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yes Jen really! I have been reading about Jen’s adventures in geocaching and this weekend I thought I’d look it up and see a bit more about it. For those that have never heard of it – its basically a challenge to find a ‘cache’ (typically a plastic container of some sort) hidden somewhere using your gps.

The first one we tried our gps said we were there as we went around the corner and wasn’t offering any further guidance and me having forgotten what I had read about the location left empty handed. The kids however were keen to go back so we went back this morning and Brett found it in a tree. I signed the log book enclosed and the boys took out a car and swapped it for another car (there are little ‘things’ in some of them that you can take as long as you leave something in exchange). I was amazed that this little plastic box has been sitting in a tree for FIVE YEARS and that in that time over 200 people have found it and logged it – the little notebook was FULL!

So…fresh from a successful hunt (and armed with an iphone help which assisted us with the first find) we went in search of another one….disaster….bees nest – didn’t get too close…then when looking around tree where iphone was telling us it was I kept hearing a buzzing sound….a bee was stuck in my hair (which I hadn’t brushed in the morning – bad girl – and was quite tangled). It probably took me about 5min (seemed longer) to get the bee out of my hair, it flew out and back in again a couple of times. In the process I got stung but I don’t think it went in properly – so not too bad. Went home in bad spirits and put ice on head then went to check something on my iphone….except it wasn’t in my pocket or my handbag! Luckily the location was close so we drove back and Corey found my phone in the long grass unharmed phew!  The boys had another good look around (staying away from bees nest) but no luck!

I logged on the geocache website that I hadn’t found it and had encountered bees, then tonight got an email from the person who set it up apologising (not his fault) and saying he had now moved it and updated the co-ordinates so we will try again another day.

The iphone app was just a free trial one that lets you do 3 but the kids had loads of fun so think we will get the full app and maybe that can be our mothers day activity. Pack a picnic and go geocaching.

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I really don’t like pulling a tent down in the rain

and yet…we would do it all again!

The plan for the weekend was to jump on the jumping pillow, swim in the pool, play in the playground and go to Sovereign Hill to have our photo done…we did all that so mission accomplished. Tent is very wet and I am hoping for a dry day soon to get it up and aired out.

I loved having our potrait done at Sovereign Hill’s Red Hill Photography Rooms.  The price has always been a little out of reach at $70 for a family potrait (sitting and an 8×10 photo of 2 adults and up to 4 kids) so we have never had it done but as mentioned previously we won the free portrait so we went despite the rain.  The costumes actually go on over clothes and are all vecro’d at the back so go on really fast and easy (even on my fat bod). The kids were actually pretty good about it – even if they look a little grumpy in the photos – but then all the old photos didn’t have smiles in them so it actually looks cool.  I’m having issues with uploading photos from my iphone to my blog (but not to facebook) so no photo today sorry  (I took a photo of our photo on the iphone so quality isn’t great but not bad either).  We did the candle dipping (again) and bowling (no queues as it was soo wet the mine had actually flooded and was closed)!

We were home by 1 and I told the kids to get a bowl of cereal for lunch and hit the sack…I didn’t sleep last night at all on account of the heavy rain and worrying about packing up in it and wasn’t helped by a damp Corey (accident) coming in to sleep with me at 3am. Now my camping mat is about the size of a real single bed (not a camp single bed) but even so me and him didn’t make for a comfy night.  I crashed for a good couple of hours and felt much better after that.  Had an easy dinner and bundled the kids through the bath and off to bed. Am going to bed myself very soon despite the fact that it is indeed ridiculously early.

oh and for the record…all I want for Christmas is an endless swim spa! We hired it for a half hour yesterday afternoon at the caravan – oh wow just simply heavenly! You can swim and swim and really feel like you are getting a work out but go nowhere – and so warm and lovely and the kids loved the spa bit too (as did I). Dreaming I know…..

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Here comes the rain again!

Next time we come camping I might leave our camp clothesline at home… I suspect having if brings rain!
Despite the rain which has been on and off we have played a round of minigolf, jumped on the jumping pillow, played in the playground, had a game of table hockey and even been for a swim!
I so want an indoor endless swim spa it was awesome! I even managed a game of charades this evening with a bunch of other single parents camped next to us!
The best bit this time has been the way the kids have made friends with all the other kids – it is boy central here!

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We really do love camping

And we love big4 parks cause they make it easy. It has been wet (first time we have put up a tent in the rain) but still quite warm. Kids have made lots of friends, got to stay up late and even have a bath. Rain hasn’t been sighted since about 6.30pm hopefully it will stay away. Owen likes skippy fillet. Brett did a bit too but was worried about the dead kangeroos. Mind you from they way he hoed into hhe sausage I don’t think he will go vegie lol

November 20, 2009 at 8:44 pm 1 comment

Acamping we will go….

why? why? why? do I never learn!

