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I’m still alive…

just in case anyone noticed I haven’t blogged in ages again.  So we moved and all is well. Some good and some bad news – the house sold a couple of days after the Auction (pending finance but am told shouldn’t be a concern), the bad news is that the price was very dissapointing.  In the end though I/we decided that it wasn’t worth holding out for the hope of a better price because it was simply too stressful.  He has til the 30th to organise the finance then it will all official and settlement is to be the 21st December ‘or earlier by mutual agreement’ …..I agree to earlier lol!  Will see how it goes, but at least we know where we are headed.  We are still going to be able to upgrade to a Kia Carnival (with enough proper seats for all instead of the dicky seats in the back of the wagon which are only good til Corey gets too big – and in the summer he cooks back there).  My mate let me drive her Kia Carnival yesterday. I had decided that based on our needs and our budget that it was the ideal car for us but wow after I drove it I can’t wait! It was awesome to drive, up high you can see everything – so comfortable I am going to love it!  We should also still be able to afford to get the jayco hawk campervan that we decided on.  We’ll be looking at 2nd hand for both the kia and the camper so might take a while to find the best deal we can get seeing as we will have less money than hoped for.  Looking forward to being debt free (except my hecs debt) by xmas. No repayments for credit cards, for loans etc means I will actually be able to save!

Had a mate come help me clear out my scraproom yesterday. She took 3 big boxes of stuff home with her and there is more yet that has to go so back again next week.  Lee is gunna clear out a cupboard for me here (like linen cupboard sized) and everything pretty much will have to fit in there so massive downsizing happening, but I think that once that’s done I’ll be more inclined to scrap as I won’t have as much stuff – a good clear out is probably healthy.

So still alive and happy


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Retreat is ace

Retreat is great. I’ve nearly finished my second mini album. Found a spot up the hill where I get a litte reception yeah! Will upload photos of stuff shen I get home.

November 14, 2009 at 2:40 pm 2 comments


Well I am hopeless at retreat packing. Never know what to take and what to leave behind. Always have grand plans for matching papers to photos before I go and never get there. Somehow I always end up leaving stresses out and cranky. This time was no different this afternoon. However I am putting my foot down. No more cranky it is meant to be fun! Have scrap stuff packed just have to throw some clothes in a bag then I will be off o ce the kids go to Dads.

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Halloween & Christmas

Yes I know the two don’t really go together but that is what is on my mind today so here it is.

I really am not a big Halloween person but Cindy (my mate and boss) is. She thinks any excuse for adults to act like childrens seems like fun, possibly she is right.

I couldn’t go to the big Halloween crop tonight because I have the boys but I popped into the sale with the boys in costume (batman, spiderman and a pirate) and had their photos was all a bit of fun and the photos are great.

We had a lazy day after that just hanging about and watching Mary Poppins. I went into my scrap room and tried to start packing up some stuff for me to scrap with over the coming months when my room is out of action. Instead I got sidetracked as I found some goodies I had forgotten about. My Xyron 250, some cool Clear swirly stamps and lots of bits and bobs…I am going to have to clear it out a lot this week so hopefully I will have more luck on my next attempt.

And Christmas I said…yes indeed I did.  I am flying to Adelaide to spend Xmas with Mum and Dad while the boys are with their Dad but Sue & Yo and the kids are coming down to Melbourne so I have arranged to have Christmas here with them on the 29th. Its a small thing to many but I’m happy and so are the kids.

So now onto my 50 by 50 list….

I’m working on #2 as you know (and am no doubts sick of hearing about)…as a result of that am now also working on #8 declutter the scraproom. I thought I’d throw in another attempt at #12 update my blog daily for a month  – perhaps I will have more time as I won’t be doing stampin’ Up anymore (more on that tomorrow when I am officially not a demo anymore).  So with all the christmas going’s on I think I’m gunna try to do #41 handmake cards and get them out on time, #42 take the kids to carols by candlelight & #47 decorate the whole room for Christmas not just the tree…so who knows I might just manage to cross off as many as 6 by Christmas! Wish me luck!


oh and kids Dad is getting married tomorrow. Kids are going to ride in the Limo with Bev (the Bride) to the wedding, I’m picking them up around 9 from the reception.  Congrats to Steve and Bev, I think they are going to be very happy together which can only be good for the boys.

October 31, 2009 at 6:42 pm 1 comment

Back in my craft room!

