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School Holidays day two

still alive and kicking…

had to go to the plaza to take care of some banking. I had promised the boys I would buy them a Thomas book each (I love that a BOOK that costs me a whole $2.75 will make them so happy). We got books, took care of banking, got some coke, got Bonnie Boo’s birthday pressie then the boys saw the plaster fun house and wanted to have a go – I let them…then we had to wait for them to dry so we had a donut then collected them and got home at lunchtime – half the day gone!

Still we had lunch and the boys did some cutting (had also bought more kid scissors) and pasting and Owen drew a picture of himself with his teeth missing…rivetting stuff really.

I actually cooked a proper dinner – turkey chops with mashed sweet potatoes, peas and corn with chicken gravy….Owen actually ate it ALL (even though usually he would moan that he doesn’t like vegetables) Yay (not talking about the other two grrrr).

Still haven’t heard from the girl about the Disney on ice tickets (she was going to call when they were ready to collect) – bit nervous – glad I haven’t told the kids – hope it happens.

progress made on shoes – one is almost done.

oh and I got to preorder some stuff from the SU mini catalogue – can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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Who’s for Apple Cider?

Think Wild Wasabi, Pumpkin Pie, Close to Cocoa & River Rock….think boho flowers and stripes…

To celebrate the launch of the new Stampin’ Up! Spring Mini Catalogue I will be running a mini-album class in Caroline Springs on Saturday evening the 2nd August from 7-10pm. The cost of the evening will be $25 and will include all the materials necessary to make your own mini album and a light super, tea and coffee (byo other drinks). Be among the first to see the new mini catalogue and try out some of the new papers and stamps and maybe meet some new friends in the process!

Payments need to be made in advance either via paypal or direct deposit (or cash if you are nearby). Please book early to avoid disappointment as spaces are strictly limited to 10 people.

note: – you will be asked to bring along your basic toolkit if you have one, scissors, trimmer, adhesive etc and your photos (or you can add them later up to you).

For bookings email me at

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Some excitement – I got a preview copy of the new SU Spring Mini Catalogue which runs from 1st August to 30th November – some lovely stuff in there – nice papers too not just stamps!

Last night the man was over and we were getting set to order medieval (viking) shoes. Why you ask? Well we know that he is ‘into’ medieval re-enactment but I may have neglected to mention that in THREE WEEKS we are headed to Queensland for ‘The Abbey’ so we need shoes obviously. He has needed some for a while so this just puts a ‘due date’ on things.  So after arguing for a half hour over the pro’s and con’s of rubber Vs leather soles we came to the conclusion that I still want to make mine and that I think I should be able to do it in three weeks. So have ordered his today. I rang and was told no way he would get them done on time as everyone else wants theirs for the Abbey too but then he checked and found he had a pair in stock so is sending them on down!  I have ordered the good linen thread for mine and we are off tomorrow to the leather supply store to get the leather so that I can get started asap on them. My ribbon for my dress hasn’t arrived yet – bugger – unless 9m of ribbon is coming via parcel post? I had hoped to have it as on Sunday we are headed down Geelong way for the ‘Battle of Bannockburn‘ which is a mix of scottish and re-enactment stuff – fun for all the family really and a pretty cheap day out ($20 for family, $10 person, $5 kids/concession).

I helped at school this morning for a couple of hours – must re-iterate my undying admiration for any person who has the patience to teach preps!!

Got some top50 work done too.

Got a letter from insurance – oh no the change of name on my cc is causing things to bounce that were on direct debits – sorted out a few of them.

So Sunday I have to be back on time for the kids and we have a kids birthday party at maccas at 6.30pm so will pick them up from dad’s and take them straight to maccas.

Oh and Dinner tonight – yay – should be a table of 12 so not too bad will be fun!

oh and Saturday looks like – leather place then hit the city for game on, mask shopping and lunch followed by home, dinner and the narnia movie.  A full weekend as usual it seems – never a dull day for Jude (although the next few may be taken up madly sewing leather! wish me luck!

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oh what Happiness!

I spent most of my morning helping in Owen’s classroom. I have done it weekly for a little while now and I always walked away thinking I could never be a teacher. Today one little boy who had really struggled with naming his letters got nearly all of them right when I did it with him…WOW it is amazing to see these little people when the light switches on so to speak.

She gave me some great educational game sites for the kids which are FREE woohoo (although this one seems to have no sound so def needs an adult helper for little ones).

This afternoon I FOUND my lost little plastic doodad from my Stamp-a-ma-jig! Phew have been looking for it for over a week now and really need it for the weekend demos!

Better yet – what happiness I actually found time to do a little scrapping! The LO is not yet finished but have been playing with some of the new SU ‘in colour’ colours and my new Happiness background stamp as well as a few others too.  Felt good to have a play.

