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updated the 50 things list

kids have been taught to play uno (over xmas forgot to tick it off) and the boys have been helping me cook – one boy at a time – for the past about 6 weeks so ticked that one off too. They have helped me to cook lasagne and pizzas, rissotto, pasta carbonara, chilli amongst other things.  In fact Owen in particular is getting quite good and really I help him a little he is doing most of it himself.


Still we must make an effort to get moving as I have done only 10 on the list of 50 so far and I’m getting very very close to 38 which leaves me only 12 more years for the last 40…hmm 3.3 per year…still doable if I get moving!


August 14, 2011 at 2:45 pm 1 comment

New kitchen

well it went in faster than anticipated. No rangehood as yet as I want it vented properly.

Plumber, sparky and tiler all came in….at one stage I had all three of them in my kitchen at once!

Still look at this… new kitchen (ok a little bit of plaster repair, paint and a rangehood still to go in and floors to be sanded and polished too)

so what do you think? can I cross it off my list or do I have to have rangehood, floors and paint done first?

click the pictures to enlarge! lovin’ it!

December 20, 2009 at 1:11 pm 2 comments

Crossed off #12

that’s right. I have blogged every day for a whole month!

And I’m moving on #2 as well. Today I spent quite a bit of time trying to resolve my missing cupboard frame issues with ikea but seem to have gotten somewhere and am expecting a call from them tomorrow with news.

Meanwhile I have been in touch with the sparky who can’t come on the 11th but can definetly come before then to disconnect the stove and rangehood and put in some additional power points.

I left a message for the plumber – no return call yet will try again in a day or so.

I left a message for the tiler – same as above.

I left a message for the skip guy but he did call back and the skip is all booked in for Friday 11th and pick up Monday.

I also cleaned half the playroom, half the kitchen table and half the crap off the chair in the loungeroom lol!

Off to bed now…trying not to be stressed.


November 30, 2009 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment

little bit tired…but lots to do.

I was up past 1am and am now paying for it. I had a great day/night yesterday. Things are exciting with the kitchen but busy. I got 3 Halloween LOs done last night – one more to do.  Had chocolate cake and cheesecake …..just didn’t have room for the carrot cake too!  Got another pressie too – a full set of purple towels with ‘Jude’ embroided on them lovely and soft too! I was thoroughly spoilt by friends and family yesterday.

Today its down to work.  I am just uploading the last of my 5 cd set ready to put on my iphone and ipod..think I’m going to need some music pumping today!

So todays to do list

upload cds to ipod/iphone

clear more room in scraproom for kitchen cupboards (by noon)

clear out unused kitchen cupboard of last stuff in it plus heaps of stuff on top by 3pm and preferably get it off the wall

get plaster, timber and mortar for the guy who is to brick up the window and block up the doorway

deliver my last SU order around the corner and up the road

ok that’s the absolute essentials for today…I can do that…afterall I have 2.5hrs before noon….ahhh ok quick delivery now while music is going then scraproom then kitchen…not sure when/how I’m gunna manage bunnings though!

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Shopping Day!

Man buying an Ikea kitchen is a lot more time consuming than I had thought! Got there at 10 and got back to Werribee at 2.05pm!

Still I have most of the kitchen. There were a few things out of stock which will need another trip in but I have plenty of time and will be able to fit the other things in the car which is good.  Only one cabinet was out of stock the rest is mostly doors.  The best bit about that is that I still got my $300 in vouchers which means that I can go and use the voucher to get the last $325 worth of stuff in effect shaving $300 off my slim kitchen budget and giving me some much needed breathing space.

I don’t have a date yet but as I only faxed the paperwork at midnight I am giving them some breathing space and will call them on Monday morning to organise a date if I don’t hear from him before then.

And I got home to find some cool 80s cds, a voucher from my fav book store and a beautiful handmade card with a note to see the girls at Scrappe’s for my present so that rounds out a pretty good birthday I reckon!

oh except of course – I am off to said Scrappe’s tonight for crop as the kids have now gone to Daddys! A pretty good day all in all. Tomorrow will be busy with the Ikea delivery in the afternoon and hopefully the window being bricked up and the doorway blocked off as well as someone coming to collect one of the old kitchen cupboards. It is all REALLY happening now!  Happy Birthday to me!

November 6, 2009 at 5:06 pm 1 comment

Shopping Day tomorrow!

Money transferred to an accessible account. Corey booked into Ikea childcare. Kitchen has been measured and plans confirmed. Have Form printed and am about to fax in to confirm installation (date still unfixed grr). Shopping list printed. Tomorrow is the day!

November 5, 2009 at 9:20 pm 1 comment

jobs done..

Corey is booked in at Ikea Smaland for 11am, awaiting a call back from kids new school to organise the orientation visit having chased that up. Have quote for kitchen (which came in ever so slightly under budget). Have organised someone to come brick up window and block in doorway on Saturday. Brad, my kitchen project managar, (yes I still love having a project manager) promised to call me back this evening with a mid December date for my kitchen. He would like to start Tuesday at 7am…I know 7am!!! and finish on the Wednesday when I’m home – apparenlty I don’t need to be here, can go to work still so long as I let them in first. So it’s all happening. I will feel better with the window bricked up and the plastering done…then just have to rip out the old kitchen, organise the plumbing and electrics, get some plaster where there should be plaster behind the cupboards (where there isn’t any atm)…and maybe just maybe I might possibly have time to splash on some purple paint…now that would be ace! must check out the cheap paint place (and look at tiles)…’s really happening now!

best go get the boys from school/after school sport!

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