I did have a slightly more productive day today! Thankfully as now at least the boys school uniform is neatly folded in their drawers. With the three of them in one room I decided to rearrange the draws a bit as Owen and Brett were sharing the smaller tallboy and Corey had the big one to himself – half filled with clothes that don’t fit anybody which is just dumb!  So decided the big boys would have one draw each for all their school uniform. Except in so doing discovered that Brett was missing 4 tops and 3 pairs of shorts oh and a jumper and a jacket…which left him 4 pairs of pants and 1 shirt! eek frantic search to find the rest of his uniform….seems that he must have put it in the wash after I had emptied the baskets thinking I had now washed all the school uniforms…but then they filled up and I didn’t get to the bottom again!  Will be catching up again soon.

Meanwhile I have gotten my backside out to my scraproom/craft room whatever I feel like calling it today! And I’m thinking it is time I did some more playing with stuff…goodness knows I have stuff to do!  You may have noticed that I have managed to put a new card/LO/crafty item on my other blog daily now for over a week! I’m impressed but running out of things to share so time to make some more quick sticks! It’s great that it gets me motivated to get going…once I get started I’m right but sometimes I need a rocket to get moving!  I have swaps and gifts to make too so away from the computer and over to the scrap desk I go!

April 19, 2009 at 9:04 pm 2 comments

inkurable stampers

I’ve heard about this blog before but never had time to check it out. It has some pretty amazing stuff on it – makes mine look positively plain and boring actually lol! but well worth a look…and if you scroll through you will notice that you have one day left to get your name listed to be lucky enough to get a free Orange Jelly owl stamp and then get to play with it for a chance to win more Orange Jelly stamps…pretty cool!  Check it out here.

And an update….I didn’t even step into the playroom (messy ex storeroom) today! I did clear some plastic boxes away from the lounge (they were in front of the heater which I had to turn on last night)! I did have a lovely afternoon playing with my stamps and stuff and decided to take advantage of the boys playing nicely to just enjoy it…can get back to that room on the weekend or even when school goes back! oh and two nights in a row the one room thing (with the staggered bed times) is working just FINE!

April 16, 2009 at 9:16 pm 2 comments

I scrapped!

yes well ok I scrapped two weeks ago so maybe the title should scream “I scanned”

I notice I haven’t scanned much at all this year so I must really as I have scrapped a little bit!

Thought I would share.

This first one is Brett’s birthday. Used the SU star punch and the SU round tab punch and stamps to make a pull out tab with numbers to match the stars thus explaining what is what!  The ‘Brett’ stamp with the kombi is a self inker that he got from his Aunty Sue (owner of Orange Jelly) for his Birthday. The Kombi is one specially cut for me by Rach at Happy Creations I just coloured it in with a white pen and SU markers.

This one I used stamps from Orange Jelly (called Judy’s Boys) and an arrow set also from Orange Jelly

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Orange Jelly Stamps

Just helping to spread the word about a fantastic new shoppe selling acrylic stamps made and designed here in Australia….check them out at

July 7, 2008 at 5:07 pm 1 comment

oh what Happiness!

I spent most of my morning helping in Owen’s classroom. I have done it weekly for a little while now and I always walked away thinking I could never be a teacher. Today one little boy who had really struggled with naming his letters got nearly all of them right when I did it with him…WOW it is amazing to see these little people when the light switches on so to speak.

She gave me some great educational game sites for the kids which are FREE woohoo (although this one seems to have no sound so def needs an adult helper for little ones).

This afternoon I FOUND my lost little plastic doodad from my Stamp-a-ma-jig! Phew have been looking for it for over a week now and really need it for the weekend demos!

Better yet – what happiness I actually found time to do a little scrapping! The LO is not yet finished but have been playing with some of the new SU ‘in colour’ colours and my new Happiness background stamp as well as a few others too.  Felt good to have a play.

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Celebrating with A Scrappe Angels Heaven!

My local scrap store just won a ‘retailer of the year’ award! Not surprisingly really as they offer a huge range of the latest stuff at reasonable prices with very friendly customer service.  I love the girls at ASAH – it is my home away from home (but then it is only 2.2km away – yes I measured).

So the girls are celebrating with a big SALE and a crop night on Friday – I have booked to go along as I’ll be kid free so will be nice to get out and get some scrapping done – haven’t done much of it lately sadly.

April 15, 2008 at 12:23 am 1 comment

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