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I was for some reason listening to some Christmas Carols on YouTube – I think I was looking for some that Owen is going to sing at the kinder concert – major development that Owen is usually ‘a boy that doesn’t sing’ and yet has been singing ‘we wish you a merry Christmas’ and tells me he will sing it at the kinder concert!anyway I came across this. WOW …so beautiful I had to share – lets hope I can work out how to insert a youtube video!so I give up for now…check it out here

and the lyrics…

Josh Groban – Thankful
Somedays, we forget to look around us,
Somedays, we can’t see the joy that surrounds us,
So caught up inside ourselves,
We take when we should give,
So for tonight we pray for,
What we know can be,
And on this day we hope for,
What we still can’t see,
It’s up to us, to be the change,
And even though we all can still do more,
There’s so much to be thankful for,
Look beyond ourselves,
There’s so much sorrow,
It’s way to late to say, I’ll cry tomorrow
Each of us must find our truth,
It’s so long overdue,
So for tonight we pray for,
What we know can be,
And everyday, we hope for,
What we still can’t see,
It’s up to us, to be the change,
And even though we all can still do more,
There’s so much to be thankful for,
Even with our differences,
There is a place were all connected,
Each of us can find each others light,
So for tonight, we pray for
What we know can be,
And on this day, we hope for,
What we still can’t see,
It’s up to us, to be the change,
And even though this world can still do so much more
There’s so much to be thankful for.

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done…well sort of..

got the DIVORCE paperwork signed/witnessed BUT – had to go and get Owen who has a REALLY nasty ear infection so have not got it copied and posted. Has to go registered I think – will check that actually as maybe not til I get it back from court. but half done at least.

solved the chrisco coming tomorrow drama with getting Owen to Kinder and back and not missing the delivery….but hope he comes before 6pm as I really need to get something express posted but parts of it haven’t turned up yet.

best get back to the boy and the housework.

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back to the waiting lists

I had a meeting with the Vice Principal of Owen’s school for next year this morning. I knew that she had some concerns about Owen but today I learned a few extras which sadly gave more weight to her concerns.

Firstly she noticed some things about Owen and was concerned on her first meeting with him – before I said anything. I knew that she had some concerns after I spoke with her and after she read the speech therapy referral form, what I didn’t know until this morning is that she is actually a psychologist. To me that throws some weight behind her thoughts about Owen.

There have been vague, mostly unspoken concerns about the possibility that Owen may have autism for years now. Today the VP came out voiced her concern and was advocating an assessment as soon as possible to confirm/deny it. I guess really that I am not surprised at this and I wonder why I took the doctors ‘no’ way back then without following up on an assessment even then. Of course the VP told me not to even go down that road of ‘I should have’…and really I can’t – at the time the explanation he gave me made sense. AT the time Brett was younger too and as Brett has grown up I have become more aware of the ways in which Owen is different and the areas of his development where he is a bit behind the ‘norm’. That said Owen has made huge progress in the last 2 years and that is great…

the waiting list for a public assessment is 12 months. The private system will cost around $5-600 – am waiting on a call back to see what the waiting list is like there.

I am grateful that he is going to a school that seems to care and also grateful to have such a well-qualified and caring VP at the school. She is the one that called for today’s meeting.

will just have to wait and see what happens next.

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Bumping it up the to-do list

yup….I keep planning to get the DIVORCE paperwork lodged but somehow the lack of a deadline means it always gets shoved down the list a bit – you know how it is I’ll do it NEXT Wednesday…and then next Wednesday….so I have printed it out. It is dated for THIS Wednesday. I have a meeting at 9am then a friend is coming over but after that I AM going to the police station and I AM going to sign it in front of a JP and then I am going to copy it and POST it. I suddenly realised that I’ve left it so long that it won’t be finalised this year – at least I will get it lodged in the hope that it can be finalised early in the new year.

I figure if I blog that I’m GOING to do it – that will put me under some pressure to ACTUALLY do it!

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a quick little update

had a lovely weekend!

got some scrapping done – will scan latter.

got some cards made – again scanning later.

Caught up with lots of friends and even some family.

Had a lovely Chinese dinner with the kindergarten committee girls too – lovely way to round out the weekend!

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A quiet night…

I dropped the boys off at 5 and headed down to my local scrap store A Scrappe Angels Heaven with the excuse that a friend needed some white bazzill…well as I walked in I realised that in fact I have a rather Large stash of white bazzill and well that is a good thing I guess as Cindy’s order hadn’t turned up so she was out – very unusual. Anyway Jude is prattling. I just wanted to say that I love those guys. Ok so they are less than 2km from my house and are open 7 days a week so they see me ummm probably weekly lol. But honestly they are all so friendly. They know me pretty well – hey I’m an open book. Today I got to have fun with the price gun because I told Cindy I needed to buy something new to get me scrapping again…hmm so I helped her price all the K&Co new treasures she had in…and we chatted and helped her with a couple of top50 things and watched the new mezzanine level going up to make yet more room in the store. Bill told me that they ordered the RED Bind-it-all wires for me – YAY I’ve been hanging for them so that will be cool when it comes in.

