yet not the only, nor even the most important, thing in life. I want my kids to measure their success by the happiness they bring to themselves and others. I want them to appreciate the very best things in life ARE free. I want them to embrace life and face their fears.  Because life is not all about economics, it is about so much more than that.

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Old kitchen is gone!

well technically it is still on the property but the skip is being picked up tomorrow so not for long!

The whole kitchen has been ripped out including almost all the floor (I moved the pantry out to the laundry (it will be my linen cupboard – woohoo I get a linen cupboard) but haven’t pulled up the tiles from under there yet – it’s only a 5min job though so will get that done today.

It looks a mess. I have quite a bit of spac fillering to do this morning before I go out to diggers rest. The scout group camp is on and my Brett had his first joey sleep over there and Owen had his last one …he is going up to Cubs this afternoon – can’t miss that!  So off for a bbq lunch and watch him go up to cubs. Should be back by 4ish and we will just have a sandwich for dinner methinks and I will get stuck into cleaning the walls with sugar soap with the hope of being able to throw up a coat of undercoat this evening after the boys go to bed.

That’s the plan because I might well need two coats of undercoat – the green on the walls at present is quite dark.  I only have two more days to get it done and tomorrow I have a morning tea at school so will be out from 9-10.30 and then I have Owen’s eye test so out again from 12-1.30 then school pick up…hoping that I can get up a coat of something in the morning  – I have two hours and am only aiming to do the two walls that the cupboards are going on really. Then another coat between lunch and school pick up if I can which may even leave time for one last coat between the kids bedtime and mine before the installers arrive at 7.30ish on Tuesday morning!

So far though…

I have learnt…..

– never to get ‘a mate’ who says ‘yeah I can do that’ to do brickwork (window still not completely bricked on the outside.

– never to let the size of the job to freak you out – just think of the next thing that needs doing and do that…one step at a time I can do anything!

– to plaster! yes I singlehandedly plastered up what used to be my window (someone else removed the window). But I built an inner frame to attach the plaster to because the frame of my house is hardwood and very difficult to screw/nail into – had to use my hammer drill to make pilot holes to screw into

– to buy more than one tiny drill bit so you have a spare if you break one

– that liquid nails is a girls best friend

– that no matter how much you think it will cost, it will mostly likely actually cost more!

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still here…

Christmas tree is up, Kitchen is not empty….I need to get organised but as usual I am procrastinating on it.

Plumber, tiler, sparky, skip and mate to destroy/remove old kitchen all organised. I just need to empty it out and be prepared to let people in and out to get it all done…and of course hope that nothing goes over budget (although there are more quotes than estimates now so crossing fingers on that one).

Tomorrow I’m taking Brett for his eye test (in school time – lunchtime) so here’s to hoping that he doesn’t need a  new script then it is just Owen to go.

Also got to work on reindeer antlers – got them 1/2 done for Brett and the rest of Owen’s costume for their scout camp next weekend.

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I hate wisdom teeth

here I am up at 4am for the second night in a row to get pain meds for my wisdom tooth again. The dentist said there was room for them to come through but I think she may have been wrong with the uppper left one at least….may have to go back but oh how I hate the dentist!  On the up side usually this sort of movement only lasts a few days then they settle down again so here’s hoping…and tomorrow I might take the nurofen and a drink to bed with me and take it as soon as I wake with pain instead of lying there thinking it will go away for hours first!

yes I’m a big sooky la la!

December 3, 2009 at 3:44 am 1 comment

The time travellers wife

Went to see the movie (on my own) tonight. I enjoyed it – movies are never quite the same as the book though. Still one part was right- she said she wouldn’t change anything. She’s right. For all the ups and downs in life, given the chance I don’t think I’d change anything. …. Well unless I could find a cure for cancer perhaps.

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