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a little catch up!

oh boy I have been so slack with my blog lately.

Will try to keep this brief – I said TRY! It has been nearly 2 weeks appalling!

So umm what has happened….

boys toilet training – still up and down but some good days

boys cleaning up their toys or generally LISTENING to mummy – blah lets not go there!

scraproom has taken a BIG step towards being more organised – still a long way to go!

Have decided to take the boys to the snow in August. Have booked a 3bedroom unit in Marysville (about 20min drive from Lake Mountain) midweek. Really excited. I loved the snow the one time I went but I did find that the kids wanted to go home earlier than we thought because it was cold/wet. So this time I thought best to have the kids properly prepared and hit ebay! Not only did I get 3 snowsuits for less than the price of a full SINGLE day’s hire but also managed to get 3 2nd hand toboggans! Am very happy and very excited. Two of the suits arrived today and they are in excellent condition – just waiting on Corey’s and we will have to try them all on so they fit. Now finding ‘fat lady’ clothes for the snow might be harder. Still on the lookout for cheap boots (although gum boots is another option too).

Scrapbooking and Papercraft Convention is on the 9-11th June in Brisbane and Top50 will be there with a stanc (next to wacom and near the cafe for those who want to come and say hello)! Just organising the paperwork and things – all very exciting!

Some girls came over to scrap today – Tara (from top50) and Judith and Cathy was lovely to have company and I did manage to find the top of my table.

So now just one more note – Tamara – hope you have a fabulous birthday today girl!

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What a day in Geelong!

Now Geelong has always been given a bit of a bad wrap from people around here but I had heard about the bollards on the foreshore and thought it sounded like a nice day out.

Well I’m overtired as usual and a bit behind on stuff and besides they say a picture says a thousand words – so here you go!geelong.gif

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Happy Easter to me…

a very very quiet Easter here for me. I had a bit of a sleep in then checked in at top50 and did a few things before heading down to the home show. Bought myself an easipaint kit can’t wait to get stuck into painting my room now. Sadly the paint shop was closed so I didn’t get there today. I decided to scrap instead but mostly I pottered trying to fix a few little fiddly things around top50. I did finally get started on a mini album 6×6 – have done the front page and planned out the rest, started one double but that’s about it really. Hopefully will get it together over the coming week.

Had a chat with the family for Easter too which was lovely.

Am about to crash but before I do I thought I would share my LOs from the Good Friday Crop for Kids

Easter Bonnet 07


Yep that’s it – a whole day out scrapping and I got a total of two very very simple LOs done – and in fact I didn’t even get the second one finished until later the next day!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter.

Don’t forget to pop over to Top50 for the cybercrop – you have til midnight Tuesday to upload your LOs and get the crossword done!

And the Top50 classroom is taking bookings for some really awesome looking classes (classes are $10-15 – no kits supplied).

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I’m still here!

Ok so a quick update!

Had a VERY busy week.

Was lovely to catch up with Kate again for dinner and then for a day at soveriegn hill and another one shopping – like a kid in a candy store – was so much fun!

Brickie has been and pulled the corners of the house down and put them back up – still needs to come back to clean the bricks and stuff but wow its nice to have walls that are straight and go right up to the window frames again. Just have to get the plumber (i think) to come and do the downpipes.

Pagola is down – sadly the skip didn’t turn up – bit of advice for Victorians. VIC WIDE BIN HIRE suck! don’t go near them. Bin never turned up and phone calls not returned. Last one he promised to call back in 5min and 5 days later I’m still waiting for the return call.

Brett’s bed sold on ebay too (to a scrapbooker lol) so it will be picked up next week. Hoping to get my room undercoated at least this weekend.

Top50 has had a few issues today apparently we have had a 50% increase in traffic today! Caused ‘peak hour like’ traffic jams. Challenges for the cybercrop have been posted girls so hope you can all join in.

Was at crop for kids today – a great day out and I won a Sissey kit (very cool – check ’em out Also got myself a mini stereo in the silent auction – bargain and I needed one – have been ‘going to buy one’ for over 12months now since my old one died!

Great to catch up with so many friends that I haven’t met in person or that I hadn’t seen for ages too.

Even got one whole LO done (and started – almost finished a second).

ok i think that is it – terribly unexciting I know – will share some LOs tomorrow though – promise!

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oh Pooh!

literally *warning warning toilet training post*

Well after the skip debacle yesterday (ie it never turned up and they didn’t return my call or call me back in 5 minutes as promised and not surprisingly I didn’t hear from them at all today either) I was ready for a nice easy day.

Kids wanted to go out somewhere so we went to the shop to look for something and get some photo paper – stayed for hotdogs for lunch (would have been better had they been properly cooked and hot though). Kids were pretty good at the shop…..then we got home…

Well they weren’t BAD – in that they did (eventually) tidy up their toys as requested, cajoled, bribed, threatened lol….but Owen….I just don’t know what to do with him some days….not 1 accident but FOUR in the space of as many hours (and we aren’t talking wet)…. I just don’t know what to do with him some days – although it seems a psychologist/psychiatrist is probably the next step as he has definitively gone backwards big time. He does, however, often go backwards before a big leap forwards so here’s hoping!

Anyway he told me that “I’m sorry but I don’t know WHY I do it” – in answer to the “why do you do it here at home and not at Daddy’s house and at Daycare and Kinder etc” who knows…..

well I actually think he would benefit from some time with mum and without the other boys so we are off tomorrow and will leave the other boys at daycare. hopefully we don’t have any accidents!

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It’s finally HERE – the top50 Classroom is live today!

and the best bit is that I can tell you that I have had the absolute pleasure of dealing with some amazingly talented and enthusiastic teachers!

Let me introduce you to the new Scrapbooking Top50 Online Classroom Teachers

Nic Finlayson

Carol-lea Morgan

Mel Diener

Fleur Broughton

Helen Williams – check out the free class (date to be advised but soon)

and coming soon Jen Hall!

you can see the classroom here

Have fun – it is awesome – you can pay via paypal and have instant access to your classroom of choice!

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I love the Book Depository

Free Delivery on all Books at the Book Depository


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