It’s funny but before I was a scrapper I didn’t know the first name of any store owners…

So did I scrap?

haven’t touched the stuff I bought today but I did make a whole TWO cards with my stampin up stuff lol!

Ah well tomorrow is the Scrapanalia Crop so hopefully I will get something done there as I haven’t done much. Then some friends coming over on Sunday to scrap some….and Sunday night the kinder committee dinner – just cause we all got along so well!

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busy busy – what’s new?

stamps have still not been christened – have plans for them very soon though!

Tomorrow – ok today really – is Wednesday and now that school orientation has finished I have the WHOLE day to myself with no kids.

Writing up a to do list – some work and some house and some me in there.

Kids going to Daddy’s for the weekend – this is a first – first time since Owen was born that I can go and vote without worrying about small children!

Got my bike put together today….interesting…Brett watched me ride a few times around the court and told me I did really well lol! I didn’t need training wheels even! But wow I haven’t ridden a bike since I was 21 and it felt WEIRD! Will have to get some practice before I go out with the kids I think as it just felt really weird!

Put in my first SU order today – tis a biggie and I’m hoping that it will make it in time for the weekend but realistically Monday is much much more likely.

Big weekend – scrapping with Scrapanalia on Saturday afternoon/evening then hopefully a couple of girls are coming to play on Sunday woohoo!

Decided to get the kids one more present each for xmas having played a bit with a friends daughters leap pad and leapster etc…but they are also getting earphones so they can use them in the car!

well best I head to bed now tis late.

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it’s here it’s here…one BIG box of stamps and stuff

big – and heavy! 12kg of stamps and catalagues and stuff.

Arrived at around 2ish and the stamps were all mounted by 4pm – I’m impressed – that included an alphabet.

am organising an order to go in in the next week or two (in time to make it in time for the spring mini catalogue which finishes at the end of the month).

it’s been HOT here today…must try to get some air con organised somehow as I think we are in for a long hot summer and I really didn’t cope well with the last one. I figure if I can cool the house and get my wireless network set up that I can work/play in the house on those days that are just too hot to come out here.

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ok you can stop calling me madam president now lol

Am home from the kinder AGM.

I think we set some new records. A councillor actually came, said a few words and yet we still wound up the meeting in exactly ONE HOUR! We elected a full committee too.  I am no longer the president – actually opting for a more hands on role as fundraising co-ordinator and vice president – more of the fun stuff!

Our tshirt, jumper and hat sales have done pretty well too – am excited that more than half of our 24 kids have ordered something. Its hard when they have to order so far in advance and pay up front too so all in all that was pretty good!

we had everything packed up by 9.30 and went out for coffee [coke] nice night actually!

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The stamps are taking over…..

oh dear oh dear….I was saying not long ago to my lil brother that I needed more storage stuff and that I was really trying to get my house and scrap room more organised….well then a few weeks later I got 3 bday cards and a little gift card with this poem inside…

For you, Judy Dear [let me just make it clear here that family get away with Judy no one else does]
November 6 is our Judith’s birthday
and we all wondered what we would say.
We all sat and thought and thought
just what kind of present should be bought.
Suggestions, many and varied were put forward
We looked and looked and even went to Norwood!
Then Mum & Dad, Sue & Yogi & kids got
Together with Steve, Katie & Emma we did swot.
But to no avail, we nearly despaired
Till one day our brains were all repaired.
Heck it was easy in the end, this idea.
We should send Jude to shop at Ikea!
A voucher for Victoria was hard to find
So here it is, a voucher in kind.
While money in the bank is good,
But, this time, not for you to buy food.
However, if you see what you like
just do it, get it then, get on your bike!
We all love you heaps Judy dear,
So go ahead – shop with no fear!

so, after checking my bank account I figured this meant I was meant to get my bike off from layby and go shopping at Ikea….I rang k mart to give notice I would pick up the bike and then went shopping and bought some lovely shelves for my stamps….

now the shelves I thought would allow plenty of room for growth in my stamp collection….but I might have a few more than I realised….here are my lovely shelves….

Which brings me to my other news…

at the getaway I took quite a few of my stamps and found that so many people were really getting into them. I joked to SueF that I should be selling the things…after she said ‘yes you should’ I went back to thinking about it. You see I had considered being an SU demo before but with top50 was concerned that there might possibly be a conflict of interest…Sue and Liz and LisaK all got together to convince me that in fact there was no conflict and as such when I got back I spoke to my mate LisaD and signed up.  During this process I made sure to mention top50 to ensure that SU were aware of it and they not only confirmed it was all ok but double checked with Stampin Up! in the USA which has all confirmed that it is ok!
So it’s official…Jude is a SU demo and can take orders for you if you should have any. I will be setting up a ‘stamp club’  for anyone interested let me know. A stamp club basically means that 6 people each agree to spend $50 per month (minimum). By a set date in the month you fwd your order and $ to me and I put the order in as a party. Each of the 6 take a turn at getting the hostess benefits, one each month. I found it to be a good way of gradually accumulating a nice stash. I’m not planning to go headlong into a really busy ‘thing’ here – but perhaps the odd party and just taking orders from friends – not pushing it (don’t believe in that as really they sell themselves) just trying to save a little on expanding my collection! So there you have it…if you feel you want to add to your collection or start one just drop me a line at

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