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oh what Happiness!

I spent most of my morning helping in Owen’s classroom. I have done it weekly for a little while now and I always walked away thinking I could never be a teacher. Today one little boy who had really struggled with naming his letters got nearly all of them right when I did it with him…WOW it is amazing to see these little people when the light switches on so to speak.

She gave me some great educational game sites for the kids which are FREE woohoo (although this one seems to have no sound so def needs an adult helper for little ones).

This afternoon I FOUND my lost little plastic doodad from my Stamp-a-ma-jig! Phew have been looking for it for over a week now and really need it for the weekend demos!

Better yet – what happiness I actually found time to do a little scrapping! The LO is not yet finished but have been playing with some of the new SU ‘in colour’ colours and my new Happiness background stamp as well as a few others too.  Felt good to have a play.

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slack I know

ok ok I know I’ve been a little slack updating my blog so here it is quickly – my week!

last Monday we did a make up swim lesson with Brett swimming at the same time as my Mums and bub’s session with Corey – we have arranged this as a permanent swap. So now I am down from 3 to 2 trips to the pool per week for swimming lessons. Bretts lesson has now been changed about 4 times for the year so lets hope we can leave it there for the rest of the year now!

ummm ok now what…week was normal stuff…Stephen came for our regular ‘wednesday night dinner’ this time he cooked chicken schnitzels and vegies – it was a  bit late however by the time we ate and kids were a little grumpy.

Stephen came over friday night too and while I went to the ASAH scrap night (and did a whole 1/2 a double page LO) he got all the washing folded, the loungeroom floor tidied and 3 days of dishes washed.

Saturday I put a tonne of clothes away. I sorted out the baby clothes – ok now that was a little weird as a year ago I was going to ditch them all but now things have changed and so while I am ditching a lot I have kept some for the future because well you just never know…I decided I could have one more if I had the right man and Stephen wants one/some of his own so I guess we wait and see…he does ‘appear’ to be the right man but it is early days yet and so not rushing into things.  Stephen took the loo door off it’s hinges and started sanding the top back in the hopes that he might make it close….sadly he felt he needed more heavy duty equipment so it is now in his shed although he promises to come and borrow my wagon to bring it back to me on Wednesday evening…meanwhile we are coping by opening the linen cupboard door to block the view instead (it just better close when it comes back home lol)!

Sunday was the medieval faire at the state library. There was a really good turn out and I had fun teaching people how to play knucklebones (with real knucklebones from legs of lamb) and learning how to sew leather shoes – ok so I just sewed a practice piece and had a good chat about pattern making etc and will either give it a go on my own soon or await further assistance after June from the woman who was helping me.  Jen and M came along too and got to introduce them to Stephen and M seemed to enjoy trying on Stephens’ helm and holding his (rather heavy for a 10yr old) shield etc!  I know Jen took loads of photos but haven’t seen any yet.

today I had a totally lazy day. I have done a little bit of work on top50 this evening though so not a total write off!

I also got my box of stamps with some of the new SU colours and things – yummo! I have two demos over the weekend one Saturday afternoon and one Sunday morning so will be a busy weekend.

oh and got a call from the court today re the divorce – I will be allowed to attend by phone yay!

oh and forgot – Owen has his first wobbly tooth – has been wobbly for a week or two now but still there!

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I saw the parcel post guy in the court but he didn’t come here…was expecting a big box of Stampin’ Up! stuff today!

Hopefully tomorrow….(mind you none of it is mine…my order just went in so have to wait for next week).

On the bright side….if I had put my order through last night I wouldn’t have been able to pre-order a lovely 6×6 pad of patterned paper that will be the SU special for May.

So now in to cook some schnitzel’s for dinner

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Celebrating with A Scrappe Angels Heaven!

My local scrap store just won a ‘retailer of the year’ award! Not surprisingly really as they offer a huge range of the latest stuff at reasonable prices with very friendly customer service.  I love the girls at ASAH – it is my home away from home (but then it is only 2.2km away – yes I measured).

So the girls are celebrating with a big SALE and a crop night on Friday – I have booked to go along as I’ll be kid free so will be nice to get out and get some scrapping done – haven’t done much of it lately sadly.

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Little Corey James is growing up

he will be 2.5 on the 21st of this month talks in full sentences

tantrums if he doesn’t get what he wants but gets over it quickly

has decided fairly strongly about the whole ‘no nap’ deal of recent days

wants to walk more than be in the pram

when asked if he is a baby says “no, big boy”

and yesterday….we walked to school (the back way along the river – much nicer) without the PRAM.

man my bubby is growing up.

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What a beautiful day…

the boys all woke up early but once I got over that we got organised and enjoyed a nice walk down to bakers delight.  I love fresh bread and rolls for lunch – even better as we have a pile of fresh ham off the bone to go with it!  And with Mum and Dad to help we were able to entirely ditch the pram…wow my boy is growing up so fast…

I’ve been pushing a pram around for 6.5yrs now – it feels a little odd to go out for a walk without it and yet I am doing it more and more these days.

No photos to share as I forgot to get Mum’s downloaded before she left and my good camera is dead so we were using mum’s and Stephens…will get them eventually.

It was nice having Mum and Dad here and they got on really well with Stephen too which I guess I thought they would but well it is still nice.

Dinner (cannelloni with veal/pork mince/tomato sauce and topped with a cheese sauce) is all ready to be popped into the oven later. Stephen is coming back to eat with us. I might let him share my scraproom to work on his medieval gear while I scrap later tonight too.

I even made a tag with some of my SU stuff (which really is a big deal as I totally suck at tags as a rule.

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Stamp clearance and more….

yup I had to clear out my stamps and a few other odds and sods around here….

so have listed a heap of stuff on ebay

happy shopping!

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Found it!

I was helping the boys to clean their room yesterday and found my missing ring…

It is now safe in it’s box awaiting resizing so that it isn’t lost again….thought I would share it. Clearly I need lessons in photography…but you get the idea….beautiful isn’t it?!


We had some wild winds yesterday knock down a branch from a tree and pulling down two cables with it. Luckily I had complained a little while ago to council that it’s tree trimming was ordinary and they had come back and removed some more otherwise I’m betting our electricity cable would have come down. As it was the ones down were a disused telstra phone cable and my optus internet cable which is down quite low but still (thankfully) connected…they will be out later this afternoon. While they are here they should also be raising the phone line as it is below legal height across my driveway and has caused issues with skip bins etc in the past.

Off to the paed again this afternoon and have managed to arrange for Stephen to mind the little boys so that I can go with just Owen as requested Yay!

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Stampin’ Up! New 2008-2009 Idea Book & Catalogue

Well I have had mine here for a few days now and everytime I look the wish list gets longer and longer.

I do have 3 new sets coming my way soon which is exciting….loving the new ‘in colour’ colours too.

If you would like to see the catty or book a demo drop me a line.

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only 6 more sleeps til school goes back!

wow the holidays have gone fast with the frantic rush to get organised for Paperific and now a further frantic rush to get organised so Mum and Dad have somewhere to sleep when they arrive for the weekend on Friday!

Sadly amongst all the rushing the kids have missed out on stuff I think. They were driving me up the wall today. Constant he did this, he did that, tipping water out on the floor/table deliberately etc etc….result – Mummy gets even more cranky….Tomorrow is Corey’s daycare day and we really NEED to get Owen and Brett’s room all cleaned out again (was on the agenda regardless of Mum/Dad coming but still somewhat urgent now)….but I think we best find some time to hit the playground for a bit too – especially as I don’t have to cook dinner….Stephen is coming around and bringing stuff and cooking dinner for us…ahhh I really do love that man!

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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