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Lots of things crossed off my list of 50 things

Of course moving helped as there was finish kitchen or move, redo bathroom or move etc even pay off cc’s (incidentally also reduced ones limit from just over $5000 to $500 and canceled another entirely) was aided by the move as was a clear out of my scrapbook room. Btw I got a whole room not a cup board after all!

and I’m working on the herb garden….I may just make it yet although the overseas holiday I’m not so confident about!

March 6, 2013 at 9:12 am 2 comments

and some good news

the estate agent suggested before that we move and then put the house on the market empty. This idea, while appealing, caused me some stress as I’ll lose my pension but then we’d still need to continue to pay the mortgage until the house sold – being 2 months in front meant if it sold fast all would be good but if not well then there could be difficulties.  So I rang the bank today to check that if I stopped the payments I could make partial payments fortnightly to extend the 2 months that i’m ahead….she said yes of course but then also added that I wasn’t 2 months ahead I was actually 4.5 months ahead.  Now that information sure does change things a bit.  So Now the plans have changed a little.  House won’t go on the market on the 1st September, we shall leave it a week or two longer and sell it empty.  So this means that this weekend I can focus on repainting the kids new rooms and getting them ready.  Then we move stuff. Get rid of excess stuff and clean the empty house.  So should *hopefully* be all done in the 2-3 weeks!


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I saw the stars again this morning…and they were beautiful

I am still not sure how we can call it morning when the sky is dark and the stars are out but I was up early to drive Lee to work this morning (sometimes he just can’t organise a ride). But this morning it was somehow not as hard to be up (once I’d showered and dressed at least)!  The stars were beautiful and coming back home the sunrise was also beautiful.  And now its not quite 10am and I’ve made a batch of potato, leek & bacon soup for later and a batch of my raspberry, coconut and white chocolate muffins – Lee’s mates are dropping  in later for a cuppa so thought it would be nice to be able to offer them something with it – and hey I just felt like baking.

The estate agent came around yesterday to do an apraisal and tell me what I should fix up before I sell the place.  The bricklayer had been in the morning just before hand to fix some stuff – I had a window bricked up but someone who said they could lay bricks…..but couldn’t as it turned out – it was terrible  – now all fixed and not to expensive.  I have to put the rangehood up in the kitchen (which means finally finishing that little spot of plastering) but other than that just tidy up and tame the garden, declutter as much as possible.  My predictions of value were fairly on the money with theirs….not worth terribly much but I still have a fair bit of equity so should have a good deposit for our new place.

Survived the school holidays – well it wasn’t too hard as kids went to holiday program  a fair bit.  Corey lost his glasses during a holiday program excursion to the movies – they were very apologetic – but I wasn’t too stressed – they were falling apart so I was going to get him in for an eye test anyway.  Gotta love spec savers – ordered on Saturday and he was wearing them Wednesday afternoon!  It should be noted that the jacket he is wearing in the photo was bought for his cousin Nic when he was about 5, it was worn by Eriq later and by Owen and Brett and now Corey so that’s at least 5 boys who have been ‘cool dudes’ wearing it!

Corey James

Corey James with his new glasses

July 14, 2012 at 10:01 am 1 comment

I am still alive….

although it would appeaar that Osama bin Ladin isn’t any more…it is big news all around the world and yet I thought this quote summed up my feelings about it.

“I will mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate, only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr

and so now we move back to my own little world of reality.  I am doing better. I still have good and bad days but on the whole I am functioning so much better and very glad that I started on the meds almost a year ago now!

I am still studying – a bachelor of behavioural studies through Swinburne (via Open Universities Australia) – and I am really enjoying most of it.  I was quite surprised to find myself enjoying the statistics unit which I had been dreading so much!  I haven’t been scrapbooking much (well at all really) so I do want to get back into it again – must take more photos.

Kids are all well….I know this post hasn’t said much but you know what…I might just try to make them more often again!  Cross your fingers maybe I’ll be back again soon!

May 3, 2011 at 12:54 pm 1 comment

too hot….tell me it will be worth it!

I don’t ‘do’ heat! I also hate housework….so having to clear out all the crap we’ve been throwing into my old bedroom for months and months (ok years) in the heat of summer isn’t going down well.  I know it will be worth it in the long run….but still very much struggling with motivation….still am getting there….just need to get IN there a bit more, I do so desperately want the kids beds in their new room by Thursday so we can start school fresh on Friday (incidently whoever decided to send kids to school for the first time in the year on a Friday clearly wasn’t thinking)!

meanwhile I put new batteries in Corey’s leapster and he is happily playing that (though still tries to get his hands on a DS from his brothers often)….only thing is now I have a leapster, a DS and a playstation all going in one room (oh and me on the laptop) what would we do without our ‘screens’!

Time to put them down and do some work for half an hour I think….short stints in the heat!

January 31, 2011 at 1:27 pm 7 comments

Hi Honey I’m home….did you miss me?

am back again. I know I’ve neglected my blog terribly but perhaps it is time to come back to it.

A quick round of the end of year and xmas things first hey?

