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New Sovereign Hill discounts

I have new discount coupons for October and November. The same deal as previous months which is pay for one adult and get one adult free OR pay for one adult and get 2 kids free.


I am very excited to have won a prize for referring the most people. The boys and I get to go and have a family potrait done at Red Hill Studios at Sovereign Hill!

September 2, 2009 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

New Sovereign Hill Discount

new offer for August….
2 children free with every paying adult OR
pay for one adult and get one free…


August 5, 2009 at 9:04 pm 2 comments

Camping Photos…

Yes that’s right actual photos! I am often reminded that I don’t put up enough pics so am trying to improve on that one.

p10209271setting up – ok not a lot of setting up photos as I was kinda busy….setting up!

p1020935afternoon tea!

p1020941The beach at Dromana on Saturday afternoon after we got all set up (across the road from the caravan park).

p1020974check out all the boardwalk/stairs – we got all the way to the end and back without being blown away (just). This was Sunday morning (before it rained).

p1030084after it rained most the time we were there this was lovely to be greeted with at breakfast time on Tuesday as we got ready to pack up and come home.

April 10, 2009 at 12:34 am 1 comment

A real post! 2008 a photographic journey!

I have been told off for not updating very much over the past year and for not putting up many photos either ….so here it is. One photo a month for 2008.

dscf4766in January we did a tour of 5 playgrounds in 5 days to alleviate the bordem of school holidays.  This old fashioned whirly gig was  a definite favourite!

In February it would seem I didn’t take a single photo so here is one from the end of January instead it was all about school starting for Owen! dscf9583

And then it was March and I started seeing Stephen and I finally got those divorce papers posted!divorce

And before I knew it Easter was gone and it was April!dscf0810Mum and Dad came down for a visit and we enjoyed a walk to the playground and along the river.

and then it was May!dscf5149A trip to Geelong on and we saw this ship – or pirate boat as the boys called it. We made a promise to go on it ‘one day’ – it hasn’t happened yet but Owen is going sailing on ‘The Enterprize” with Joey Scouts in a couple of weeks! The rest of us will get there one day!

and then it was June and we were lucky to be given tickets to Disney on Ice in the city. The boys and I caught a train into the city and we had a lovely day out!dscf5270

In July I went to Brisbane with Stephen to the Abbey but July’s photo is me and Corey when we completed one of the things from my 50 things list – a trip to the minature railway in Altona.

dscf5817 And then it was August and Brett turned 5! He had his first big party (at McDonalds) and they were all so great! brett5And see I even Scrapped! (chipboard Kombi with thanks to Rach at Happy Creations!

And then it was September and we were off to the SNOW!  It is with some sadness that I look at these as we have been twice to Marysville and had planned to make it an annual trip. With the fires there isn’t a Marysville anymore so we don’t think we will go this year – unless we can fit in a day trip.dscf2228

October was a HUGE month. Corey turned 3, Owen turned 7. I sold Top50 and my lil bro Steve married Katie….p1000318

In November Owen went to a Joey scout camp and Corey and Brett and I accompanied Stephen to the Melbourne Medieval Faire and Tourney (MMFAT). Here is my littlest viking.p1010340

And when December rolled around poor Brett was soo sick with tonsolitis and yet so determined to be part of the kinder concert.p1010605

March 3, 2009 at 12:36 pm 1 comment

Sovereign Hill discount for February


yes another discount coupon for you! This time you can get 20% off any package for the Blood on the Southern Cross sound and light show – just download, print and take in the coupon.

January 22, 2009 at 1:51 pm 1 comment

Get 2 kids into Sovereign Hill for free in January

We all love Sovereign Hill so if you would like to take a visit in Janaury please feel free to print out and take this special offer with you. Two kids free for each paying adult.

Would love you to let me know if you do use it and hope you have fun with it!


December 30, 2008 at 9:03 pm 1 comment

MMFAT photos

some photos from the Melbourne Medieval Faire and Tourney

2008_1116mmfat00041Brett and Corey with Stephen (coming out of our tent). This was taken early on day Saturday (we arrived Friday evening to set up) before the kids had their belts organised – they did make a huge difference to their costume.

2008_1116mmfat0076The Hone family popped in for a visit and we snapped this one.

more latter this is annoying on the laptop and I have a sparky coming any time (not sure when). I have done the absolute minimum of moving stuff needed for him so I should perhaps do some more as it needs doing anyway really.

