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I should be writing my essay….

but I am procrastinating….suprised? nah didn’t think so! lol

Well after a discussion with the mortgage bloke who wasn’t to confident in our plans to buy a 5 bedroom house together, and also some issues with the new school in Tarniet not having funding approved for the next stage of development which had me doubting my decision to move the boys their….we have had a rethink of our plans.  We are going to sell my place still but then we will move into his.  He has 4 bedrooms and 2 big living areas (and potentially a 5th bedroom in a one room only bungalo out back when the kids are older).  Two boys will still need to share a room but they have to do that here.  The other option would be to wait a few years til I am working and we can improve our chances of getting a loan and frankly the idea was unappealing.  We may decide to look and buy together down the track. For now we just want to be together in one house.  So now I’ve started on a list of what to keep and what to get rid of.  We’ve discussed and are organising additional storage in the kitchen (because I will insist on having such things as flour and baking pans and my food processor) and we’ve talked to the boys about paint colours (cause one of the bedrooms is currently bright pink)!

The upshot then is that I won’t have a big asset anymore (I also won’t have a big debt – or in fact any debt) and I won’t be ‘trapped’ in this house without any options to move.  I will also have a lump sum of money to deal with. Current thought is to invest it and sit on it for 3 months while I think about it.  Leaning toward buying something I’ve wanted for as long as I can remember – a caravan!  Kids would love that too and would give us the opportunity to take off for short breaks or even just in school holidays.  Yes it’s a risk but life is a risk…..and if a man is willing to clear out his cupboard of computer bits so that you can have somewhere to store your (downsized) scrapbooking collection…..well sounds like love to me!


best get back to the bloody essay – its only 800 words at present and needs to be 2000 by midnight Sunday

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Life is a funny adventure

wow I have been so very slack about this blog so here is a quick catch up on my life right now…

Firstly, I’ve now been off my antidepressants for 3 weeks – I clean forgot to take them for a week and a half and then suddenly realised that I was still feeling good…great even…so I’m off them and its all good.

Which leads me to the next bit…I’m happy. Yes I have days when the kids drive me nuts, when I get overwhealmed by housework and knee high grass, when I’m stressed about money or broken down cars or life in general…..but overall I am happier than I can remember being in a very long time.

The boys are going along nicely although Brett seems to think the world has it in for him at the moment – I do hope that improves soon.  He had a horror week last week but I have decided the best thing is to start fresh this week and hope we can improve things.

Lee and his son Ryan came on holidays with us up to Loxton and Adelaide for a couple of weeks.  Was great to be able to introduce my man to my family – was even better to see that they all got on well (never really doubted that they would)!

I have finished another unit at unit (intro Indigenous studies unit) – still awaiting marks of course for the last two assignments but the first do I did well so should be all ok.  I’ve also just (yesterday) started my new unit – Psychology of Wellbeing (positive psychology) which sounds really interesting and I am looking forward to getting stuck in (who knows maybe I can find something to help with Brett’s attitude to life in the learning materials).   It’s my first level 2 psych unit so will be interesting to see if I can maintain my good grades.

This next couple of months I will be on a mission to get the house tidied and some repairs/maintence done too as we are looking at some massive changes to our lives….a new home and two additions to our family (Lee and Ryan).   So hoping to see a big FOR SALE sign going up in a few months time – ideal time for the move would be at the end of the year as there is a good chance that the kids will have to change schools.

So there you have it life is good (mostly) and I am oh so blessed and happy!


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What happened to the holidays?

School is back tomorrow!  What happened to the holidays? They flew right past so quickly!  So just so you all know that I’m still in the land of the living here is a quick summary of what we got up to….

Ditched the playroom and gave Owen his own bedroom – still getting them all cleared out of crap and sorted….new curtains/blinds will hopefully be up in a week or two.  I still need to replace Bretts broken tallboy (Corey opened the drawers and used it for a ladder and broke it).  Owen having his own room also led to another plus – he has his own dirty wash basket and has now (for a month) been responsible for doing his own washing, so far he hasn’t run out of clean clothes….am proud of my boy.

Discovered that I actually CAN start a lawnmower….bought one – it’s orange and it is pretty easy to start and doing a good job…am gradually taming the overgrown grass and reclaiming my yard.

Saw lots of Lee and his son Ryan over the holidays – mostly at his place. Not having enough seats in the car means we can’t just hop in the car and hit the road…

And the exciting news – yesterday I found an ad on gumtree selling a dickie seat for $200 – a good one with 2 seats and retractable seatbelts. Am going to pick it up on Friday morning and then it will be fitted into the back of the wagon and we will have wheels and be able to go places all 6 of us!

Uni is plodding along – 4 weeks left til the exam (assignment due on Monday week) not enjoying this unit at all (info systems) looking forward to the new one (aboriginal culture).


