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Cup Day tomorrow

I haven’t been home with the boys for cup day for ages…they are usually with Daddy – even before the divorce as I used to go to a scrapbook retreat.

I’m taking them to a mates place for a Melbourne Cup BBQ.  I put my bets on at the TAB today and while I was there I put a $1 each way mystery bet on each of the kids.  Hopefully they will enjoy watching the race and hoping their horse wins.

I cleared a proper path to my scraproom today too, that was the only constructive thing I did all day but hey it was relaxing.

oh and for the record…kids Dad remarried yesterday. Kids got to ride in a limo with the bride to the wedding and I’m told that the driver was so impressed with their behaviour that he gave them lollies. Am told they were good all day/night (I picked them up from the reception at 9ish).  Most importantly they had fun.  Funny for the day….Owen had so much fun he said that he hoped I had another wedding some day so he could come.

November 2, 2009 at 9:26 pm 1 comment

Testing blogging from iphone

Gotta love my iPhone! Should be easier to make that daily post if I can blog from my phone!

October 31, 2009 at 10:03 pm 1 comment

Getting ready for another long drive

we are heading back to Adelaide in a few weeks.

I know many people say that I am crazy….something about 3 small boys and a 9ish hour drive.  I do enjoy driving…sometimes it would be nice to be able to switch drivers but as Owen is  only 8 I guess that isn’t going to happen for a while.

The trip will be different this time as I have Owen sitting in the front which gives everyone more elbow space. It does however mean that the picnic basket of snacks will have to go in the back seat, hopefully Brett and Corey will behave. Other option might be to pack separate lunch boxes for each kid which could be a workable idea.  They are all a bit older too which makes it easier (its been 9 months since our last trip).  I think I have decided to go get some stable tables for them so they can do some drawing (pencils only) and have something to drive their cars on etc.

They want to stop at the big koala this time so we will be mixing up the stops a little too. And I’ve learnt that it is better to eat in the car and stop to play than try to get them to eat when all they want to do is play!

I am prattling…probably because I should be in bed!

September 14, 2009 at 11:29 pm 1 comment

New Sovereign Hill discounts

I have new discount coupons for October and November. The same deal as previous months which is pay for one adult and get one adult free OR pay for one adult and get 2 kids free.


I am very excited to have won a prize for referring the most people. The boys and I get to go and have a family potrait done at Red Hill Studios at Sovereign Hill!

September 2, 2009 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

New Sovereign Hill Discount

new offer for August….
2 children free with every paying adult OR
pay for one adult and get one free…


August 5, 2009 at 9:04 pm 2 comments

Camping Photos…

Yes that’s right actual photos! I am often reminded that I don’t put up enough pics so am trying to improve on that one.

p10209271setting up – ok not a lot of setting up photos as I was kinda busy….setting up!

p1020935afternoon tea!

p1020941The beach at Dromana on Saturday afternoon after we got all set up (across the road from the caravan park).

p1020974check out all the boardwalk/stairs – we got all the way to the end and back without being blown away (just). This was Sunday morning (before it rained).

p1030084after it rained most the time we were there this was lovely to be greeted with at breakfast time on Tuesday as we got ready to pack up and come home.

April 10, 2009 at 12:34 am 1 comment

A real post! 2008 a photographic journey!

I have been told off for not updating very much over the past year and for not putting up many photos either ….so here it is. One photo a month for 2008.

dscf4766in January we did a tour of 5 playgrounds in 5 days to alleviate the bordem of school holidays.  This old fashioned whirly gig was  a definite favourite!

In February it would seem I didn’t take a single photo so here is one from the end of January instead it was all about school starting for Owen! dscf9583

And then it was March and I started seeing Stephen and I finally got those divorce papers posted!divorce

And before I knew it Easter was gone and it was April!dscf0810Mum and Dad came down for a visit and we enjoyed a walk to the playground and along the river.

and then it was May!dscf5149A trip to Geelong on and we saw this ship – or pirate boat as the boys called it. We made a promise to go on it ‘one day’ – it hasn’t happened yet but Owen is going sailing on ‘The Enterprize” with Joey Scouts in a couple of weeks! The rest of us will get there one day!

and then it was June and we were lucky to be given tickets to Disney on Ice in the city. The boys and I caught a train into the city and we had a lovely day out!dscf5270

In July I went to Brisbane with Stephen to the Abbey but July’s photo is me and Corey when we completed one of the things from my 50 things list – a trip to the minature railway in Altona.

dscf5817 And then it was August and Brett turned 5! He had his first big party (at McDonalds) and they were all so great! brett5And see I even Scrapped! (chipboard Kombi with thanks to Rach at Happy Creations!

And then it was September and we were off to the SNOW!  It is with some sadness that I look at these as we have been twice to Marysville and had planned to make it an annual trip. With the fires there isn’t a Marysville anymore so we don’t think we will go this year – unless we can fit in a day trip.dscf2228

October was a HUGE month. Corey turned 3, Owen turned 7. I sold Top50 and my lil bro Steve married Katie….p1000318

In November Owen went to a Joey scout camp and Corey and Brett and I accompanied Stephen to the Melbourne Medieval Faire and Tourney (MMFAT). Here is my littlest viking.p1010340

And when December rolled around poor Brett was soo sick with tonsolitis and yet so determined to be part of the kinder concert.p1010605

March 3, 2009 at 12:36 pm 1 comment

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