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Didn’t go to the shop yesterday

wasn’t I good?

went today though! Also picked up my ‘thomas the tank engine’ layby for Brett/Corey’s B’day and christmas pressents – absolute bargains at big W a while back. …..and well I might have slipped in a fairly cheap but nice plain pair of black boots for me.

Had lunch at school today – soup and slice with some of the mum’s. Sadly it was the same bunch as usual – hopefully we will have some more luck at attracting more mum’s next time as it is meant to be a social thing.

Still planning on Dinner at the Westgate Tavern on Friday (this Friday) at 7pm – let me know if you can join us and I’ll change the reservation – I’m sure they can squeeze a few more in.

Meanwhile have been giving top50 an overdue face lift – things are a little out of alignment at the moment but working on it again tomorrow.

June 19, 2008 at 12:54 am 3 comments


everyone seems to be a little surprised by my earlier announcement in selling Top50.  I thought that seeing as so many are asking perhaps I should answer all in one go.

I actually made the decision to sell a few months ago. (So no it has nothing to do with the new man Stephen – who actually isn’t really so new anymore lol).

For years I have been building Top50 and making it bigger, better and stronger and have never taken a break (I really should have taken one).  After I split with Steve the pressure was on even more so, to ensure that I would never have to go back to working in WorkCover insurance.  I came to the slow realisation that because of my years of work on Top50 I am a different person today than I was all those years ago. I no longer need to fear that workcover is my ONLY option if/when I need to return to the workforce. I have new skills and I have new confidence and I have a much larger social and business network.  I decided that it was in the best interests for both me and for Top50 to sell it to someone else.

So what will I do? take a well earned rest.  Once it is sold and the handover taken care of I am going to take a break from work and enjoy some time being a MUM!  Then I’m going to get my scrap room/desk cleared off and do some scrapping. I may or may not do a bit more on the SU front – that has yet to be decided but I will continue with it as I enjoy it and there really is little/no pressure involved.  There are many options if I need to return to work but for the moment I need to focus on being a Mum – I have a little one who wants to do the toilet training thing so he really needs me right now.

There is a lot good in my life right now. I have several people interested in purchasing top50 so will continue with my negotiations and see what happens.

May 30, 2008 at 2:22 pm 1 comment

Scrapbooking Top50 for sale

I have been the proud owner of Scrapbooking Top50 Australia for just over two years now and it is with some regret that I announce that it is time for me to move on.

My life is simply getting too busy with three small children to give the site the attention that it deserves and as such I announce that Scrapbooking Top50 Australia is officially for sale.

All seriously interested parties please contact me to discuss further details via email at Please include a contact number and suitable time to call if you would like me to call you.

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Top50 back up

Tis all back up again now.

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Top50 server melt down

Girls, just to let you know that I have been onto them and they assure me that they are working on it. Apparently there have been some hardware issues and they should be resolved soon. Keep trying.

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A new day dawns bright and sunny

Seriously the sun is actually shining after several days of overcast skies and rain! It must be because SUE is coming today! I am so looking forward to seeing her actually although it will be brief.

And did you know that it is NATIONAL SCRAPBOOKING DAY on Saturday?

AND that Top50 will be cybercropping with thanks to our sponsors at Scrapbook Savvy

AND to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day Top50 will be having an advertising sale running over the whole weekend.  Top50 has always been an affordable alternate to magazine advertising and we are still by far the biggest and busiest independent scrapbooking site in the country.

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Top50 @ Paperific…

Well we got set up and we talked to loads of people over the 3 days

My legs were so sore by Saturday night (by then two full days of standing plus Friday nights party standing in boots with a small heel)….luckily I was able to indulge in a nice hot spa and a massage and a glass of tia maria and coke and so was bouncing off the walls on Sunday. Stephen came in on Sunday (although he did vanish for 2.5hrs or so to pick up his keys he had left somewhere on Thursday). After getting up at 5.30 two days in a row (once by accident and once on purpose) the 6.45ish rise on Sunday felt almost like a sleep in!