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baby steps…

Little by little I have been making inroads into the clutter that is currently my lounge/kitchen.  I am, however pleased to announce that I am making – and sustaining – definite progress!

Bretty Boy went to bed at 6pm tonight – no not naughty – he was tired and wanted to go to bed…hasn’t been at all well today – hope he picks up tomorrow as I would hate for him to spend another birthday sick.

I am also learning to ‘deal’ with a bf that wants to do stuff…and well learning to let him….I guess I have been independent so long I am fiercely so. The man announced the other day that HE would make Brett’s birthday cake…now of course that resulted in my deriding packet cakes and him saying that a good looking cake that tastes terrible is not good (to which of course I replied ‘are you saying my cakes taste like crap’)…you can see where this is going can’t you…it lead to ‘what so I’m not ever allowed to be involved with the kids…’ arghhh  so I rang maccas. They are cool with us supplying own cake. Compromise reached. He will make a cake for the birthday on Wednesday, I will make the party cake. Everyone (hopefully) happy.

August 11, 2008 at 11:28 pm 2 comments

In a better mood today

yesterday was a bad day.

It started at 7am when Brett got up and was going to get dressed.

At 8.50am he was finally dressed, I was horse from telling him to get dressed, I hadn’t eaten for running around after the others – mostly Brett and neither had Brett. We had to drive to school or be late. For Owen the idea of having to get a late pass is enough to bring on a major meltdown so late wasn’t an option (especially as he was ready on time). When we got home from dropping Owen at school Brett announced that now he would have some breakfast….I snapped. I told him NO, breakfast was finished. He took too long to get dressed so would have to MISS breakfast! well two or so hours of moaning that he was hungry and finally it was 10.30 and I announced we would have some morning tea!

Once he was at Kinder and Corey asleep I thought I would follow up on my wifi modem that Optus agreed to send me out (for a fee of $120 which would be reimbursed as credit on my bill). I was told it was only for new customers and I couldn’t have one. I argued that I could as

a. I had been promised I could have one

b. the site says new contract not new customer and I had agreed to a new contract

I also argued that it was false and misleading and I would speak to the ombudsman if need be….he went to speak with his supervisor and came back saying yes I could have one but only if I upped my plan by $10 a month for 3 months…I said NO – that is not what I was promised. He said that it was only offered on the $99 plan – I read it to him from the website on the 79 and the 89 plan…he advised he would speak to his supervisor and call back. He called back and said I could have it if I upped to the $99 (from 89) plan for 3 months and they would credit my account with $15 – I said again NO why should I pay more than what was agreed and I told him to try again and hung up.

So by the end of the day I was tired and very CRANKY.  Spoke to Stephen who advised he would be a bit late so it was decided that I would feed the kids and we would eat late. Kids had sausages in bread and a bath by which time I was more calm. Kids went to bed and I had a shower…almost sane again…Stephen turns up and cooks me dinner and then hands over a ‘divorce present’ SEASON 7 of the Gilmore Girls…not only calm and sane now HAPPY!

So fast forward to this morning….

Brett got dressed in time to have breakfast!

I helped at School – Owen is doing really well

Did some work, finalised the stamp club (SU) order and lodged it…then

rang optus.  Didn’t have to speak to stupid voice ‘recognition’ system – that’s a big plus. Spoke  to a gentleman (yes he was polite) who was then helpful and is going to track down the voice recording of the contract that was made to see if there is mention of the wifi modem – if there is it will be all sorted, if not then we will discuss it further – I guess it depends how much of the conversation was actually recorded. He has promised to call back today or tomorrow so definite progress on that front.

And you know what – it’s Friday, bloody cold but the sun is shining and WOW he just called me back. It wasn’t on the recording but he looked at my account and the fact that I have been with them for 9 years and there have never been any payment issues etc etc and decided to send a tech out on TUESDAY with my new wifi modem. He also informed me that if I speak to the mobile department and mention I’m on a fusion plan the will give me 10% off my monthly mobile bill!  Now that is how customer service SHOULD work!

June 13, 2008 at 2:22 pm 1 comment

6 degrees of separation…

Yesterday afternoon I discovered that one of the school/kinder Mum’s who I have been talking to all year actually has known Stephen since they were like 9yrs old.  Stephens best mate is married to her sister.

Now I grew up and we moved around a lot so this everyone knows everyone stuff takes a little getting used to!  Still as strange as it is for me its all good!

On the upside too have sorted out some other dramas that had been stressing me out so life is looking good right now – helped along by a good long talk with my best mate last night about everything and nothing lol!

I am off to a Mother’s Day morning tea at kinder with Brett this morning. Then off to transfer money to the cc and pay ALL my outstanding bills yay! (well except of course for the cc bill but hey I can live with that for now).

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