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Getting ready for retreat…

well you know me by now….am blogging, fixing up some paperwork and generally procrastinating. Then I will chuck some stuff in a few storage type things and hope for the best…that’s how some of us get ready is it such a bad thing? lol

I am hoping to be much more productive this time. Head down and get some scrapping done. I am planning to play with my alcohol inks and perhaps even dust off my opals!

I have a SU class to prepare some LOs for too so hoping to get that knocked on the head at retreat as well. Of course I have to pick the kids up from school in 2.5 hrs so I probably shouldn’t be here blogging…probably should be packing….oh look it’s lunch time!

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I’m back! Did you miss me?

Wow I knew it had been a little while since I updated but I didn’t realise it had been a month almost!

and so a quick update for you and then I promise to do better….

firstly why was I gone? mostly the sinus’s I’d refered to a couple of posts ago took a few weeks to get a handle on again and in the process I stupidly allowed myself to get enourmously run down. Then I decided at the last minute that I could fit in two getaways this month so off I went. Upon return I had more health issues as in I’d eaten something that really didn’t agree with me (possibly partly due to being a bit run down and also to the lack of gallbladder) and well then Brett was ill and off school for a day and a half and then Owen wasn’t well in fact yesterday he went to bed at 5pm and had to be woken at 8.10am this morning. Today he went to bed at 6.30 voluntarily (and Corey went with him) so it was all quiet by the time Brett went off to bed at 7.15ish not even realising that he was early too hehehe!

Anyway feeling better but as a result of being sick for most of the last month with one thing or another my house looks like three little cyclones went through it so I have been on major catch up to try to knock it back into some semblance of order – we still haven’t sorted out the playroom!

House/kitchen update – I have the original house plans from Housing Commision (with placement of stumps etc which is what the draftsman needed) I hope to make an appointment for Monday to hand them over to him and then we can start moving forward yay at long last!

School update – The boys school is now officially going to merge with Glen Orden. Whilst my prefered option was that this didn’t happen and we could continue to walk to school I can see some benefits. However I am now in the middle of THREE schools and I mean really they are all 2.6-2.8km away so now I need to decide which one to send them too. I hadn’t really considered glen orden as I have heard not so nice things but then who says they are true? I have decided that I need to explore the possibility at least because the gradual transition from one school to the new one may be really the best for Owen who doesn’t tend to cope well with change.

Am now looking forward to my scrap retreat NEXT weekend (not this one coming) and just need to reorganise a little. I do hope that I am more productive this time around as I didn’t get a lot done last time!

Owen had his appointment with Prof Paddy Dewan today, another check up from his surgery way back when he was not quite one.   Paddy is no longer at the hospital so didn’t have the records handy. He asked me to remind him…didn’t take very long before he said…ahhh yes I remember…I guess it isn’t too many patients that he came back for further ops at 3am!  Paddy is having issues with the public hospital system at the moment. There isn’t a lot that one single mum can do but I will be writing a couple of letters and doing what I can to support him. Afterall the first surgeon we saw for Owen literally threw his hands in the air and said ‘I’m not touching that’ he followed up by saying that there was only one person he would recommend referring him too…Paddy.  I don’t know how many times I have been grateful that he did and I am disgusted that other children are missing out on his expertise and experience over politics!

anyway thats me alive and kicking….back again….so did you miss me?

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