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Farewell TOP50!

Handover day today.  Congrats to Victoria she has many great ideas and she will take it and run with it.  I am actually very excited…

I have plenty going on – in fact I don’t think I will even have TIME to think about missing it for a while!

Best get moving I have to hit the post office and a couple of other places then back home and back to the post office again hopefully before school pick up!

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You gotta be Crazy baby….

things are insane here atm.

Still here, still excited just very very busy.

Lil bro getting Married on Saturday

need to finish packing…

still working on instructions and tidy up for handover of Top50 on the 15th.  Looking forward to a full day off from work and kids on Friday (might even go to paperific) and then off to a medieval do the following weekend – hoping for warm weather for the wedding but cold for the medieval (linen dress not made yet so only have wool)!

oh and my cousin had a baby boy – Yay! congrats Leonie!

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Exciting news for Top50 and me

I do have exciting news for Scrapbooking Top50 and for me…it has come time to part ways and I have found a fabulous new owner who is full of enthusiasm and new ideas.  I will introduce the new owner soon, at the moment there is a lot of dotting of i’s and crossing of t’s going on.  There are some very exciting things planned for the future of the site.

So please girls if you have some time to spare next weekend (3rd October) come along to my last top50 cybercrop. We started them (at my suggestion) back in February 2005 and I have missed only a few along the way – that’s a lot of cybercrops….

Running Top50 has been an amazing experience for me but it is time to move on. A lot of my reason for staying on was the fear of having to go back to workcover insurance if I needed to work but I realised a while ago that I have a lot of other options open to me know. The site has given me friends,  new skills, new contacts but most of all confidence. There are many things I can do if/when I feel the need to return to the paid workforce.  For now by the time I handover and get the kitchen installed etc it will no doubt be Christmas already when I will look forward to a much needed rest!

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Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest is it not?

I did manage to get up at 9.30 wide awake which was a good start.  The mini album class went well last night although none of the girls finished their album – too much talking or was it too much eating? lol! Still it was fun.  Looking good for a re-run with a more girls next weekend too.

I got Owen’s sleeping bag sorted out after a trip to spotlight – I had to put a cord in the cover as it didn’t have one – even managed to get a red one! Got the deposit sorted out for our snow trip and nearly got caught up with dishes and washing so that’s all good!

Tomorrow is a good day. Owen’s normal teacher is back – we always loved her but all the more so after she has been gone for the first three weeks of term! The little boys have their swimming lessons. Owen is being invested into Joey Scouts and has to bring his sleeping bag etc as they are going to ‘practice’ for the sleepover on Friday…..LOTS happening but good stuff!  All good.

Oh and don’t forget midnight Monday for the cybercrop deadline! Next month Soovee is going to host (while I’m sliding down a mountain on a piece of plastic with a small boy)! she has some great ideas so it is promising to be lots of fun!

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Top50 really is for sale…

Just in case some people were thinking I had changed my mind…not so. I have just been incredibly busy with several things on the go at once…all the more reason to find someone ORGANISED who can take over Top50.

If you are interested or know of someone who is then go and look here as with all such things price is negotiable.

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Busy day, busy weekend…busy, busy!

I was going to help at school today.  Last term Owen’s teacher thanked us all for helping and asked if we could please still come when we had the relief teacher as she was going to be away for 3 weeks this term.  Well the first Friday back I had a narrow deadline for something so I couldn’t. The second one my mate was leaving for France to live and I promised to be home so she could drop stuff and I could say goodbye, today I was set to help….only I was told rather adamantly that I really wasn’t needed at all.  I am SO happy that their real teacher will be back on Monday. Have been less than impressed with the substitute teacher. She comes across as disorganised, doesn’t appear to be able to ‘control’ the kids and never never hands out notes to the kids at the same time the rest of the school gets them – can’t say how things are inside the class as well I’m not needed!

Anyway Tonight is Scrapbooking Top50 Cybercrop night so come on over and join us for the fun as we have three awesome challenges to get you scrapping!

On Saturday evening I am teaching a mini album Class to launch the new Stampin’ Up! mini catalogue – there are some really funky stamps in there and some gorgeous patterned paper and we are going to use some of this BRAND SPANKIN NEW stuff to make a fabulous little mini album …I can still fit in a few more so if you want to come just let me know!