Stephen helped to pack up the stand and load up the car so we were out of there super fast.

A big huge thanks to Judith who came and helped every day – and to her dd who helped for a whole day (big effort for a 6yr old) and to Virginia too who came to help on Sunday…oh and can’t forget Pam who kicked me out to shop for a bit as the show was closing!

March 31, 2008 at 3:37 pm 1 comment

Paperific Autumn 2008

You can check out the details at Paperific.
This is the first time they have been at Caufield but it is a great venue so it should be a lot of fun.

I will be there as Top50 has a stand in the retail section just to help promote the site to anyone who has yet to hear about it. Paperific is always loads of fun and now there are to be TWO shows in 2008 I’m sure it will be even more exciting. Hope to see you there.

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It’s the weekend already

OH WOW I can’t believe that it is the weekend already.

The getaway was great but it does take a few days to recover I think. And the fact that it went ’til Tuesday and that kinder changed the Monday session to Friday has thrown me all out whack!

The kinder orientation day for next year is on Monday with the AGM on Thursday night. So today I went to pick Owen up half an hour early and spent that time pulling out weeds from the garden – it was starting to look quite tacky and overgrown and didn’t want that to be the impression new parents get. Picked up the sample of the new kinder hats (we are going to have bucket sunhats as an option next year for the kids as the past couple of years some of the hats that stayed at kinder weren’t really up to sunsafe code). It looks great (orange for Bretty boy) and so I’m hoping that they are a hit! If today when he took it to show the teacher at pick up is any indication they will be very popular (some mum’s wanted to buy one now)! I have started to draft my report [as president] – nothing like leaving things til the last minute. Have still to set up a powerpoint demo of photos etc of the kids and their work to run in the background at the meeting (to keep those eyes off me and the teacher while giving reports lol).

On the work front everything has been motoring along – busy but slowly getting stuff ticked off the to do list so its all good. Did anyone see the new SCRAPBOOK CREATIONS mag? some exciting stuff in there this month!!!!! It has been a long time in the works so it is exciting that it is now in print [must go and get a copy tomorrow].

Kids are good – Brett seems to have stopped his toilet training relapse (touch wood) so perhaps it was just an attention thing with both the other boys having birthdays at the same time. Owen is sooo eager to go to school he has spent a couple of nights sleeping in his new school hat (they gave it to him at orientation on Wednesday). On that front the VP of the school reminded ME that I need to ring and make an appointment to speak with her about Owen too so that is awesome really must be getting onto that – have been trying to locate the report first – need to look in the cupboard in my room as it wasn’t in the filing cabinet – why is paperwork never where you think it is? Corey is full of beans and exerting his independence – his fav word at the moment is NO but it is usually said with a cheeky grin rather than a stomp of the foot so still kinda cute (especially as I still win not him)!

Went to Ikea yesterday and have shelves for my stamps to put up so they should go up tomorrow having rearranged a bit tonight.

well that’s probably enough crap from me for one day. I did upload 5 of my LOs to the top50 gallery – will scan some more over the weekend.

November 9, 2007 at 11:42 pm 1 comment

A productive weekend!

yes for a change I actually got some things done!

The new top50 advertising shop – complete with direct debit payments is now up and running – with no loss of order details or member details!

New guidelines for posting in the forum have been added and publicised.

The forum has had a spring clean and things have been deleted, moved and generally reorganised.

And I bought a storage trolley from kmart and have started to pack it with things for the getaway. I also printed out 5xA4 pages plus 25 4x6photos to take with me. Have packed chipboard, alphabets, stamps, ribbons and flowers. Am planning to pack my 3 half completed mini albums plus match some card/paper to the printed photos and pack the lot – have NEVER been this organised for a getaway!

Also worked out a calendar with who is going to have the boys for Nov/Dec as with the getaway and kinder AGM/dinners, Xmas etc it all gets a little complicated…just waiting on the ex to approve it.

organised? who me? really?

October 28, 2007 at 11:49 pm 1 comment

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