Yesterday the boys didn’t want to get anything done after school towards camping…I told them it would all then have to be done today….alas I forgot that while that might suit THEIR schedule it certainly didn’t suit mine. I was hot and tired with sore feet from standing all day in my sandals and I didn’t feel like…and again they didn’t feel like…and so it turned into a nag fest grrr I hate that!

Still they have mostly packed…I need to do some washing to finish off and they have pulled out most of the stuff we need which helps.  I have all day to do a bit of shopping and then get the car packed. We decided to ditch swimming lessons this week in favour of heading to Ballaraat straight from school. Sadly with all the HOT DRY weather we have been having the forecast for the weekend is low 20s and WET – possibly even thunder storms! and on Monday? back to hot and dry!  Here is hoping the weather man is wrong….I don’t mind the low 20s bit but rain and thunder storms certainly puts a dampener on camping lol!  still I guess on the up side if it is dry again on Monday at least we will be able to air/dry the tent!

Am keeping it simple food wise.  We have made and frozen sandwiches and will take them with us with the view to Saturdays lunch – hoping they will be defrosted but still nice and fresh then. We plan to spend the day just lounging in the park and enjoying the facilities. Sunday we are off to Sovereign Hill again. This time I remembered to PRINT my voucher and am about to put it in my handbag with the voucher for our photo at Red Hill Photography Studio.

Also on the good news front I have secured my $6 per square metre tiles and will pick them up Wednesday…and further good news I have found my missing camera battery charger phew!

So wish us a DRY weekend (well we don’t mind getting wet in the POOL).


November 19, 2009 at 8:36 pm 1 comment

Purple tiles!

I ran down to bunnings with Corey while the other boys were at Joeys tonight to get spline to fix the front door – in the right size this time!  While I was there it occured to me that I should look at tiles.  I found a purple one! a decorate border which will look nice amongst the white…of course at $6.50 a tile the 5cm thick purple strip will cost more than the rest of the white tiles put together! eek….thinking about it – I do like them but will have to run over to the tile shop and see what else is out there and perhaps if nothing else try to get the white ones cheaper lol! if I go with this tile it is 200mm long so it means my tiles need to match that in width so they look nice.  ah well see how we go…

meanwhile a photo from retreat….


I still can't get over the orange undergrowth - just beautiful

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New Sovereign Hill discounts for November

The November Offer is for 25% off Blood on the Southern Cross shows. Don’t forget the all year round offer of 10% off Sovereign Hill too so pick the offer that works for you.

I haven’t been to the blood on the southern cross show because the boys are a bit young I think to be up so late etc etc Would love to hear about it from those that have been.

I am excited about going next weekend with the boys to have our family potrait done at the Red Hill Photography shop at Sovereign Hill. We have rung ahead and booked it in which is awesome.

I am also very much looking forward to my scrap retreat this weekend YAY….and hopefully I will be able to keep up my daily blogging via my much loved iphone!

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Cup Day tomorrow

I haven’t been home with the boys for cup day for ages…they are usually with Daddy – even before the divorce as I used to go to a scrapbook retreat.

I’m taking them to a mates place for a Melbourne Cup BBQ.  I put my bets on at the TAB today and while I was there I put a $1 each way mystery bet on each of the kids.  Hopefully they will enjoy watching the race and hoping their horse wins.

I cleared a proper path to my scraproom today too, that was the only constructive thing I did all day but hey it was relaxing.

oh and for the record…kids Dad remarried yesterday. Kids got to ride in a limo with the bride to the wedding and I’m told that the driver was so impressed with their behaviour that he gave them lollies. Am told they were good all day/night (I picked them up from the reception at 9ish).  Most importantly they had fun.  Funny for the day….Owen had so much fun he said that he hoped I had another wedding some day so he could come.

November 2, 2009 at 9:26 pm 1 comment

Testing blogging from iphone

Gotta love my iPhone! Should be easier to make that daily post if I can blog from my phone!

October 31, 2009 at 10:03 pm 1 comment

Getting ready for another long drive

we are heading back to Adelaide in a few weeks.

I know many people say that I am crazy….something about 3 small boys and a 9ish hour drive.  I do enjoy driving…sometimes it would be nice to be able to switch drivers but as Owen is  only 8 I guess that isn’t going to happen for a while.

The trip will be different this time as I have Owen sitting in the front which gives everyone more elbow space. It does however mean that the picnic basket of snacks will have to go in the back seat, hopefully Brett and Corey will behave. Other option might be to pack separate lunch boxes for each kid which could be a workable idea.  They are all a bit older too which makes it easier (its been 9 months since our last trip).  I think I have decided to go get some stable tables for them so they can do some drawing (pencils only) and have something to drive their cars on etc.

They want to stop at the big koala this time so we will be mixing up the stops a little too. And I’ve learnt that it is better to eat in the car and stop to play than try to get them to eat when all they want to do is play!

I am prattling…probably because I should be in bed!

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