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Don’t you love PRESENTS?

I had such FUN today….I wish I had had my camera ready (bad scrapper I had left it at home)!

anyway…I went to visit Gabbie today, spur of the moment have been trying to catch her for weeks so I rang to see if she was home and then took off.

I had wanted to do something nice for ages…Ok so top50 was getting too much and she felt the need to move on but I don’t think she truely appreciates what having top50 means to me. The freedom of working my own hours, the hope of not having to go back to working in workcover insurance….the chance to build on what we have to support myself in years to come when the boys are all grown up…the chance to earn a living doing something that I LOVE…..anyway I digress…

I had a friend make me some custom stamps (a VW bug) for Gabbie – I’ve had them sitting here for weeks and weeks but Gabbie was always busy and I (very selfishly) wanted to see her face when I handed it over…..OMG It was SOOOO worth the wait! Either she is in line for an oscar or she REALLY loved her stamps! I’ve never seen someone run for ink and acrylic block so fast rofl! It made my day to see the excitement on her face….I think I might need to buy pressies for people more often!

so thanks Gabbie, for everything….

btw update – Dad is doing really well. boys are ok a bit unsettled/naughty but i’m sure (i hope) it’ll all settle down soon!

May 22, 2006 at 9:41 pm 1 comment

Stress is such a funny thing…

really it is…..I thought that it was odd that I wasn’t feeling stressed given everything that was going on…well it appears that in fact I was. The kids felt it even if I didn’t! The little comments like ‘you don’t yell anymore’ made me feel a little small and a lot MEAN. But you know, on the bright side, I haven’t yelled at the kids once since Tuesday…no they haven’t been angels but you know the mess they made wasn’t such a big deal today – we just cleaned it up no worries.

So here is to a cleaner, calmer, happier life.

oh and I have to share a couple of funny things with the world….
A back seat car conversation went something like this…
Brett: there’s a hombi
Owen: No Brett a Kombi
Brett: hombi
Owen: no k kombi
Brett: hombi
Owen: good try, Kombi
Brett: a Kombi
Owen: yes Brett, Kombi
rofl….can you tell my boys go to speech therapy!

and this treasure from Owen ….”Gramps is only good for playing” (btw Gramps -aka my Dad – is doing very well and will be home soon.

May 12, 2006 at 4:36 pm 1 comment

Life goes on…

it’s bedtime so I’m going to keep it brief (yeah I can stop talking sometimes). He’s moved out now, well he is coming back tomorrow for more stuff but he has basically moved out. I’ve rearranged the loungeroom so that I can plug the TV in to the aireil (it was plugged into foxtel only) so that we can have tv (no more foxtel). I might swap the chairs/couch over yet not really decided but likely the new look. Big day tomorrow I have to get some things up the street, screw my shoe storage thingos on the wall, screw the curtain rail holder duvy back on the walland rehang the curtains, go for a nice long drive to pick up some shelves for my scrap stuff, take owen to kinder and pick him up, clean the kitchen, finish sorting the lounge, sort my scrapstuff, ring the council for an extra bin cause I’m having a MAJOR declutter! (somehow I dont’ think it is all going to get done in just one day).

and all this to try to stop myself stressing/thinking about the really important thing…my Dad is having bypass surgery tomorrow morning. I’m sure he’ll be fine but I look forward to him being out the other end of this.

May 8, 2006 at 11:49 pm 1 comment

some things happen so fast…

Ok i’ve been a little slack updating my blog – just been busy with top50 things and kids etc.

Got a call today from Mum as I was driving home….Dad’s bypass sugery has been brought forward to Tuesday….of course I need to ring and get some vital details like what time and how long do they *think* it will take etc as I need to know these things or I will be worried and stressed all day! Please send good vibes/prayers/whatever sort of things you do to my Dad for Tuesday, I know people have bypass surgery every day but only one of them is my DAD….

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