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wow it’s March already!

and time has been steadily marching on!

Kids are pretty settled now into new school and kinder. Owen loves the ABR (Autism Base Room – where they are helping him with his pragmatic language and social skills), Brett is having his fine motor skills assessed soon to see what we can do about that – there has to be some muscle tone issues surely as he seems to have floppy arms lacking strength, Corey can write his name and can copy the whole alphabet with pretty decent writing, he is a bright little man.

Zero has grown – actually he has about doubled in size already and we’ve only had him about 6 weeks!  He is a welcome addition to our home most of the time – I do wish he wouldn’t RUN up my (newly rewired) wire door and then walk up and down the curtain rail until he either falls off or whinges so much that I rescue him!

We are preparing for camp here….Owen’s first pack holiday with cubs is next weekend and it won’t be long til Easter greets us after that with our trip to Swan Hill and then no sooner do we get back and Brett is off to the very first ever Kangaree (aka Jamboree for Joey Scouts – only one night) and then school will be back for term two (actually can’t believe that term 1 is almost over).

I have been helping with kinder (elected to be on the committee as a general member but suspect that I will shortly be the assistant secretary as it would seem she may need a hand and may not be able to attend meetings for a while. That has, thus far, gone smoothly though with most of us agreeing easily to things, just a bit disorganised….will have them all sorted and organised soon…wish it was so easy to organise ME and MY life!

We made this carrot slice (more a cake) last night and I have to say I’m not usually a carrot cake fan but it is DEVINE! I read the comments from people who had made  it and as such we used 150ml of oil instead of the 175ml (I used olive oil – its what I had) and we used sultanas instead of raisins.  Highly recommended though it was heavenly – we used the juice from the orange to make the icing too instead of water which added a nice zing. This is one of the the BEST cake/slices that I have ever made and I think has shot up to the kids favourite food. Ok will stop raving now but seriously go cook it and taste for yourself!

sadly I have Owen not feeling well (he complained of a sore tummy, refused cake then about an hour later threw up, he has a bit of a temp so just trying to get water into him and hoping that it is just him and the rest of us don’t catch it) luckily it is a long weekend – hoping he has recovered in time for school on Tuesday.

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