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Wow what a week! over 40 every day – not pretty!

I had my first swimming lesson on Wednesday morning.  After some nerves I discovered that with a bit of coaching I was able to swim the length of the pool (about 25m) without stopping in backstroke and freestyle! Much better than I thought.  I did discover that I am VERY unfit but hey swimming will help as will walking to school now that school is going back on Monday.

Have finished covering Owen’s school books and labelling his pencils and things.

Have ironed logos (bought some more) onto the boys school uniform.

Have still got to finish Brett’s smock and iron his name onto his library bag.

Picked up my new glasses – they do make a difference.

Started work on a wooden spoon for the medieval feast I’ll be attending in a couple of weeks – not sure if I will have it finished in time it’s hard work – my arm muscles are telling me still.

Spent 2hrs or so at the dr’s today as my ear has been giving me grief for a week. I really didn’t want to take the kids with me to the dr so kept putting it off – turns out I have an inner ear infection and now I have GIANT antibiotic tablets.

Worked today but knocked off early because my ear was sore and went to dr.

so there you go my week in a nutshell – breif because it’s hot!

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Jude’s quick update…

ok it seems I have left out a few details of life and stuff so here goes…..
am currently working one day a week at my fav scrapbook store – I work on the website. I love it.

Am single again. Am still doing medieval re-enactment through an NVG group based in Geelong but in a smallish way.

Kids and I are planning a camping trip in the April school holidays (hopefully Frankston in a caravan park and planning to check out the sand sculptures).

Am working from home on a website for a friend – she has a site already we’ve just been working on the online store bit (its wholesale only but if you want your local LSS to stock it then let them know).

Have been sewing Brett a new library bag and smock for school – had to buy a new machine – wow they have improved in the last 15 or so years am loving the new one and thinking of doing more sewing in the very near future.

Am trying to get things sorted at home – have gotten rid of a heap of clutter and stuff – baby clothes and toys etc.

A new member of the family joined us last week too his name is Fred and he speaks in a kind of Irish accent (aka Tom Tom) we all love him as he is great at telling us how to get places!

well hope that covers most of it….best I get onto dinner.

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Brett’s new glasses

sorry guys it has been brought to my attention that I forgot to post photos of my little man with his glasses on.

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Sovereign Hill discount for February


yes another discount coupon for you! This time you can get 20% off any package for the Blood on the Southern Cross sound and light show – just download, print and take in the coupon.

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Keepin’ the dream alive….

put your hand up if you are sick of hearing about my new kitchen and the plans!

I know it has been going on forever – over a year now in fact!  Still I WILL get there. Have spoken to a couple of draftsmen this week and am hopeful of getting someone one in the not too distant future to get going on the plans for the wall to come down.  Meanwhile today I put two sets of purple curtains on layby. The new lounge/kitchen (or should I call it open plan living space?) is going to be painted light purple – nothing too ‘in your face’ but not so pale it isn’t recognisable as purple either and I had thought that purple curtains would be nightmarish to find.  But I found them in spotlight and out for half price too. Now finding curtains is a big deal as my front window is 3m long and it is usually damn hard to find ANYTHING to go on them let alone something NICE.  So keepin’ the dream alive – will be going to make regular payments off new curtains. Only two sets as the small window in the kitchen is being bricked up and the above the sink one isn’t going to get curtains but might get some lace/voile.

one another note….I still haven’t been able to find my sewing machine cord since S and his mum cleaned up the house while I was away – have spent quite a bit of time sorting stuff and looking with no luck.  I have Brett’s smock and library bag cut out ready to sew but can’t sew anything… (given that I have never liked my sewing machine and it doesn’t like me much) I threw a tanty and bought a new one today! Spotlight had a big sale so I now have a new machine for just under $200. …..

I have been a little naughty – in the past week have spent $200 on Brett’s glasses, $250 on mine (ok both necessary), $250 on a new tom tom and now the sewing machine…..oh and that screaching sound????? that was just me putting the breaks on all non kitchen/wall removal spending for a while now!

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More new glasses

I went in for my eyetest today. I have had new glasses over the years but my script has never changed. That said, I have been noticing of late that I need them more and more – they are for distance and now I often need them when watching TV. So all in all not too surprised that this time (for the first time in about 9-10yrs) I need to get a slightly stronger script.  Have to wait 2 weeks for my new glasses and sunnies..feel like I have been/am going to spend a lot of time at spec savers (not to mention a lot of $$) all of a sudden between Brett and I.

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Goodbye’s are never easy

Stephen came over today for ‘closure’. When you say goodbye to a relationship it is so much more than just one other person you say goodbye to. I will miss his mum and his nephews who I saw a fair bit too. I would like to keep going with the medieval re-enactment stuff but as it is such a small small world I’m thinking that it will have to be in a minimal way for the time being at least to give him some space and time to move on.

I don’t regret the decision – it was the right thing to do and was necessary…and we move on….

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More changes on the home front

Stephen and I are no longer seeing each other. I decided to end it when I realised that my  feelings have changed. The constant disagreements didn’t help including differences in some fundamental values.  Anyway that I think is enough details to share with the world on that one. I do hope that we can continue to be friends. Yesterday he felt that wasn’t an option, today it seems he has had a change of heart so we will see what comes of it – I don’t want to give out false hope either as it is definetly over.  Been single before and I know I will be just fine.

I am thinking of a trip out to Sovereign Hill maybe even tomorrow especially now the cool change has come in.

Am mostly still enjoying the holidays and have so far managed to not dispatch with any of the kids despite 3 trips to the plaza in three days!  Today we were pretty much confined to the house as Brett’s drops meant bright light would hurt and it was stinking hot.

50 things update:

the treetops adventure has been put on hold again for now.

#2 the ever dreaded kitchen update. The wall that needs to come back turns out to be load bearing afterall so I need to get a draftsman in to get plans drawn up before I move ahead on that one.

might tackle #49 during the holidays and take the kids to the childrens garden at the botanic gardens.

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Brett’s getting glasses

Whilst in Adelaide my Mum was doing some colouring in with the kids and Brett was complaining that his pencil wasn’t working. It worried her enough to mention it to me and I thought I should get him in for an eye test to check it out.  Did that today and the verdict is that he has an astigmatism and will need glasses. Apparently his vision isn’t too bad but will definetely be improved with glasses. He will need to go in again tomorrow for drops and a second test to ensure that they get the script just right but he has already picked out a pair of orange glasses!

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