Mum and Dad kindly came down and watched the kids (got them to school and home) while I sat for my exams for Sociology and child development, I was worried about the child development unit but I did pass in the end and got a distinction for sociology.  At this stage I didn’t get an offer for OT as I had hoped but will stick happily with plan B and progress with a Bachelor of Behavioural studies through OUA (and Swinburne) with the aim of doing some community type work for the likes of the Smith Family.  Mum and Dad also took our tent up to Loxton as we were all landing on them for Xmas (well except Nathan who is in Perth) and she just didn’t have room for everyone in the house!

So we drove up to Loxton (having spent around $500 on the car to get a tyre repaired, brakes and shockers) and we had a fairly relaxing holiday (although boys were naughty and often in trouble)….we headed up to Adelaide for a few days and as we were leaving I thought it was odd that the ‘old girl’ (aka ’92 commodore) wouldn’t reverse up my lil brothers driveway…still it was a steep driveway and so I just let it go.  But then when we got back to Mum & Dads, Dad offered to reverse it in as I had left it on the street (my uncle was in the driveway as I arrived)…she wouldn’t go backwards….reverse gear gone!  Took it in to get looked at but it appeared that we were likely to hear that the transmission was shot….yup and a minimum of $1500 to fix it (with a second hand transmission)!  Eek…Merry Christmas girl!  On the up side, Mum and Dad thought it better to get me into a newer, safer, more reliable vechicle and as such did a little looking around before they came and told me what they were up to!  So two days later I was in my new vechicle (and I owe Mum and Dad lots of $).  But I am loving the new car, it’s a 2002 Ford Falcon wagon in a pretty metallic blue.  It has a roof lining that is actually attached to the roof, cup holders, functioning keyless entry, air con that blows me away, stereo & cruise control buttons on the steering wheel, electric windows…..and even a fully functional transmission… much that the old girl just didn’t have!  I am lucky to have such great parents!

Since getting home I have slowly been trying to get the house organised.  I have, in a sudden spurt of energy the other day, gotten all the toys out of the old play room and moved my things in (will leave paint til later for now).  I bought a cheap 2nd hand tallboy for Brett so they can have one each for their clothes so now just have to empty all the crap out of my old room (including my old 4 poster bed which I will finally sell) and then move in the other two tall boys and the beds. They are getting the big room so that we can pull the bunks down and have single beds which at the very least will be easier for me to make!

I’ve been getting better on the antidepressants, but still was really struggling with motivation.  I’ve just realised however that motivation has definetly been improving this week…lets hope I can hold onto it. I did get one room sorted. I also bought myself a little present – a wii fit balance board and wii fit plus game (kids got a wii for xmas) AND what’s more I have actually spent at LEAST 30 minutes on it every day….even the days when I had decided to just leave it and go to bed I changed my mind and did some.  I wouldn’t say I’m doing a hugely athletic work out but I am raising a sweat which can’t do me any harm and may just do me some good, who knows.

This year is the start of something different for me….my baby starts school in a weeks time. He is excited and really just can’t wait and a part of me is excited too I guess….it is a new adventure for me too.

oh and while on boys and exciting news…..Brett can officially ride on two wheels without a push start as of today!

and now thats it for now….


January 27, 2011 at 10:03 pm 1 comment

Camping Rocks!

We had a ball in Swan Hill!  5 nights was the most we have spent in our camp as yet, but also our best holiday yet. The weather was beautiful – mid to high twenties every day and it only rained once – the day before we left! Luckily it fined up in the morning and we were able to take a dry tent home.  We spent most of the time lounging at the BIG4 Swan Hill Caravan park and can’t say enough good things about them really.  They let us pack up a little late with no problems so we could bring the tent home dry. The family bathrooms were a true sanity saver with separate bath, shower and loo. The jumping pillow and swimming pool kept the kids busy for hours and the activities were all great too.  And friendly campers!  Wow!! We had help to set up the tent, the loan (which later turned into a gift as they left before us and left it for us to keep) of an extension lead when mine wasn’t long enough, more help to pull the tent down again when we were leaving, not to mention people letting the boys join in their footy game etc while I was cooking dinner!

Owen had to wash his own dishes as part of his cub scout ‘camp out’ badge  but he did ALL the dishes the whole week without complaint!

We got to spend a day with the fabulous Deb O at the Swan Hill Pioneer Settlement which the kids loved especially the tractors!  Easter Bunny came in the tent which was very exciting and Aunty Sue’s ‘come find me’ talking Easter Eggs kept them entertained for hours on end!

And the go kart races….poor Brett couldn’t get over the hill and when I went to help Corey beat me and pushed him over!  Later in the week I hired two (one with 1 seat and one with 2 seats) for an hour and they had a ball – and after a couple of attempts Brett got over the hill just fine on his own!

and now just a few pics for you….

April 12, 2010 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

wow it’s March already!

and time has been steadily marching on!

Kids are pretty settled now into new school and kinder. Owen loves the ABR (Autism Base Room – where they are helping him with his pragmatic language and social skills), Brett is having his fine motor skills assessed soon to see what we can do about that – there has to be some muscle tone issues surely as he seems to have floppy arms lacking strength, Corey can write his name and can copy the whole alphabet with pretty decent writing, he is a bright little man.