I also want to get a cupboard finished painted so I can clear a space and bring it inside in the hopes of being able to declutter some stuff in the house too!

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top50 is back up

at long last – apparently we got really busy?

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Top50 is down

I have been trying to get hold of Hosting Shop all afternoon with no luck as yet but hopefully it will be up soon. I am aware of the problem though and hopefully it will be back soon.

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School Holidays Day three and four

oops missed a day.

Day 3 Wednesday

dropped Corey off at daycare at 10am – wow it took them a long time to get dressed – not helped by the amount of time it took me to get out of bed I guess!

then we went to go visit a friend. The boys played so nicely with my friends daughter that she was able to get some scrapbooking done and I finished one of my shoes and got the next one started. Stephen came for dinner and I did a bit more sewing – am now just over half way through the second one. Our masks arrived for the masque ball at The Abbey, if you want to see what mine looks like it is here.

and onto today – Thursday (although technically yesterday by now I suppose)

The weather was cold but not looking wet so we got the train at about 11.30 and had a picnic near the Yarra. The kids played a bit in the playground before we headed to Melbourne Park. There was a bit of a delay in picking up our tickets (oh should I mention at this point that we were given FREE tickets to Disney on Ice) but it was all sorted after 20-30 min when someone arrived with them!  Owen was fascinated by the show. Brett and Corey were rapt for the first half but lost interest and became a little annoying in the 2nd half – you know fighting over who was going to sit where – Corey smashing his fingers into my glasses and trying to push them into my eye sockets etc….but I guess on the whole they were good. And no major tanty’s when I refused to spend my money on Disney merchandise – I mean come on – some examples for you – colouring book $9, gobstopper on  a stick with plastic mickey ears wrapper $6, a balloon $20, a cheap looking plastic sword $24!

we had some dimsims waiting for the train and just called that dinner as the kids were wrecked by the time we got home.

the people on the train were very patient as they were overtired and a little silly/naughty – they did improve a bit after a while and had people smiling at them but was glad to get them home and into bed.

plans for tomorrow – little boys to daycare, Owen with me. I need to do some work and get ready for the cybercrop tomorrow night (live from A Scrappe Angels Heaven in Werribee). Also need to find my belt that I picked up on the weekend and put somewhere……I need to dye it and put a buckle on it – omg we are leaving for the abbey in a week!

July 4, 2008 at 1:30 am 1 comment

Some excitement – I got a preview copy of the new SU Spring Mini Catalogue which runs from 1st August to 30th November – some lovely stuff in there – nice papers too not just stamps!

Last night the man was over and we were getting set to order medieval (viking) shoes. Why you ask? Well we know that he is ‘into’ medieval re-enactment but I may have neglected to mention that in THREE WEEKS we are headed to Queensland for ‘The Abbey’ so we need shoes obviously. He has needed some for a while so this just puts a ‘due date’ on things.  So after arguing for a half hour over the pro’s and con’s of rubber Vs leather soles we came to the conclusion that I still want to make mine and that I think I should be able to do it in three weeks. So have ordered his today. I rang and was told no way he would get them done on time as everyone else wants theirs for the Abbey too but then he checked and found he had a pair in stock so is sending them on down!  I have ordered the good linen thread for mine and we are off tomorrow to the leather supply store to get the leather so that I can get started asap on them. My ribbon for my dress hasn’t arrived yet – bugger – unless 9m of ribbon is coming via parcel post? I had hoped to have it as on Sunday we are headed down Geelong way for the ‘Battle of Bannockburn‘ which is a mix of scottish and re-enactment stuff – fun for all the family really and a pretty cheap day out ($20 for family, $10 person, $5 kids/concession).

I helped at school this morning for a couple of hours – must re-iterate my undying admiration for any person who has the patience to teach preps!!

Got some top50 work done too.

Got a letter from insurance – oh no the change of name on my cc is causing things to bounce that were on direct debits – sorted out a few of them.

So Sunday I have to be back on time for the kids and we have a kids birthday party at maccas at 6.30pm so will pick them up from dad’s and take them straight to maccas.

Oh and Dinner tonight – yay – should be a table of 12 so not too bad will be fun!

oh and Saturday looks like – leather place then hit the city for game on, mask shopping and lunch followed by home, dinner and the narnia movie.  A full weekend as usual it seems – never a dull day for Jude (although the next few may be taken up madly sewing leather! wish me luck!

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