December 8, 2008 at 10:38 am 1 comment

I survived a Joey scout hike…

It’s funny but when Owen started to show an interest in camping and outdoorsy type stuff I thought that I would look into scouts for him. I was thinking he had to wait til he was 7 for cubs but as it turns out they have Joey Scouts now for 6-7.5yr olds.  I emailed for some info on Friday and got a call Sunday night saying hey bring him along tomorrow night! He has been going for a couple of months now. In that time he has already had a sleepover at scienceworks and today a hike in the You Yangs. He missed a hop (amazing race style event) in the city (as I already had made plans for the day) and roller-skating – he was at Daddy’s and I was sick.  He is loving Joey’s.  He has (by participating in the hike and sleepover) now earned himself his ‘adventure’ badge (he will be over the moon when he gets it)!  He is loving being active, they are re-enforcing the ideal of ‘helping other people’, his confidence is growing…all things that I hoped for….

the surprise came from another perspective…scouting apparently isn’t just about the scout – it’s a family thing.  The hike today was one that a parent had to join in with – thank goodness that Stephen came along to ‘look after’ Owen as Mummy was clearly bringing up the rear! But hey what else would have got me to walk up a very steep long hill? I hiked at a pretty steady (read definitely not the slow and gentle described in the notice) rate for two hours solid…and it didn’t rain until we were safely all downhill which is ace.  Not only that but just yesterday Stephen and I put a big family tent on layby with plans to take the boys camping over summer. Today I was informed that there was a Joey Scout family camp in November… who would have guessed that getting Owen into scouts would make me more active and get me outdoors more? But am enjoying spending the time outside with the boys…am remembering that I used to love camping…it’s all good. I knew that Joey’s would be good for Owen….I just wasn’t prepared with how good it would be for ME too!

August 31, 2008 at 10:03 pm 3 comments

am off to see the wizard

house sitter organised, kids organised, bag packed…now if I could just find my CAMERA I’d be all ready to go! yep you heard right I’m the scrapper who has misplaced her camera!

oh well it can’t be far away I know I had it out to make a pattern for my leather pouch to make sure the pouch was the right size for camera and phone.

have a great weekend everyone I know I will (and Stephen has his camera so we won’t be cameraless even if mine doesn’t turn up – am meant to be in bed by now – have to get up at stupid o’clock for a 6am flight!

July 10, 2008 at 10:09 pm 1 comment

School Holidays Day three and four

oops missed a day.

Day 3 Wednesday

dropped Corey off at daycare at 10am – wow it took them a long time to get dressed – not helped by the amount of time it took me to get out of bed I guess!

then we went to go visit a friend. The boys played so nicely with my friends daughter that she was able to get some scrapbooking done and I finished one of my shoes and got the next one started. Stephen came for dinner and I did a bit more sewing – am now just over half way through the second one. Our masks arrived for the masque ball at The Abbey, if you want to see what mine looks like it is here.

and onto today – Thursday (although technically yesterday by now I suppose)

The weather was cold but not looking wet so we got the train at about 11.30 and had a picnic near the Yarra. The kids played a bit in the playground before we headed to Melbourne Park. There was a bit of a delay in picking up our tickets (oh should I mention at this point that we were given FREE tickets to Disney on Ice) but it was all sorted after 20-30 min when someone arrived with them!  Owen was fascinated by the show. Brett and Corey were rapt for the first half but lost interest and became a little annoying in the 2nd half – you know fighting over who was going to sit where – Corey smashing his fingers into my glasses and trying to push them into my eye sockets etc….but I guess on the whole they were good. And no major tanty’s when I refused to spend my money on Disney merchandise – I mean come on – some examples for you – colouring book $9, gobstopper on  a stick with plastic mickey ears wrapper $6, a balloon $20, a cheap looking plastic sword $24!

we had some dimsims waiting for the train and just called that dinner as the kids were wrecked by the time we got home.

the people on the train were very patient as they were overtired and a little silly/naughty – they did improve a bit after a while and had people smiling at them but was glad to get them home and into bed.

plans for tomorrow – little boys to daycare, Owen with me. I need to do some work and get ready for the cybercrop tomorrow night (live from A Scrappe Angels Heaven in Werribee). Also need to find my belt that I picked up on the weekend and put somewhere……I need to dye it and put a buckle on it – omg we are leaving for the abbey in a week!

July 4, 2008 at 1:30 am 1 comment

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