Zero has grown – actually he has about doubled in size already and we’ve only had him about 6 weeks!  He is a welcome addition to our home most of the time – I do wish he wouldn’t RUN up my (newly rewired) wire door and then walk up and down the curtain rail until he either falls off or whinges so much that I rescue him!

We are preparing for camp here….Owen’s first pack holiday with cubs is next weekend and it won’t be long til Easter greets us after that with our trip to Swan Hill and then no sooner do we get back and Brett is off to the very first ever Kangaree (aka Jamboree for Joey Scouts – only one night) and then school will be back for term two (actually can’t believe that term 1 is almost over).

I have been helping with kinder (elected to be on the committee as a general member but suspect that I will shortly be the assistant secretary as it would seem she may need a hand and may not be able to attend meetings for a while. That has, thus far, gone smoothly though with most of us agreeing easily to things, just a bit disorganised….will have them all sorted and organised soon…wish it was so easy to organise ME and MY life!

We made this carrot slice (more a cake) last night and I have to say I’m not usually a carrot cake fan but it is DEVINE! I read the comments from people who had made  it and as such we used 150ml of oil instead of the 175ml (I used olive oil – its what I had) and we used sultanas instead of raisins.  Highly recommended though it was heavenly – we used the juice from the orange to make the icing too instead of water which added a nice zing. This is one of the the BEST cake/slices that I have ever made and I think has shot up to the kids favourite food. Ok will stop raving now but seriously go cook it and taste for yourself!

sadly I have Owen not feeling well (he complained of a sore tummy, refused cake then about an hour later threw up, he has a bit of a temp so just trying to get water into him and hoping that it is just him and the rest of us don’t catch it) luckily it is a long weekend – hoping he has recovered in time for school on Tuesday.

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Today was a rollercoaster.

I have spent months stewing over where was best to send my kids to school and whether I should move them next year or the one after. I finally decided to move them to Werribee for next year. I spoke to our assistant principal who agreed that it was the best decision for my kids. They run and autism/aspergers program at Werribee which will be great for Owen. I had spoken to Werribee months ago and was told the zoning would be lifted next year so there would be no problem with their enrolling for NEXT year (but not this year).
So this morning I went down to enroll them with forms filled out and was told NO they wouldn’t accept them!
Why? I asked and was answered that they wouldn’t because they go to Glen Devon and they wanted to support the newly merged school (Glen Devon is merging with Glen Orden). Surely I can still choose where to send my kids I say. I’m told no can’t and to speak to the principal of GD. Was also told that they would be ringing the ones who had already been enrolled to tell them they can’t accept them!
By the time I went from one school to the other I had worked up way too much anger and was shaking. How dare they tell me that I have absolutely NO SAY in where my kids go to school. How dare they refuse them on those grounds, surely this is discrimination. Back at GD I met briefly with they lovely assistant principal who basically got me a little more calm and spoke to principal but he wanted to see me…not his doing, nothing he can do, out of his hands etc etc. Why was I told to see him then? So then he says that at a meeting of Principals in the area this morning they had all agreed to refuse enrollments of GD kids at the other schools ‘to support the new school’. I asked who suggested it he couldn’t say, didn’t bat an eyelid when I said well you were in the meeting weren’t you paying attention (I was PISSED OFF). He just went on about not his decision and I would have to talk to head of Werribee.
I tried to call her back at home but was told she was in and out of meetings all day and unavailable but would call me back tomorrow.
I was really ticked off and so I rang the region office. They called back within an hour and he got some more details. The head of Werribee called me back at lunchtime to say sorry and to say they had been advised that they couldn’t take enrollments from GD and had been trying to sort it out all week but it had been resolved and I was most welcome to come back and enroll me kids!

OMG what a drama for something that should have been so simple!

So kids enrolled for next year. I have a meeting with the girl from the aspie/autism program the first week back to discuss the program a bit more and to organise a gradual transition program for him. All good.

Still extremely disappointed to think that a group of school principals can attempt to railroad parents into attending the merged school by cutting off the other options. I urged against the merger as it will be difficult for many parents to get their kids to that school and easier for them to go to others. How dare they discriminate on the basis of which school they attend!
Anyway all sorted for me and hopefully for everyone after my call to region this morning. Mama bear was on the warpath – don’t anyone get between my kids and what I think is best for them GRRRR!

on a good note – then I went shopping and bought new pretty purple shoes!

June 25, 2009 at 9:03 pm 1 comment

She’s coming……

yup Sue is coming for a GIRLS WEEKEND!!!!!!

kids will be at Daddys. We will be scrapping and catching up.
Friday localish will have to go to A Scrappe Angels Heaven (and pick kids up from school take them swimming and hand them over to Daddy) then will have to do some scrapping somewhere details to be arranged!
Saturday the plan is to head EAST
Sunday evening we will take the kids to maccas for dinner
monday well school assembly then ????

sounds like fun?! I’m excited!

June 24, 2009 at 11:35 pm 2 comments

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