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just a teaser…

I decided to turn the 5 playgrounds in 5 days photos into a mini book…

so here is a teaser – just the front cover…the rest isn’t done yet as after the 1st days photos the printer cracked a wobbly so will have to try to finish it over the next few days.

I used the Stampin’ Up! markers (pumpkin pie and taken with teal) to colour the grungeboard 5’s – the paper is from a range called ‘orangeaide’ from Pink Martini5 in 5 front cover

January 28, 2008 at 5:20 pm 2 comments

Going to bed….oh so tired…

I wasn’t going to go…I was going to be sensible….but I caved….I was silly….and I had fun!

Went to A Scrappe Angels Heaven Midnight Madness crop – 12midnight til 10am (only I got there around 7pm so got an early start).

I got 4 Layouts done and a good start on a ‘5 playgrounds in 5 days’ mini album….will share soon – or photos at least but right now I really need to go to bed! got the kids back at 2pm so haven’t been to sleep at all.

January 27, 2008 at 10:13 pm 2 comments

A quiet night…

I dropped the boys off at 5 and headed down to my local scrap store A Scrappe Angels Heaven with the excuse that a friend needed some white bazzill…well as I walked in I realised that in fact I have a rather Large stash of white bazzill and well that is a good thing I guess as Cindy’s order hadn’t turned up so she was out – very unusual. Anyway Jude is prattling. I just wanted to say that I love those guys. Ok so they are less than 2km from my house and are open 7 days a week so they see me ummm probably weekly lol. But honestly they are all so friendly. They know me pretty well – hey I’m an open book. Today I got to have fun with the price gun because I told Cindy I needed to buy something new to get me scrapping again…hmm so I helped her price all the K&Co new treasures she had in…and we chatted and helped her with a couple of top50 things and watched the new mezzanine level going up to make yet more room in the store. Bill told me that they ordered the RED Bind-it-all wires for me – YAY I’ve been hanging for them so that will be cool when it comes in.

It’s funny but before I was a scrapper I didn’t know the first name of any store owners…

So did I scrap?

haven’t touched the stuff I bought today but I did make a whole TWO cards with my stampin up stuff lol!

Ah well tomorrow is the Scrapanalia Crop so hopefully I will get something done there as I haven’t done much. Then some friends coming over on Sunday to scrap some….and Sunday night the kinder committee dinner – just cause we all got along so well!

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A productive weekend!

yes for a change I actually got some things done!

The new top50 advertising shop – complete with direct debit payments is now up and running – with no loss of order details or member details!

New guidelines for posting in the forum have been added and publicised.

The forum has had a spring clean and things have been deleted, moved and generally reorganised.

And I bought a storage trolley from kmart and have started to pack it with things for the getaway. I also printed out 5xA4 pages plus 25 4x6photos to take with me. Have packed chipboard, alphabets, stamps, ribbons and flowers. Am planning to pack my 3 half completed mini albums plus match some card/paper to the printed photos and pack the lot – have NEVER been this organised for a getaway!

Also worked out a calendar with who is going to have the boys for Nov/Dec as with the getaway and kinder AGM/dinners, Xmas etc it all gets a little complicated…just waiting on the ex to approve it.

organised? who me? really?

October 28, 2007 at 11:49 pm 1 comment

I scrapped!

ok so it is top50 cybercrop night again and the last time I scrapped was the LAST top50 cybercrop so that means a whole month with no scrapping (although I did have a bit of a card making frenzy in the middle for a weekend so I guess that counts as sorta creative stuff…I have been hanging and this one has been forming – or at least the journalling has been – in my mind for a few days now…

used another of the awesome pics that schoolpix took as a kinder fund-raiser in May…

Excuse Me Mummy

August 4, 2007 at 1:49 am 2 comments

I scrapped!

Yes really I finally scrapped something again….I really need to make sure I do it more often as I feel soo much better for it. But also so great to have company to get me going too (and to make me tidy my room a bit)! So thanks to all the girls for coming – hope you come back again one day in the not too distant future too!