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slack I know

ok ok I know I’ve been a little slack updating my blog so here it is quickly – my week!

last Monday we did a make up swim lesson with Brett swimming at the same time as my Mums and bub’s session with Corey – we have arranged this as a permanent swap. So now I am down from 3 to 2 trips to the pool per week for swimming lessons. Bretts lesson has now been changed about 4 times for the year so lets hope we can leave it there for the rest of the year now!

ummm ok now what…week was normal stuff…Stephen came for our regular ‘wednesday night dinner’ this time he cooked chicken schnitzels and vegies – it was a  bit late however by the time we ate and kids were a little grumpy.

Stephen came over friday night too and while I went to the ASAH scrap night (and did a whole 1/2 a double page LO) he got all the washing folded, the loungeroom floor tidied and 3 days of dishes washed.

Saturday I put a tonne of clothes away. I sorted out the baby clothes – ok now that was a little weird as a year ago I was going to ditch them all but now things have changed and so while I am ditching a lot I have kept some for the future because well you just never know…I decided I could have one more if I had the right man and Stephen wants one/some of his own so I guess we wait and see…he does ‘appear’ to be the right man but it is early days yet and so not rushing into things.  Stephen took the loo door off it’s hinges and started sanding the top back in the hopes that he might make it close….sadly he felt he needed more heavy duty equipment so it is now in his shed although he promises to come and borrow my wagon to bring it back to me on Wednesday evening…meanwhile we are coping by opening the linen cupboard door to block the view instead (it just better close when it comes back home lol)!

Sunday was the medieval faire at the state library. There was a really good turn out and I had fun teaching people how to play knucklebones (with real knucklebones from legs of lamb) and learning how to sew leather shoes – ok so I just sewed a practice piece and had a good chat about pattern making etc and will either give it a go on my own soon or await further assistance after June from the woman who was helping me.  Jen and M came along too and got to introduce them to Stephen and M seemed to enjoy trying on Stephens’ helm and holding his (rather heavy for a 10yr old) shield etc!  I know Jen took loads of photos but haven’t seen any yet.

today I had a totally lazy day. I have done a little bit of work on top50 this evening though so not a total write off!

I also got my box of stamps with some of the new SU colours and things – yummo! I have two demos over the weekend one Saturday afternoon and one Sunday morning so will be a busy weekend.

oh and got a call from the court today re the divorce – I will be allowed to attend by phone yay!

oh and forgot – Owen has his first wobbly tooth – has been wobbly for a week or two now but still there!

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I saw the parcel post guy in the court but he didn’t come here…was expecting a big box of Stampin’ Up! stuff today!

Hopefully tomorrow….(mind you none of it is mine…my order just went in so have to wait for next week).

On the bright side….if I had put my order through last night I wouldn’t have been able to pre-order a lovely 6×6 pad of patterned paper that will be the SU special for May.

So now in to cook some schnitzel’s for dinner

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What a beautiful day…

the boys all woke up early but once I got over that we got organised and enjoyed a nice walk down to bakers delight.  I love fresh bread and rolls for lunch – even better as we have a pile of fresh ham off the bone to go with it!  And with Mum and Dad to help we were able to entirely ditch the pram…wow my boy is growing up so fast…

I’ve been pushing a pram around for 6.5yrs now – it feels a little odd to go out for a walk without it and yet I am doing it more and more these days.

No photos to share as I forgot to get Mum’s downloaded before she left and my good camera is dead so we were using mum’s and Stephens…will get them eventually.

It was nice having Mum and Dad here and they got on really well with Stephen too which I guess I thought they would but well it is still nice.

Dinner (cannelloni with veal/pork mince/tomato sauce and topped with a cheese sauce) is all ready to be popped into the oven later. Stephen is coming back to eat with us. I might let him share my scraproom to work on his medieval gear while I scrap later tonight too.

I even made a tag with some of my SU stuff (which really is a big deal as I totally suck at tags as a rule.

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Stampin’ Up! New 2008-2009 Idea Book & Catalogue

Well I have had mine here for a few days now and everytime I look the wish list gets longer and longer.

I do have 3 new sets coming my way soon which is exciting….loving the new ‘in colour’ colours too.

If you would like to see the catty or book a demo drop me a line.

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5-in-1 Template Box Instructions

At long last girls I have gotten around to doing the instructions for you. They are available for looking/downloading in the side bar! Have fun and if you make one I would love for you to post a comment with a link to a picture if you can!

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Thank goodness the weekend is over…

I had an absolute ball but man having the kids back is almost like having a rest after all that!

Managed to fit into one weekend

a scrap night at Judiths – 3 LO’s and a make & take for the SU demo & Rach’s bday card/voucher

A birthday dinner – and crashed o/night at a friends – thanks Sue – even got breaky cooked for me on Sunday morning (instead of getting breakie for me and 3 screaming kids)!

A SU demo – my 2nd one and the first with people I didn’t know but it went ok…I mean room for improvement – isn’t there always – but overall it was good. Have learnt some things too for next time.

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