So here are my efforts for the day – some for the Top50 cybercrop and some just because…scrapped some of the pics of the boys from the kinder (schoolpix) photoshoot mostly.


July 9, 2007 at 12:37 am 2 comments

Top50 Cybercrop and Nic Howards new book

Top50 cybercrop is on THIS WEEKEND girls….starts Friday at 8pm and winds up Midnight on Monday – no reason to say you don’t have enough time!

Today has been a good day for books…

I’ve spent much of the day reading one for starters – I don’t often read these days as I find it difficult to get my nose out of the book long enough to do anything else.

Corey learnt a new word ‘book’ yay – he is LOVING books at the moment and is such a sweetie!

AND Nic Howard has just released her new book Thats Life by Nic Howard love her work so will have to check it out.

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Happy Easter to me…

a very very quiet Easter here for me. I had a bit of a sleep in then checked in at top50 and did a few things before heading down to the home show. Bought myself an easipaint kit can’t wait to get stuck into painting my room now. Sadly the paint shop was closed so I didn’t get there today. I decided to scrap instead but mostly I pottered trying to fix a few little fiddly things around top50. I did finally get started on a mini album 6×6 – have done the front page and planned out the rest, started one double but that’s about it really. Hopefully will get it together over the coming week.

Had a chat with the family for Easter too which was lovely.

Am about to crash but before I do I thought I would share my LOs from the Good Friday Crop for Kids

Easter Bonnet 07


Yep that’s it – a whole day out scrapping and I got a total of two very very simple LOs done – and in fact I didn’t even get the second one finished until later the next day!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Don’t forget to pop over to Top50 for the cybercrop – you have til midnight Tuesday to upload your LOs and get the crossword done!

And the Top50 classroom is taking bookings for some really awesome looking classes (classes are $10-15 – no kits supplied).

April 8, 2007 at 11:53 pm 4 comments

another crazy Sunday

had a nice relaxed evening out with an old friend last night. Got home latish and actually slept – woke at 12ish although I know realise that daylight savings ended and thus it was more like 11ish lol!

Ahh well – lots to do on top50’s next big launch planned for the 1st of April – yes very exciting stuff and so keep an eye out.

OF course because I have so much work to do I took time out to finish this Layout for top50’s ongoing challenge – my challenge was to do a LO with NO chipboard, NO patterned paper, and to use my new stamps (car and airplane).

Cheeky Boy

so now it is back to work for this little girly who has things to do while the kids are at Daddy’s.

Dinner is easy as I have leftover chicken casserole in the fridge – tomorrow I’m planning a smoked salmon omelette in my mission to actually cook when the kids are away and not live on take away!

March 25, 2007 at 3:58 pm 3 comments

spammers can do maths

yup maths didn’t bother them one little bit! Will have to try a new tack on that one – have to get onto that another day.

Today I’ve been busy with top50 updating stuff and getting the new development (for release April 1) organised a little more.

an update on Owen – took him to the pead yesterday – he was really happy with his progress and doesn’t want to see him again until the middle of next year to see how he is progressing at school. He still isn’t ready for school but the extra year of kinder is already proving to be just what he needed as his social skills have really improved and he has started to do more of the arty crafty stuff too. I have called off the early intervention services as really didn’t feel they were doing anything anyway so might as well save my dosh and open up a spot to a family with a kid who is a lot worse and needs the help more.

tomorrow we are going to check out a new playgroup opening at the school that Owen will go to next year – we walk past it on the way to kinder so it should be very convenient for us – only downside is that I don’t think it will have the outdoor play area that our current/old one has but I feel it is time for a change on that front.

so now if I can just stay awake for a whole day that would be a big plus. I have been soooo tired during the day lately – really struggling but hopefully that will settle – perhaps I’m just not being physically active enough.

Well that has to be number one in the all time most boring posts ever…………oh I know I’ll add one of my Getaway LOs that I finally scanned …..thanks to Liz for the brads which were just what I needed to finish it off.

Corey Easter 06

March 22, 2007 at 12:07 am 1 comment

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